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Obsidian Tear Lore

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Obsidian Tear

Description:  Made up of rock from the mountains of Eneraith, the Obsidian Tear is black, and trimmed in gold.  Made of such materials, because of the negative effects of iron and other metals to the fae community.  Runes are embedded into the train itself for protection against attacks.  The rooftops of the cars are filled with the herb that runs the train, Belasorma.  Windows line the sides, for pixies and sprites to peruse the sights, though every creature rides the Obsidian Tear.  The Obsidian Tear is a hover train, hovering on magic.  The length depends on the cars added in each trip.  The size of the cars are the same on the outside, but inside it could be totally different.  Magic is ensconced in every corner.  Sometimes the cars and train take on a different vibe, depending on the area they are frequenting. 




NPCs:  Jobs taken on by every type of creature (but usually fae).


Conductor - The organizer and planner of all train activities.  He is in charge of cargo and equipment, the safety of the crew, destinations, timetables, and he has the control of the air brake valve in the caboose.  This allows him to stop the train at any time.


Engineer -  He is the foreman of engines, in charge of overseeing the safe and efficient operations of the locomotive.  He blows the whistle or horn, and plans for stops to meet other trains.


Shaman -  This is the man who will control the magic emergencies that occur.  *See “What Would Happen If…….”.*


Chef - Controls the cuisine for the passengers as well as the crew.


Trainmen/Staff - The other train workers responsible for jobs such as cleaning the train, checking brakes, waiting on passengers, etc.


History:  No one knows who created the train, or how old it is.  It just seemed to come out of the mists and will always be.  It is reported to be thousands of years old.  Maintenance is done by magic, which isn’t always exact.  *See “What Would Happen If…….”*


How this Works:  To receive a ticket to ride the train, you must request one at the train stations spread throughout Seinaru Forven.  There the attendant will place a spell on you that leaves a light dusting of magical residue upon your person.  When you step onto the train, your body will glow for a few seconds, indicating the activation of the spell and allowing you past the runes protection barriers.  This makes theft of your ticket impossible.  Once you are on the train, if you should leave for any reason, your ticket will be revoked.  It is required to stay on the train until you reach your destination.  


Belasorma is the magical herb used to fuel the train and keep it running smoothly.  The herb was rare, before government crops were created and regulated for Obsidian Tear usage.  The herb has been known to have drugging properties when ingested or smoked for fae creatures.  Humans can’t, because they would either become deathly ill, or die.  Belasorma is a high commodity for the black markets, although it is against Seinaru Forven’s laws to grow or consume the herb without government permissions.  


What Would Happen If…… :  The Obsidian Tear is magically maintained, but there have been some magical maintenance requirements that have been long forgotten.  Therefore they have been replaced with other magic.  This leaves room for mistakes, and mishaps.  When a large storm occurs, with possibility of tornado, it can short circuit the train.  The same can happen if a rare magical event should occur.  If a short circuit should happen many different possibilities could be the result.  It is the Shaman’s responsibility to make sure that whatever magical event occurred he must see to reversing the effects.  


Possible Occurrences:


Location jump - To jump from one city to another without the journey required.  This could be very convenient, or if taken back to your original starting point, very inconvenient.  


Time jump - The locomotive could jump through time, either forward or backward.  If this happens, and you leave the train, you will be stuck in that time.  Your ticket will be expired.  


Different dimensions - Sometimes you can be taken to a different dimension.  


Or anything goes - Your imagination is the limit on what could happen when the train short circuits.  

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