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Description - A pine forest with a dark floor which is shrouded in mist. The forest emanates a dark energy that can make an unprepared mind begin to hallucinate all manner of things. Mischievous shades and ghosts roam around playing tricks on any traveler that enters their borders. The people who live in this forest are grim and very suspicious of outsiders. The plains to the north marks the territory of their oppressive enemy, the Kingdom of Light. Harsh treaties has been forced upon the inhabitants of Darkwood limiting the extent of the magic they can use and banning traditions that the Light deems too much of a threat. The mages use dark magic and train at the academy in Ilrohall. They learn to use illusions, summoning, and spells that affect the mind. But dark magic involving death or pain are forbidden to learn, but this magic is practiced by the rebels south of the Mountain Wall. As a result the kingdom is in a civil war. To the south is Riptide Island, home to the arcane wizards who tend to keep to themselves.


People with an aptitude for magic are encouraged to train at the academy. For those who show to be inept at magic are given the choice to train to be a soldier. The fortress of Shadow Stand guards the south from the necromancers and their horrid creations with a garrison of four hundred mages and soldiers. The watchtowers to the north alert the kingdom of invaders. The shades and dark elementals scattered around the forest band together in times of turmoil to protect their home. Ilrohall holds a garrison of seven hundred mages and soldiers.


Darkwood is a small kingdom with the Elemental Lord of Darkness, Ilro Shadoweye, being the current ruler. He has a council of archmages who advise him and deal with the smaller matters. He is wise, powerful in magic, and able to compromise. It's the latter that creates a matter of dispute among his subjects. Some believe that he should be more strong willed to his adversaries, while others believe that he is making the best of the situation.


Most trade comes from the merchant ships at Troll Town and the ones at Port Black. Regular trade is done with the wizards of Riptide Island. The items being traded is livestock, grain, and a special gemstone found in the rivers. These gemstones glow a dark purple and contain magical properties. Another special item that Darkwood specializes in is a flower called Nightshade used in many potions and poisons.


Ilrohall - the capital city of Darkwood and home to the Academy of Darkness the sole place where mages are trained in the conjuration and illusion arts.

Gravestone - home to the necromancers and undead monsters. It is a hub for all magic that is unholy.

The Ruined Tower - once the gathering place for archmages, philosophers, and any seeking knowledge and power. When the necromancers' rebellion started, the tower acted as neutral ground for the warring sides. But suddenly the tower was discovered to be completely abandoned. Every sign of life was nowhere to be seen even the great libraries that hosted vast amounts of knowledge. There is no idea as to what happened to create such a mystery, but the tower itself is shrouded in mystical energies. Those who investigate the tower eventually find themselves back in their homes with no memory or indication of leaving the tower. 

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