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The Great Exploder! (Interest Check)

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Stapled to several walls in Vdara, at about chest-height are several notes, which seem to have appeared overnight.  Each note is written in barely legible common, and one of them in particular is written on an asymmetrical piece of parchment. It's filled with spelling errors, some of which have been crossed out, while others have been rubbed out with some kind of rubber eraser, permanently smudging the paper. However, it is legible, but just barely.


We need helo help moving kargo! Wijitz Great Exploder is good macheen, but needs patint patent!

Pleez take to Vdarr Vdora Dragon Town so we can patint!


Despite the request written on the note, it isn't really obvious who wrote this message. Who is 'Wijit', what is 'The Great Exploder' and where is it kept?

Trying to solve this strange conundrum promises to be a riddle on its own. Maybe there's someone around who knows more?

Hello everyone! This is actually the second thread in a short series I am doing on the Kobold occupation of the mountains near Vdara. The Kobolds, small, ambitious, if a little clueless dragonoids, have established a strong lair within an old mine that fellow adventurers helped liberate for them. Now, as they dig and shape their new home, more and more Kobolds arrive to settle within the mountain, and with them comes the Kobold Inventor Wijit. An excitable tinkerer and aspiring machinist, Wijit seems to be one of the more eccentric minds in the Kobold's domain currently. Her latest, greatest invention, 'The Great Exploder', might just get the attention of the Merchant's Guild in Vdara, if she can get it there in one piece.

Who: I am looking for roughly 2-4 volunteers for this thread! This thread is quite straightforward, so this is an excellent opportunity for newer writers to dip their toes into the strange and magical world of Genesaris! Furthermore, given the straightforward nature of the thread, there's no need for your characters to be particularly strong or well-developed. If they're willing to escort a potentially destructive war machine through the winding hills of the Great North, then they're a fine fit for the job.

What: The thread in question revolves around finding the Kobold inventor Wijit (which is accomplished off-screen. The party will arrive outside of the Kobold lair, and from there get a chance to explore The Infinite Magmaworks, meet Wijit, and take on the quest. From there, the thread will involve moving Wijit's invention down to Vdara kingdom, to the Merchant's Guild. From there, one only needs to prove it works, and get the patent for it.

When: This thread should ideally be accomplished in around 5 pages, at the very most. It's not that long a travel, and resistance close to Vdara shouldn't be terribly great. With the further addition of two kobolds, and a potentially self-destructing weapon tagging along, the trip probably won't take long.

Where: This thread takes place in the Carmine Dominion, in the Great North in Genesaris. Genesaris is a land of magic and high fantasy, with lots of possibilities for different characters to flourish. You can read up more information on Genesaris here!

How: Pretty straightforward, this thread is about interacting with NPC's, escorting two kobolds with a big unstable weapon platform, and haggling with merchants. It's also very possible you'll get to fight a thief or two, or a wild animal.

Why: This thread is entirely monetary-based. The kobolds, bless their little hearts, haven't had time to develop full, meaningful gear and magical weapons, so you likely won't leave with much beyond coin. Currency doesn't really have too much of use beyond roleplay purposes, so you can certainly take it and use it how you see fit. Maybe this is a chance for your character to buy some better gear? A new steed, or a one-way trip elsewhere? That's entirely up to what you like to do with it.

The thread goes up once I have 4 volunteers, or after a week passes and I have enough volunteers. If you have further questions, or would like to know what kind of characters work best for this scenario ("Hey, can my character join?") feel free to drop a character sheet and ask! I'll accept any comers for this particular thread.


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