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Rath Lux - Factions: Hedon Enclave

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Name: Hedon Enclave

Etymonology: Rich folk of both types come together to form an aristocratic group tailored to the protection of their interests, which is to say; to live life as snobbishly, hedonistically and freely as possible, while using each other as a means of being out of the laws reach.

Moniker: Null.

Heraldry: It is unconfirmed, but the less-fortunate folk believe that the members of this pleasure cult each have a golden rose tattoed somewhere on their bodies.


Founder: Ancient Rathian merchants.

Leader: They have no single leader, but a council of the richest is believed to be leading the cult.

Members: Unknown.


Location: Speculated to be Port Reach and Heavenshire, respectivelly.

RELATIONS -  Being a collective of merchants, they are quite friendly to everyone whom has coin to spend on their goods; be they pirates, regular folk or even monsters.

AGENDA (and background) - Expand the reach (and availability) of their Black Market, in spite of the strict laws governing Rath Lux.

RECENT EVENTS - A certain young merchant woman has been wrongfully excused of her murders, with the guards all but outright ignoring her nightly activities. Many speculate that this is due to the Enclave's work, but nobody is completely sure.

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