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[OOC] [SVANHILD QUEST] River Raiders

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@supernal @Venus Sprite

Here be the OOC thread for our IC thread and o'er there be sandwiches.

IC thread
WC thread

Feel free to use this thread to chat to one another regarding the roleplay, brainstorm ideas, hit me with ideas and questions and comments and concerns, or just hit me for anger's sake

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@supernal@Venus Sprite

Sorry for the length. Seeing the line between too much and too little information has always been one of my greatest struggles lol

I took the liberty of foregoing mentioning actual monetary figures. That is always muddy water for me and I usually have no stellar way of knowing whatever random number I pull out of my hat is too much or too little IC (there's a pattern here)

Regarding the mentioned contract, we can discuss its finer points (that I have not thought about) here instead of compounding the IC, and on that note I'm so thankful for the OOC side of roleplay lol

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1 hour ago, supernal said:

Is the pacing for this still 1 per 3 days?

It is

@Venus Sprite You are up! Let me know if you need to be skipped since today is Wednesday.

On that note, I'd like to start driving this forward more and start crunching that 3-day timeframe. I do want to complete this roleplay in good time since it's a quest thread and I inked my name down for vielle.
Let's get to some smooth sailing, mates!

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4 hours ago, Venus Sprite said:

Done. Sorry it's so short! Just not sure how else Sam would respond 🙂 

All good! Brevity is its own strategy. My own post was shorter than its predecessors because I did not have further info to dish out, I felt like the setting and characters were fleshed out enough for now, and I was really just pushing toward laying a course and asking who’s ready! 

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