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A religion from the middle East once said that thunder and lightning exalted thine God as they struck the earth, yet what if they were given life? Would they be stable or they'll be volatile?

If one were to call an old discarded armor as home, protection, and mode of locomotion how would people behave?

Epithet: Lightning

Moniker: Maelstrom

Title: none

Visual Age: 30

Birth Place: Stratosphere

Race: Elemental spirit

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Gender: genderless

Class: marksman tank


Hair: -

Eyes: a fade cyan 

Height: 3m (current armor)

Weight: 85kg(with armor) 0kg(without)

Voice: Riddled with crackles and rumbles, uses telepathy as an alternative to speech, speech sounds like a young man

Build:follows the armor it calls home or concentrated into an energy orb

Condition: weathering has taken a bit durability off the armor but the core could took major punishment

Specialty: tanking hits and dishing them back at once


• Dragonic armor reminiscent of a bygone era, featuring sharpened digits and underlying chain-link armor

•black cotton bodysuit that separates the external armor and the chain link armor

•Chain-link trousers that ran all the way under the boots and covered in black cotton trousers and external plating

skills and abilities

• magnetic assembly: the armor was magnetically manipulated by Maelstrom making it detachable and re attachable yet at a cost that are proportional to how far apart the detached part is to the main body, all subskills work in tandem with this skill

• emergency repair/reinforce : Maelstrom abandons all combat related skill to fix his armor if there are enough metal around, if the conditions are not met, Maelstrom may pull small metal objects to cover the damage, during this skill duration Maelstrom is vulnerable

•EMP blast: Maelstrom unequip all armor to stun and damage nearby enemies and grant allies with protection from lightning based attacks, this can only be used as a last resort, restricting him from using lightning based attacks and had to return to his armor immediately

• Electroperception: Maelstrom does not have any of the five senses and has to rely on electricity to sense the world around him, metals and minerals in the air could enhance this ability, but non-conductive material with enough thickness could made an individual or a group invisible to him

• Lightning elemental: as a lightning elemental Maelstrom uses and have all the properties of electricity to his advantage and or as his own weakness

• Recharge: Maelstrom braces, filling himself with it's own energy, used to buff himself or to augment the attack of allies, during casting he can't move or attack

Sub skill

•Phalanges pike: finger armor of both arms are detached and re attached to a single middle finger to make an extendable spear, yet the further it stretches the structural integrity diminish

•Railgun: Maelstrom uses his fingers as projectiles launched in-between two swords lodged and magnetised to his arms, granting him ranged attack but with a severe penalty of movement speed and melee combat power diminished


•one grratsword as a main weapon, the sword is old and weather has took a toll on it's core, making it soft

•two short sword as secondary and tertiary weapons


A storm descends on an old battlefield once, with it came thunder and lightning and there goes a nameless lightning elemental weakened by the rain that come after, who took refuge in an abandoned armor, with it's owner either died or discarded the armor for time to consume. With enough time to muster his own strength he held the pieces together, making them move in unison as in a living breathing being

He wandered off the land and sea endlessly searching for a purpose, he carved a name after a merchant had called him so after he made a rain turn to a storm to help them to escape a bunch of pirates. He wanders around the world, seeking for the answer to his questions, perceiving his world with the gift of electroreception and his own abilities, his world is far less colorful yet far mesmerising than our own

"The state of stasis is the death of curiosity, keep moving, and you'll learn new things"

His interest in knowledge lead him to wander the land in search of new things to learn, of course due to his senses books are not an option, you may wonder "if he can't see, how would he learn?" That of course is by observation of the muscle and nervous system signals, he has concluded that magic in an organic organism would mean a specific signal from the brain to the nervous system, and by using his electroreception he could pick this up and learn from it

"Underestimate me and the earth shall be your roof"

As for combat, his volatile nature and inconsistencies made him a fearsome combatant, for his unpredictable move, at one point he could be a lumbering giant, the other he could just execute his enemies with a lightning bolt

He oftentimes would just walk around and seek no fight with others, but all of his fight are mostly defensive and would often result in blank patches of land around it and fires from sparks of flame from his lightning bolts

"Waste of time to just fight endlessly like savage brutes...."

Maelstrom never took any innocent lives as of now, all of his kills are but bandits and illicit slave traffickers, he serves none but his own lord that no one knew other than himself, all of his downtime he would spend enjoying the sight of nature and repairing his aging and corroding armor, as of now... He might just wander around your town..... Hehehe



• Dan: Profile Layout.

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