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The Glorious Saga

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A Glorious Revival

The new arrivals from an alternate universe brought about as a result of James Eredas' tinkering with the Genesar Cornerstone of Space have set foot on the shores of Genesaris. A temporary encampment is set up in which two thousand soldiers brought across the ocean by ship bunker down in preparation for an exploration of the new lands. Hawk and Addison initially discuss the technology which the new world has to offer and revel in the sudden reality of the existence of parallel universes. They hatch a plan to search Valucre for the lost Atlesian hero, Esstevan Montoya, hoping to make use of motorised transport to enhance the efficiency of their search.

A Glorious Re-Commission

Plans are swiftly put into place for a naval expansion, taking advantage of Admiral Jack Howard's expertise in naval warfare and development of naval armaments. Several designs are finalised including the Prince Class, Queen Class and Goddess Class of ships.

A Glorious Beginning

Shortly after, the group decides to begin their establishment by eliminating threats from their new home. It begins with the townstead of Marrow, which comes under attack from a notorious gang of local pirates known as the Fishmongers, led by a fearsome Sharkman known as the Crimson Wake. The pirates regularly terrorize coastal fishing establishments and demand treaties and young adult males to serve in their ranks.

Mercenaries are hired to partake in the battle to deal a decisive blow against the pirates and cripple their ability to recover. Along with eight hundred soldiers gather from the group's reserve forces, the group set out to lay an ambush for the invading pirates.

Trenches are dug up in preparation for the battle and the civilians evacuated.

A Glorious Stand

When the pirates finally arrive to take their tribute, the group springs the ambush and engages them in battle. Four pirates vessels are present in the ocean: the Unbridled, the Mandarin, the Red Royal and the Blackpool. Meanwhile, a fifth ship docks half a mile down the coastline, led by the Fishmonger Captain Chamberlius and his lieutenants Cocongo Pichelliogo and Leonisso Launchiol. During a skirmish with Howard's forces, Launchiol is shot down, prompting Chamberlius to retreat before the tide is fully turned against them. He promptly escapes the battle with resources sacked forcefully from the town itself.

Meanwhile. the mercenary known as Ivan calls down an airstrike upon the Unbridled, which results in it being completely and entirely annihilated. Ivan was promptly held at gun point as he prepared to bombard the remainder of the fleet, uncaring of the potential losses that would be incurred due to the friendly forces which had forcefully boarded the Red Royal.

Due to damage sustained by continuous gunfire, the Blackpool runs ashore and is charged by Atlesian soldiers led by Douglas Azelhart in his newly acquired battle jeep seized from the pirate's own advanced scouting unit, as well as Irryn Hale. Howard promptly joins the assault and with their combined forces, the Blackpool is overrun and taken.

Meanwhile on the Red Royal, Mel and the Reaver engage the Crimson Wake in a bloody battle, ultimately emerging victorious. As the Reaver bathes in the blood of his slain foe, Mel swiftly darts over to the final ship, the Mandarin, and single-handedly wipes out its remaining crew members, taking the ship as payment for her mercenary work. With the final ship gone, Addison steers the Red Royal into shore and promptly beaches it, prevent it from sinking into the depths of the ocean as a result of taking too much damage.

To celebrate their victory, the mercenaries are paid, and the rest of the Bastion forces are brought through from the portal in Predator's Keep which was created by the Genesar Cornerstone of Space.


(1) The Reaver ( @FunOnTheBun ) has acquired the head of the Crimson Wake as a trophy.

(2) Mel ( @Veloci-Rapture ) has escaped with the Mandarin, a fully functional pirate ship. What has happened to its crew members remains a mystery. Some speculate that they were killed. Others rumours seem to claim that they readily surrendered to their new captain. One thing is for certain however. Mel has a ship now!

(3) The Fishmongers have been largely crippled due to the loss of four of their main ships and a large fraction of their men, as well as their leader. Pirate attacks on coastal settlements are expected to ease, though that doesn't discount the existence of other pirate groups which still roam the waters.

(4) Marshal Ryder Hawk ( @Hawk ) has acquired access to motorised bicycles in order to facilitate the search for Esstevan Montoya on Valucre.

(5) Admiral Jack Howard ( @Jack Howard ) finalised the plans for the Goddess Class, Queen Class, and Prince Class of naval warships.

(6) After establishing themselves as a dominant power in Genesaris, the Bastion forces formally bolstered and solidified their strength by bringing in twenty thousand Atlesian marines from the portal in Predator's Keep and had them sailed to Genesaris to prepare for the establishment of a new order.

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