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Rath Lux - Factions: Vitas Cult

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Name: Vitas Cult

Etymonology: The cult is named after the village of its origin.

Moniker: Vitas / Vitasi

Heraldry: A farm plow, plowing through a verdant field.


Founder: Vytar, the oldest dryad on Rath Lux.

Leader: Trennae Silverleaf

Members: Various farmers, shepherds, shaman and people generally concerned with agriculture.


Location: Vitas Village, alongside a Farmer's Guild located within Heavenshire.

RELATIONS - The Vitas Cult is made up of farmers, unionized together on the advice of their matron and living goddess, the ancient dryad; Vytar.

AGENDA (and background) - Their primary concerns are to keep their fields, families and gods safe, be that from men, beasts, monsters or evil spirits, as well as the growth of their religion, which reveres the Dryads as living gods.

RECENT EVENTS - The opening of a guild hall in the capital, as well as their organization becoming "official".

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