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Rath Lux - Factions: The Martyneers

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Name: The Martyneers

Etymonology: Named after their founder and current leader, plus the fact that their organization is the result of a mutiny.

Moniker: "The 'neers." / A 'neer.

Heraldry: A rotten brain covered in moss. Most often used on flags that the gang uses to mark their territory.


Founder, and leader: Farkel "Iceflake" Marty, aka the "Greenest Thumb"

Members: Farm Hand, Farm Boss, Thug and Rookie.


Location: Undiscovered cavern system on the southwestern shores of Rath Lux.

RELATIONS - They are a group of ex-sky pirates with brains addled by experimental drugs. They hate everybody but themselves, provided that they aren't high enough to hate someone in the first place.

AGENDA (and background) - Farkel Marty is a man that, once he discovered the halluciogenic properties of the moss called "Muckbrain Ferry", had the bright idea to try and turn it into a consumable drug. His former boss didn't like having her crewmembers high off their rocker 24/7, so she tried to kill him. Unsurprisingly, Marty saw it coming and prepared to fight back, thusly leading a mutiny against his former captain. Originality is not a popular pirate trait, but a high ego is, which is how you get the name of this newly-established gang.

RECENT EVENTS - The pirates have managed to make use of the extensive cavern systems on Rath Lux to create vast underground farms dedicated to the creation of "Iceflake", the drug made from the cooking and distilation of Muckbrain Ferry in springwater. The way they managed to do this is unknown to the public and that is for the best. Their current "bestseller" version of the drug on the black market, comes in the form of a "joint", a rolled up piece of soaked herb that needs to be "enjoyed" as quickly as possible, lets its consumption becomes poisonous.

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