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Myrinda Ravenlash

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Name: Myrinda Ravenlash

Nickname: The Witch of Heavenshire

Age: 79

Race: Unknown

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Black with small streaks of red and purple

Skin: Snowy Pale

Title: Raven Witch

Body: Extremely feminine

Specialty: Illusion magic

Sub-specialties: Conjuration and shape-shifting


Frenzy - she casts a spell into the minds of her enemies or subjects causing them to go mad with rage. The afflicted begin to attack any animal or human near in sight ,except for her. The duration depends on the strength of the subject's mind, or until she discontinues the spell.

Painful Regret - she weaves an image of a loved one or important relative of the subject that has passed away. The illusion will begin to torment the subject making them remember the moment of the illusion's death over and over again, all the while furiously berating the subject on their failure to do better. If the subject's lost loved one died of natural causes, then the illusion will fabricate false or true memories into the subject's mind, and then torment them endlessly.

Fear - she turns herself into a nightmarish representation of the subject's fear causing them to flee from the scene. The image seen is different for each subject, and it lasts for a few minutes. The duration is longer if her mana is higher. She can also chase and fight the subject in this form.

Silence - all magic wielding subjects are temporarily unable to use any magical spells and abilities as well as unable to speak or make sounds of any kind, physical or vocal. She can either channel this spell until her mana is drained allowing her to use another spell but it will drain her mana even quicker, or she can activate it and use her other spells without penalty but the duration will depend on the subject's magic affinity; a higher affinity will be a longer duration.

Servitude - she makes the subject temporarily yet highly loyal to her by appealing to the subject's deepest desires showing it to them repeatedly. This causes the subject to enter a happy trans like state to which she can exploit by ordering the subject to do her bidding. The trans is strong enough to resist any attempts of freeing the subject. Even if the subject is dying a painful and gruesome death they will remain smiling and show no evidence of pain. The stronger the subject's mental will the harder it is for her to trap the subject.

Mirror Image - she summons an exact replica of herself or another person. The replica is able to speak and interact with other objects or people, and is a permanent spell unless deactivated by the caster. The replica can cast weaker versions of the original person's spells but this will cause the copy to act differently and/or disappear. She is also able to tweak the replica into using both spells of the original copy and herself.

Invisibility - she shrouds herself or party in a shadow that turns everyone within it invisible. She can combo this with silence and make herself completely silent creating perfect stealth. Is a channeled ability.

Imaginary Pain - she traps the subject in their own mind and forces them to undergo a horrific loop of death and pain. With every reset the subject experiences a new form of pain and death, physical or emotional. This lasts as long as the subject remains sane. The stronger the subject is physically and mentally the harder it is for her to trap them.


Raven-shift - she transforms into a giant black raven to which she can fly around.

Summon companion - she summons a low level apparition of any creature and demons.


Affinity for magic - due to her upbringing, training, and race she has an extraordinary talent for magic and a very uncommon vast amount of mana. Her mana regeneration rate is also uncommonly high.

Illusionary resistance - she is unaffected by a vast majority of illusion spells.

Unnatural long life - she is unaffected by time and aging making her remain young and beautiful. However, she needs to sacrifice a young virgin every two years to remain this way.


Raven feather garment - her robe is made entirely from the feathers of ravens which she sewed herself. 

Ritual knife - a small blood covered blade which she uses in her sacrificial rituals of eternal youth.

Darkwood oak staff - a staff which was custom carved for her from the bark of a tree in Darkwood. Its gives off an aura of dark magic residue.

Dark grimoire - a spellbook which she earned after finishing her studies as a witch. She uses it to store all the knowledge she learns, and cast all the spells she knows in her field. It acts as a token of her validity as a witch.

PERSONAL ADAGE - "Life is so boring on its own. So let's add a dash of suffering."

Personality - she tends to keep to herself most of the time preferring the company of her summons. She will occasionally seek the company of others so long as it suits her own needs. But her witty words and unrelenting disdain for humankind make her an uncomfortable companion. She is determined to live by her own ways, even willing to betray the closest people around her for her selfish desires to obtain endless knowledge and ultimate power.

Likes - solitude, tormenting the minds of others, cats.

Dislikes - people, work, being bored.


Orphaned at birth, and taken into a foster family who all died when she was four years old. Soon after their deaths she met a stranger who acted as her guardian taking her to an academy for wizards, mages, and witches. Quickly enough she showed herself to be skillful in magic but she preferred only using dark and illusion magic against the wishes of her teachers. During her studies she practiced powerful spells on her classmates which is highly illegal. Her guardian witnessed her acts and instead of punishing her he taught her how to hone her skills. After sixteen years in the academy and illegal practices she received her grimoire and was ordered to advise a lord of a small village. While acting as adviser she was accused by the townsfolk of bewitching a boy into illness. After the claim and the lord refusing to vouch the townsfolk tried to execute her. She retaliated and murdered them all. Her disdain for humanity began after this. The next several decades was spent roaming the lands, learning new magics, sacrificing virgins for youth, and finding work where it was needed. Her travels eventually brought her to a small island called Rath Lux where she developed an odd relationship with the baron.

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