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Rath Lux - Factions: Wyldmagi Coven

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Name: Wyldmagi Coven

Etymonology: A group of self-taught, often exiled folk, all of them magically gifted.

Moniker: Shaman/Witch

Heraldry: A lone, blue Ambershale Tree.


Founder: Baba Goya, The Witch Queen (Deceased)

Leader: Exalted-Shaman Klaus Morthal, The Islewarder

Members: Witch, Shaman, Great Witch, Great Shaman and their leader, the Exalted Witch/Shaman.


Location: An ancient fortress located at the highest reaches of Rath Lux's northernmost mountain, said to be only reachable through magic or flight.

RELATIONS -  Magic users gathered together for personal safety and growth. Their mountain home, as well as the exotic beauty of some of their members, has made them the primary targets of the Beaut Posse, but they have no clear enemy or ally.

AGENDA (and background) - The expansion of their influence in the wake of Rath Lux's current chaotic and leaderless state with the primary goal of relaxing the grotesque societal punishements dished out for the simplest of crimes, as well as the banning of banishment/exile of people just because they are born with a talent for magic.

RECENT EVENTS - The coven has bought several previously abandoned buildings in Heavenshire and rebuilt them to serve as a sort of "Mages Guild" within the barony's capital and help the mages expand their influence. To their surprise, their presence there was more than welcomed, as the leaderless people of the Island now look to them for leadership and guidance, even while rejecting the many of the notions that the Wyldmagi would have them enact as laws.

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