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Don't forget. (Character sheet)

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(page from notebook of this person.)
I Write this so I don't forget who I am. Before i describe myself, there is something you should know.
At the moment I'm writing this, I'm being pulled from world to world. every time i get to a new world my body gets reset to the first jump i made. even though i have no control about the jumps, i must remember to keep going. avoiding everyone brings disaster. better to have friends which you have to part with, than to be alone.
Every time there is a major change. I'll add it to this notebook, i just hope it's still with me on the next reset.
* Note: somehow, it was. i wonder why only this.
Description after a reset
Name: Unknown.
* Note:Don't get attached to old names. some can't even pronounce them, it's better to gain a new name that fits the world you are in.
Race: Human
* Note: If I'm human, why do i keep getting send to different world.
Physical Age: 20
* Note: It seems that currently the earliest reset is after one year, or about when i am 21.
* Note2: The reset this time happened after 57 years. this is the longest yet, i even grew old, around 77. Helped a lot with people taking me serious though.
Gender: Male.
* Note: it seems i gained the ability to change gender. i wonder if it stays when i get reset again.
* Note2: it didn't
Birthplace: Home. not much else to say, i don't know the name of the world.
Occupation: Traveller.
* Note: Collecting information is key. maybe in some worlds that are similar i can take the job of a teacher. I'll try to learn as many facts and skills as possible. they can't reset my mind after all.
Hair: straight, Dark blonde, messy.
Eyes: Cyan.
* Note: I woke up in a new world, and a change seems to have happened. whenever i look in a mirror without my glasses, my eyes change colour.
* Note2: After some tests it seems that they are linked to my current emotions. for some reason my eyes retained their normal colour through my glasses. this effect carries through worlds. maybe a something can stop the reset?
Skin: Light.
Body: Average, not much special to note.
* Note: it seems that scars also disappear during a reset. perhaps if i ever find a way to reset at will, maybe i can use that to heal myself in an emergency.
* Note2: i can easily adapt to different systems of magic or what ever they call it in that current world. even if you need some strange organs in your body for it, i can still learn it. perhaps my body changes more than i thought during a reset.
Height: 1.8 Meters.
* Note: my body seems to sometimes change in size to adjust to the race that occupy the current world.
Weight: 78 KG
I met some interesting people today. they came from the same world as i did. although it seems he can move himself from world to world. I'll keep a list of people I've met that i might meet again here.
Scientist: He doesn't want to give a name after i told my reason for not having one. Maybe if i meet him more often I'll write down more about him
times met: 5x
Teacher: another one without a name. although this person is found in a strange place, somewhere between worlds. I'm writing this down while sitting next to him. apparently he has been sending me to different worlds after the last one disappeared. I only know that he doesn't use a human shape. I should thank him for letting me keep the notebook and my eyes.
* Note: I just read this and i can't remember any of this. who is this person, and why did i call him teacher. I need to remember to write more about him when i meet him again.
Times met: ???x
I think it's best to also note that i sometimes come across people from my original world. but they all seem to be in their first jump. i also never met any of them again. i think they are restricted to one world.
* Note: is this because of that teacher?
After my eyes it seems that another thing was changed to my body. perhaps it has something to do with that teacher from before. But I'll note every ability that i can keep from world to world here with a description of what I've figured out by testing.
Let's start with my eyes. as noted before my eyes change colour depending on my emotions. although i don't know all of them i know a few ones. I'll continue to add them as i figure out more.
- green: curiosity. some friends pointed out to me that there was a green glow beneath my glasses when i was asking lots of questions.
- Red: anger. Sorry for losing my cool, but don't talk about that stuff so casually.
- Dark blue: Calm. just relaxed. i was expecting it to be sad, didn't expect this.
*I Note: Something weird happened today, while i was talking to someone, dropped my glasses, when i looked at him, he looked completely different. I'll write down more about this as i figure it out.
* Note2: Proof of truth. that's what the winged ones called it.
* Note3: terrible findings, don't forget this. when i don't wear my glasses, I'm more susceptible to things like possession. although i slowly build a resistance to these things the longer they affect me.
* Note4: someone told me the next sentence, maybe it can help me understand the eyes in the future: The eyes are the gateway to the soul.
even though i don't really call it an ability, I'll still write down about this notebook. In here I'll write things about me that are relevant for more than one world. maybe if i get the chance I'll make more for different worlds, but I'm afraid i won't be able to carry them all.
I've read about this one in different worlds so it's worth it to write it down. they call it the babel tongue. to keep it simple it's a skill with which instead words you communicate with intentions. the words are heard by the other person in a way that they understand what you mean. i don't know yet if it also works the other way, but i need to keep an eye out for this skill.
* Note: i was able to find someone to teach me.
* Note2: even though I'm able to take my progress to the next world. it will take a while to perfect this skill.
* Note3: I'm not the best in this, but now i can at least understand the languages of the different places i visit. it may not be perfect, but it's enough to communicate with others.
I gained something truly amazing. after i helped the home world of the winged ones, they gifted me a special pair of wings. the proof of the guardian. unlike most of the winged ones, i can fly with these. it seems that instead of bound to my body, it's bound to my soul. but in return, they made me forget what i did there, and where the world is. i only know that i helped them with something, and gained wings that enable flight for me.
* Note: I've been training to fly with them. it feels almost natural. I've been told that they consume a lot of energy, but i don't feel weaker. maybe all the travels made me stronger somehow.
* Note2: i don't know how to explain how it happened. but somehow i summoned a sword while trying to protect my friends. even though i succeeded half, i passed out after that.
* Note3: my wings, I'm able to transform them into the sword, but they get pulled away from my back, if i overuse it i might die if i don't get them reattached before i loose to much blood. side-note: it's not blood, it seems that when using it, my life force is being pulled out. but when i woke up they were restored together with my life force, how did i replenish it. what is going on.
* Note4: Aparently it's named the Gaia sword, it lends energy from the world while i use it, but i need to use my own strength to summon it. maybe the energy from the world?
It seems i made that last entry a bit confusing, so i add all the important things about the wings in one entry here.
- They are called proof of the guardian. and they are connected not to my body, so i think they are connected to my soul.
- they allow flight. I've trained a lot with it and i think I'm not worse than any of the ones that are born with wings.
- secondary function. Gaia sword.
- the Gaia sword is made out of two halves that form together to create a single sword. the halves are made from both wings.
- the sword uses the energy of the world I'm in at that moment. but it takes a lot out of me to summon it.
- if I'm separated from it. the sword disappears.
- i lose consciousness when i use it. when i wake up my wings are reattached. i don't know yet if some creature does that, or if it's part of my skill-set.
Not really an ability, again, but still useful.
My memory seems to work better lately, if i learn a task in a previous world, i can also preform it in the next. I'll focus for now on bettering my survival skills and my use with weapons. after that I'll find useful information that i can use in multiple worlds. i think I'll start with the different races I'm coming across. they often are similar after all.
(end of current version of notebook. if i manage to find more information about this individual. I'll add to it. following are some notes about his current situation:
apparently at the moment he stays in a place they call Valucre, at some barony called Rath Lux.
He uses the name Mozart at the moment, gifted to him by the son of the current Baron Rhean Ryszard-Mayne, husband of the late Catherine Mayne.
He was taken in by the son of Rhean after he heard him play on an instrument made and decorated by hand.
at the moment he acts as a teacher and general protection of this son Dray. he uses his free time to learn more about this world and is learning it's magic system. starting with light magic to protect the household. it's not sure what his progress is with learning the system.
He has some disagreements with the baron, but doesn't intervene in his deeds. focussing on the safety of the son and the household.
We will continue to monitor his current form.)
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Cleaning it up after some advice.

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