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A new Scientist in Town

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"Me ? Evil scientist ? No no no, that is not fair. We all scientists will eventually violating the very law of the nature. The mains different between us is how further we want to step to reach our goal. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to focus on your complete blood removal procedure"

- Doctor Rigor


Name: Rigor Rimostt

Alias: Doctor Rigor, Doc R

Age: 34

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Short messy dirty grey hair

Eyes: Emerald (He wear a round glasses)

Skin: Pale ash

Height186 cm

Weight: <70 kg

Voice: Husky

Build: Tall and little bit skinny

Clothing: He wear a dirty, rugged white lab coat with ocean blue shirt underneath it. A nice dark leather boots. A brown long pants with pockets attached to his belt and a pair of gloves hanging around his front pocket.


  • He have a Keen Mind, able to recall and remember things with great details. 
  • A steady hand and precise hand eye coordination.
  • Knowledge involving Biology, Biomedical, Alchemy, Surgery, Engineering, Medicine and Poison.


"Many people have asked me if I can make them immortal, stronger, faster and stuff.

Well... I can. But it will cost them dearly. And no, I don't mean about money part" 

- Doctor Rigor

Born as a one of the blessed children with keen mind. Rigor's path to academy are easily secured as he graduated among other future doctors just when he still 14. He re-enter the academy, expanding his range of field while adding more titles to his name.

But thing goes downhill as he discovers what it's like to be in the spotlight. The amount of the pressure and the work that slowly start dragging his human endurance down begin to put his mind to the point of breaking down.

Broken and unstable, he reach his snapping point and cause a huge accident in his laboratory that cost quite a huge news to his name. Luckily, no one die in that event.

However, as the news spread wide. The academy decide to erase his name from the public to protect their own reputation. Blaming his sanity and then lock him to small unnamed asylum, away from public and civilization. 

Locked alone, Rigor spend the rest of his time in his cell for 10 years, fixing his broken mind and try to regain his sanity until his day of release is coming.

After manage to recover his own mind, going through his broken point and able to think straight back. He return to his academy just to find that all of his hard work, title, achievement and job are all gone from the record.

No one remember him, no one know who he is. He just nobody as the academy kick him away and won't listen.

Knowing this is the end for his career, he pursue something new. Something that he always wanted to try. Something that he considered illegal back in his day. But now... He don't have anything to lose and everything to gain.

And thus, he begin to sell his service. His first customer, a rich baron who want to be immortal.

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