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Aliester Magna

A fellow knight

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Name [Aliester Magna]



Epithet: Null


Moniker: Aliester


Title: Vampireknight


Visual Age: 22


Birth Place: Unknown


Race: Dhampir


Alignment: Neutral Good


Gender: Male


Class: Knight


physiology – Person with pale face


Hair: White


Eyes: Gold


Height: 178cm


Weight: 71kg


Voice: Deep/Soft


Build: Lithe, Highly Muscular


Condition: Good as long as he has blood to keep him alive


clothing - Shirt, Pants, gloves, dark-blue cloak, full set of silverplate armor

skills – Battle prowess (skilled with using swords),  Vampirism ( doesn't need to breathe) ,  Blood draining,  Immortality,  Telepathy ( Can communicate with someone despite being outside the range of hearing) ,   Superhuman Strength,  Superhuman Speed,   Shapeshifting ( Can take the form of a bat, a wolf or mist),  Demonic wings


inventory – An immense longsword called Crissaegrim, engraved with the face of a dragon at its hilt. (Family heirloom) 


Credits: Character is heavily inspired by Alucard from the Castlevania Lords of Shadows games and respectively Vampire Hunter D ( Used by me on 9gag in previous rp's ) 



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