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Tracking down counterfeiters in Port Kyros

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I want to take on the Ficheur and Chips quest in Port Kyros with one of my radar fox characters (Nadia, specifically), but I cannot do it alone. No, really; that quest level needs a 2-player minimum.

So do any of you have a character that would want to take on a counterfeitting ring with a sapient faux-hexapedal fox with an amazing nose?

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God-Willing I get more concrete ideas about him, but I've a son of the Justice God, Cy, in (Hyperion/Khaiperion) who is pretty bent about injustices. Or Adaanai, being that hes from within the isolated area owned by the Hului folk. Lots of hunting and such but I'm on here and discord if you need me!

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For the sake of my lazy folk who don't want to click (yyeaahh I know ya'll out there xD) here's a brief on the quest in general.


 ▇ ____Ficheur and Chips - Class C↓ - Class C (Hard) 2+ player. 1+ Storyteller (optional). 3+ pages.

Counterfeit coins are popping up in shops all over the city and is threatening to upset the economic infrastructure of the city. Investigate the origins, but be wary--the city's underworld and its gambling rings are as treacherous as the sea. Navigate through the slums of the city and assist the Enforcers in apprehending the culprits. Save the day, get the loot and become heroes of the city forever more.

  • Potential Reward: Lore Impact | Treasure | Notoriety


Reward Tiers Explained

Lore Impact: This is for major events that shift the climate--be it political or otherwise--of the city. It can be impacted for better, or for worse.

Treasure: Stronger enchanted items, or items that hold a higher value. An airship, a sentient weapon, tomes of useful and powerful spells--or curses.

Notoriety: Fame or infamy for a deed or event in empire. This can came with a variety of titles and can be used for having more In Character pull to accomplish something (or get away with it).

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