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Rath Lux - Factions: Beaut Posse

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Name: Beaut Posse

Etymonology: Nobody knows the why or the how the trolls came up with this name.

Moniker: Beauts / The Trolls

Heraldry: They have none, but often tend to leave crucified remains as the marking of their passing.


Founder: Nastey Kahren

Leader: Nastey Kahren, the Troll Queen, her stinkin' majesty.

Members: Troll, Alpha Troll, Kahren's Boy, Kahren's Bigga Boy, Kahren's Bestest Boy and Kahren.


Location: Unfortunately for literally everyone else, the Trolls have hollows built into every single mountain on Rath Lux. It is not known which one they consider their capital,  or if they even have one in the first place.

RELATIONS - They're trolls. Lead by a deeply jealous female that has titled herself a Queen. She likes to cook and cut up things she considers prettier than herself, which is basically everything and everyone. And her "boyz" are more than happy to rush into danger in order to fulfill her every wish.

AGENDA (and background) - Kill everything that lives and breathes... and then those that don't.

RECENT EVENTS - For an unknown reason to anyone but themselves (and, lets be honest here, perhaps even themselves), the Trolls have been highly active as of late, with several failed raids directed at Heavenshire itself in recent times.

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