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We've hit our player goal and are no longer soliciting. If you are still interested in joining, please PM me first.



Genre: Sci-Fi (Dystopian/Survival)

                                Post-Apocalyptic Far Flung Future, confined to one city.

Location: TBD but most likely Alternative

Idea:  In the far-off post scarcity future technology is the catalyst for speciation of humanity. Genetic modifications, bodily augmentations, cyberization, and religious fundamentalism has created distinct ideological and physiological difference. Transhumanist clash with purist in the political arena as both sides question what it means to be a human or even alive. Ethical considerations and regulations relax in some areas and tighten in others, largely depending on which paradigm is dominating the public eye at the moment.

With the global consciousness focused on the debate of what it means to be human, no one pays heed to a growing pandemic. Within the depths of the web whispers about nanomachine plagues and weaponized viruses start to spread. By the time that the mainstream media has picked it up, it’s too late.

The exact mechanization isn’t understood, but something is killing humans and transhumans alike, indiscriminately. Within a few years ‘humanity’ has been reduced to a handful of barely functional cities. No longer an interconnected globalist world, most of the large population centers have become isolationist city states that compete for scarce resource to maintain some semblance of their former life. Class systems quickly erupt as those with access to resource soon find themselves in informal positions of power and authority. This causes a noticeable increase in crime, a social disease that thought to be extinct, turning many sections of the once thriving cities into slums.

Expectations: There isn’t a hard cap on technology, but there should be a strong inclination to not utilize energy or resource intensive items, due to resource scarcity. Genetic modification permits anthromorphic builds that could resemble mythical creatures, however there should be some element of realism. An Angel build would need to be light to achieve flight, which means reduced strength and hollow bones. Purist are unadulterated humans, that believe technological modification is wrong for philosophical or religious reasons. Transhumanist is any group that opts for modifications, be it genetic, synthetic bodies, cyberization, or what have you. There isn’t a central plot, the idea is to bring character motivation together to generate a one-shot story.



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8 hours ago, Die Shize said:


Happy to have you as always.

4 hours ago, Hydrangeas said:

I'd be super interested in joining!

Equally happy to have you as well. I don't believe we've written together before, so I look forward to it.


I do ask that if either of you have any questions concerning the RP, that you ask them here. In fact I highly encourage it.

As indicated I have themes to be explored and a backdrop for our writing, however I value questions for their ability to generate ideas. 

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Nothing really jumps out at me at the moment and that is perhaps a good thing, particularly given that I like the idea of there being no central plot (till one perhaps gets developed IC) and bringing character motivation together.

That approach fits what is otherwise a world and lore unknown to us OOC since we'd all be diving into this fresh, and Alternative sounds like the best place for this on that note.

One avenue we might take is by starting our characters off in different areas of this city, introducing our characters, their perspective of the world, how they live it, and lore pieces. This doesn't have to be super lengthy or super deep, and rather by combining our input we can actually build this world together brick by brick, ham by cheese.

So, my character might be a private detective, and I can tap into the kinds of criminals he pursues and that, in consequence, exist in this unique world. Think of like an underground market for transhuman modifications and whatsuch.

Well, let's say the next poster is struggling on what to write. By reading my post, they might get an idea with what I inputted for this underground market, and now they have a foundation for their character who is dirt poor and lost their leg in a tragic construction accident involving a drunken machine operator. They can use the underground market to get more affordable limb replacement.

So on and so forth and so yeah


After X many posts (more or less), we could start bringing our characters together, through a planned event or organically. As in, let's say we determine by Post X all characters are to be on this one city street where an explosion occurs, and thus begins a plot, one that could actually be influenced by the world-building we've since established in our independent if collaborative character posts.
Or, more organically, our characters could just start meeting up here and there. If my detective is in the underground market then it could be at the same time that the other rper's character is there, while everyone else is playing somewhere else.


My explanations can get jumbled lol but hopefully all that makes sense. I experienced a similar approach in this one superhero/supervillain roleplay on this site. Pretty big group but it worked. We all started off in our own little zones, aware or unaware of the other PCs, until the predetermined meetup occurred at a hospital under attack. It was actually satisfying for me to have written my individual posts, read the posts of others, and then start experiencing everyone when we finally met. It was kind of like in certain shows (like Game of Thrones) when after so many episodes main characters meet up for the first time.

An alternative is that we start right off with kicking off an event and our characters start interacting right off the bat, but we can still build lore and such as we go.


just my two cents and ten pence

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I am actually interested in this. I've stumbled across some significant down time thanks to a global pandemic that has me stranded half way across the world... so... if you wouldn't mind having me, I would be interested in joining. It's out of my normal genre of play, but that's what I like about it. Something different to keep the creative juices flowing. 

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@Ayden @-Lilium- @Die Shize @Hydrangeas

Evening all. I'll be starting on the IC thread tonight and suspect I'll have it up within a few hours. I have no expectation for a post order at the time, aside for post when it makes sense. Ideally, I would like everyone to post once per round, however you'd like to be skipped, just communicate in the thread.

As a point of consideration, that I hope all of you will keep in the back of your mind when writing there is a duality to be explored here.

Similar to how a city may have signs in english and spanish if the population has a significant presence of both, our setting should feature technology that is able to communicate with both augmented and unaugmented populations. I've also previously defined things as two factions, purist and transhumanist. However, with regard to transhumanist it wouldn't be fair to assume that everyone with cyber augmentations is on the same team as everyone w/ genetic modifications. They are all seen as equally disgusting by the purist, but they are arguably their own groups. 

Finally, I'd like to present one final concept to you that you are free to explore as you want. As role players we are always concerned with control of our characters, and we historically write things in a hypothetical way to afford our partners the opportunity to deny or accept the action. If we blanketly accept that autoing is not a thing, then we can write in definite terms, which increases readability.

What this means is that if someone writes "He grabs her arm and pulls her toward him." Even as a definite, the controller of the female character can still opt to not be grabbed.

Irrespective of how they are worded, for the purposes of this thread, all actions are attempts.

I look forward to writing with everyone and hope it'll unfold into a wonderful story.

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I was brainstorming over some character ideas this morning and had a question or two regarding dynamics in the city. Would there be an upper class or a "noble" class? I'm assuming some people are better off than others but I wasn't sure how large the gap was between them. I was thinking of having my character be some type of vanity obsessed woman. She's used advancements in the genetic field to augment her features and give her what she believes to be eternally beautiful features. I wasn't entirely sure on some of the more specific details so I just wanted to check in and what everyone's thoughts were on this. 😀

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