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Rath Lux - Factions: Nygrim Venti

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Name: Nygrim Venti

Etymonology: If their captains are to be believed, Nygrim Venti translates to Black Wind in some ancient, forgotten language that their original crewmembers found while pillaging a ruin and the name just stuck with them.

Moniker: The Venti / A Venti

Heraldry: A golden coin tipped in black tar. Most commonly seen on the sails of their skyships or on the tabards used by the pirates.


Founder: Unknown ancient pirate king.

Leader: Fleet Admiral, Rysriel "Von" Clementine, the "Scourge Of Sealess Shores".

Members: Deckhand, Dock Worker, Freebooter, Pirate, Swashbuckler, Strongarm, Musketeer, Ship Captain and Fleet Admiral.


Location: As this is the biggest and meanest group of sky-pirates inhabiting the coast of Rath Lux, the majority of their forces can be found at "Outsider's Landing", just west to Heavenshire and past the Barrier Mound.

RELATIONS - Though they are infamous Sky Pirates, their relation with the people of Rath Lux is amicable and trade between the factions is frequent. This is largely because the current leader is an exiled local of Rath Lux, which has granted her access to several trade deals that most outsiders would consider "implausibly lucrative".

AGENDA (and background) - Apart from continuing their raids and living a life of pure, lawless hedonism, the sky pirates are largely disinterested with the goings-on on the Island. Though, they are still pirates, which means that this may change at any given moment.

RECENT EVENTS - The Venti have just come back from a massive bout of raiding and pillaging the mainland and thusly, their warriors are resting on their Fleet Admiral's command.

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