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"Long ago, before kingdoms began to form, nine orphans lived in a small forest, in a wooden hut. They lived alone, without anyone."

"They didn't have a mommy?"

"No, they didn't have a Mommy nor a Daddy. They were very poor. The oldest of them fished to feed himself and his loved ones, but one day he was unlucky and caught only nine fish. One for each of them. He prepared the caught fish, gutted, and cleaned them. When he left for a moment and left the fish alone, the cat noticed them. It was tempted by their appearance and ate all nine fish."

"Oh no!"

"Without fish, orphans died of hunger. When they went to heaven, they told the gods about a selfish cat. The angry gods imposed nine curses on all cats. From then on, each cat had to live nine lives to atone for each of the nine orphans."

"Mom... What happens when a cat lives all nine lives..?"



Epithet: Free

Moniker: Shal

Title: None

Visual Age: 6

Birth Place: 9 different places not worth mentioning

Race: Cat

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Genderless

Class: Spirit


Fur: Light gray with white and dark brown elements.

Eyes: Blue

Height: 1m (From nose to tail)

Weight: 6,5kg

Voice: Sleepy, mocking, playful

Build: Average Maine Coon

Condition: Nines times dead, so perfect.


• Nothing


• Spirit Form - After the ninth death, the cat frees itself from the heavy curse of earthly life, freedom allows them to levitate, and teleport over short distances.

• Blessing of the underworld guardian - Cats still remember the times when they guarded the gates of the underworld, their senses are second to none.

• Mark of the Trickster - The playful nature of cats is often fatal to those caught up in their schemes, they move noiselessly, make themselves, and those they touch invisible for a short time and can create simple illusions.

• One with Nature - Cats are connected to the spirit of nature and thanks to it they can feed on natural energy, emitted by all living beings, yet interestingly they still feed mainly on fish and meat.

• Natural Weapons - Steel is barbaric, claws and fangs are more sophisticated weapons.


• Nothing


The First: 

"Sand... gold... stone... They bow to me. They bow and cry. It's getting harder to breathe... Ah... so this is the first of them. Good. They'll probably shave their eyebrows... Like they did when others left... I can't see anything anymore... Only darkness. And this little... tiny light."

The Second:

"The forest is so green... There were no people this time. Although I was looking for some time... But it was more interesting than the first! I could run and jump. I had to hunt. And I, myself was... This red... Is it mine?"

The Third:

"What? So soon..? I haven't opened my eyes yet... It's so cold. The water... So tight... there are too many of us here... I can't even fight... I can't try to get out. So cold..."

The Fourth:

"So warm... Fresh bread will be baked soon. I love lying by the stove. And this mouse... was very tasty. Maybe I'll drink some more milk. While still... Ah, I see... Well, it was not bad this time. Warm corner, a bowl of milk, mice in the silo... It took a long time..."

The Fifth:

"Ah... hunger. This time I feel it often... And the rain. The pavement is hard and all these horses don't let me fall asleep. So many people... They are still in a hurry... they walk... they talk. So hungry... so hungry..."

The Sixth:

"Ah, I hate these bows! These ribbons, shoes, and hats! Why is she always putting them on me? It's hard for me to move in them, I can barely breathe! The window... is open! I can get out... I just have to jump! The collar! A branch... "

The Seventh: 

"The streets are empty... Fleas! Why are there so few people here? Itches! They wear bird masks, strange people... Scratch! Why do they need leeches? Cough! And why they write something on the door... People are weird... have to go to sleep. Just for a moment..."

The Eight: 

"Another of his experiments... For once he could clean up here, there is more dust in this tower than pages in his old books. Ah... earthquake? What did he come up with this time? If this continues, the tower will collapse..."

The Ninth: 

"Pain... Kill! Burn... Kill! Blood... Flows! Red River! He fell... He's dead! Run... to the river! Red River! Tired... I'm running! So close... In a moment! Red River! Red River... Red... No!"



• Dan: Profile Layout.

• The character is inspired by Sweet Shalquoir from the game Dark Souls.

Edited by Shal
A little change of lore

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