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Frederika Blackrose

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~General Information~

Name: Frederika
Full Name: Frederika Blackrose
Meaning of Name: Her first name is the one her mother gave her. Blackrose comes from her own choice. Being appointed as Magistrate of Rath Lux, Tyros required her to have a surname. Due to the unpleasant and sarcastic names he gave her, she decided one for herself, coming from one accessory she often wears and her passion for flowers.
Nickname(s): Executor
Aliases: Rika
Age: 522
Current residence: Port Reach, in Rath Lux
Describe their dwelling/house: The building that is her home is also her flower shop. On the first floor, coming from the entrance, there immediately is the flower shop, filled with various exotic flowers, entire shelves full of them, as well as biology books. On the opposite side of the entrance door, there is the counter in which she prepares the flowers. Behind the counter there is a door, leading to the living room. In the middle of the living room there is a table put inside a hole, in a japanese style. On the wall on the left, she keeps her tools to work and tend to her plants and flowers, while on the right there are two sets of stairs, one leading up and one down. In the lower floor, the basement, she built her own lab to experiment and mix the various plants she has. Upstairs instead, she has the rooms that a normal home would have: A bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom and another set of stairs leading to the top of the house, outside. On the roof, she grows the plants that need more sunlight than usual, or just the ones she retains more important. Around the whole house, she has a few gardens, hosting the flowers she uses in higher amounts, mixing their colours with the scenery and offering a green safe heaven even in a place like the city.
Describe their bedroom: Her bedroom is quite simple. There is a single bed in the corner of the room, with a window close to it. The nightstand next to it usually has a tower of books over it. In the middle of the wall she has a big closet, keeping her clothes inside, while on the rest of the room, she keeps her favourite flowers and her weapon, usually hanging on the wall.
Status/Rank: Magistrate of Rath Lux, Rich Merchant
Current socioeconomic level: Rich Aristocrat

~Physical Description~

Body Build: Minute
Race/Species: Oni
Blood Type: A+
Blood Color: Red
Skin: Pale white
Nationality: Unknown
Hair: Raven black
Ears: Human
Eyes: Deep Red
Nose: Small
Mouth: Normal size with red lips
Hands: Small
Feet: Small
Tattoos/Scars: Not anymore
Left/Right handed: Ambidextrious
Mannerisms/Poses/Movement: Elegant and refined, albeit can be crude if angered or during a fight

~Voice Traits~

Accent (if any): None
Language spoken: Unii, Renovatio
Other languages known: Oni language
Style of speaking: Haughty, mocking
Volume of voice:
-> Normal: Low tone but audible
-> Scared: Quiet
-> Angry: Very Loud, intimidating
-> Other: Low tone
Speech Patterns: Sometimes she bits her tongue while pronouncing words really different from Oni language
Unique phrases/words: None
-> Normal: High pitched loli voice
-> Sick: Lower tone than usual
Describe their laugh: Hysterical, Maniacal and Intimidating, also Sinister


"Get out of my fucking way."
General attitude: Arrogant, Haughty, Superior
Describe their sense of humor: Twisted and contorted
Biggest Vulnerability (nonphysical): Cute things
Optimist or Pessimist: Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert: Introvert


How does she dress: Gothic Lolita Dresses, in various colors and shapes depending on the situation or the event, but preference for darker colors.
Jewelry: Only one ring on her left middle finger, which is actually her weapon.
Other accessories: Usually wears a black headband featuring a black rose on the left side, with black strands going down and covering a part of her face.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc.): Elegant
Hairstyle: Free long black hair
Main articles of clothing: Gothic Lolita Dresses and leather bags


Relationship Skills:
Hates:Helping others without any reward. Being called short or flat-chested. Pointing out that she doesn't resemble mythical onis.
Likes:Cute things and achieving her goals.
Known Associates: Rhean "Tyros" Ryszard
Best Friends: Her weapon.
Friends: None.


Parents: Both dead
Siblings: None
Familiars/Pets: She has had slaves in the past, currently none.
Children: None
Relatives she looks up to: None
Relatives that she strives to be the exact opposite of: None
History of family: Her father was an oni, while her mother was a slave. Her father left before she was even born, leaving her to her mother. Her mother died when she was very young.


How does this character deal with or react to…
->Anger: She shows it clearly.
->Sadness: Tries to distance herself from anyone and anything.
->Conflict/Danger: Tries her best to avoid the situation unless she can gain something from it.
->Rejection: Indifferent.
->Fear: Fear leads to anger.
->Change: Change is fine as long as she gets to her goals.
->Loss: Indifference.
---> Minor Injuries: Indifference. Physical wounds are heavily diminished in pain, for her.
---> Major Injuries: Indifference. Physical wounds are heavily diminished in pain, for her.
---> Critical Injuries: She would acknowledge them and try to end the fight as quickly as possible, to heal herself up.
---> Emotional Pain: Cry when she's alone.
->Stress: Annoyance.
->Peer pressure: Indifferent.
->Guilt: She doesn't feel that.
->Being wrong: She admits of being wrong, keeping a haughty attitude.
->Being criticized: Listening to the critique and acknoledging it, but rarely acting on it if she doesn't find it useful for herself.
->Praise: Indifference.
->Love: May acknowledge that, but mostly indifference.
->Being hated: Laughter.
->Humiliation: Indifference or talking back.

~Social Life~

General sociability: Low
Patience level: Low
Kind of person she would consider to be the perfect partner: A slave.
Is the character judgmental of others and how so: Not really. She mostly looks at herself.
How is she perceived by:
->Strangers: Dangerous.
->Friends: Dangerous.
->Wife/Husband/Lover: She doesn't have any.
->Family: She doesn't have any.
Types of people she likes or associates with: Easily manipulated pawns and useful, likemindedly jaded individuals
Types of people she doesn’t like or associate with: Anyone that gets in her way.
What family/friends like most about character: She can do anything, for a fair reward.
What family/friends like least about character: Her habit of torturing people before killing them.

~Emotional Characteristics~

Emotional or Logical: Can be either, but leans emotional.
Sense of morals: None.
Self-control: Good.
Public appearance: Composed.
Behavior around strangers vs. friends: She respects her friends and sees them as equals, until they get on her way.


Birthday: Unknown
Birth country: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Birth order: First
Hometown: Port Reach
Socioeconomic level as a child: Slave
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her and why/how: Enslavement and total lack of free will and wealth.
Other memories/events that still affect him/her and why/how: The ritual to become a complete oni. The time where a kind woman saved her and took her in.
Favorite parent and why: Mother, because her father left.
Parent most resembled: Mother
Past places of residence: Unknown.

~Powers, Abilities and Equipment~


1)Flower Magic: She can create, edit, mix and destroy any plant or flower. Plant-like creatures are unaffected by her powers, as long as they have sentience. More powerful plants and wider mixes take more time to make or cast. Casting takes more time than making with the raw materials ready at hand. Other than that, she can create almost anything, with due time and funds. Additionally, she's completely immune from every effect the flower she makes can inflict, while having the effects of still unknown flowers severely reduced.
   1a)Healing flowers: Green healing flowers that can heal any one that is able to digest them. Effect varies in power according to quantity ingested. They can even make lost limbs grow back, but the heavier the heal is, more tiring for the body it becomes. They cannot resurrect people, animals, or any conscious being.
   1b)Paralysis flowers: Yellow flowers that can paralyze anyone that eats or smells their scent. Effect varies in length according to quantity ingested or smelled, with ingestion lasting longer.
   1c)Sleep flowers: Light-blue flowers that make the target fall asleep after a while. Effect varies in speed according to quantity ingested or smelled, with ingestion being much quicker, spanning to around one minute with one flower.
2)Oni Magic:
   2a)Blacksmithing: Her Oni magic allows her to operate as a blacksmith. She can forge, repair and enhance weapons and armors of excellent quality.
   2b)Oni rituals: With the proper, strict rituals, she was able to become a complete oni. More rituals are to her disposal, but she doesn't know many more of them. If she found books regarding those, she could learn more.
   2c)Frederika's moving home: With one particular ritual between the few, she was able to shrink her shop into a bag and carry it around during her travels.


1)Enhanced strenght and speed: As a oni, she's much stronger than any normal human could achieve in a lifetime of training, as well as faster than them but to lower degree. The pain she feels is also lessened a lot.
2)Scary: As a oni, she can scare almost everyone if she gets serious.
3)Scythe mastery: Over the course of years she learnt how to manouver herself swiftly even with a massive weapon such as hers.
4)Extended life: The span of her life is extremely long. Some onis are even said to be immortal. Her body doesn't age and is unlikely to die from illnesses and such. Fatal wounds are still something that kills her.


1)Avaritia: This is her scythe. It's a long, heavy and completely black scythe. It also has a metallic rose at both ends of the pole, the end with the blade having it molten on it on both sides. The only part that isn't black is the white edge of the blade. The blade itself is long enough to split a horse in half, face to tail. The weapon is usually in the form of a ring that she wears on her left middle finger. She can call it at any moment, transforming from and to the ring at will.

~In-depth History~

Frederika was born from an oni and a slave. Her father quickly left, as he was only interested in having as much offspring as he could, leaving Frederika in her mother's utherus. Her mother was a poor, kind woman, that sacrified everything she had for the wellbeing of her only daughter, namely Frederika. Sacrificing more and more of herself for her daughter, she died of malnutrition, illness and overwork, after being turned into a slave. Frederika was left alone in the world, taking her mother's place as slave. She worked really hard because of her superior strength and stamina. After growing up, she escaped successfully from the enslavement, leaving her home town and living in the wilds. One day she ended up in just another town, stealing food around to survive, until she got chased down by the inhabitants. One kind woman, that found her mauled and on the verge of death, took her in, guaranteeing that she wouldn't steal anymore. The kind woman tended to her wounds and fed her, till she was able to walk normally again. Frederika was grateful to her, even more after the kind woman started teaching her about flowers and then sending her to a magic school to learn. This is where Frederika's affinity for flower magic shined on the teachers, which started feeding her more and more information on the matter, together with the kind woman. She also started having contacts with the local tailors, allowing her to create her own dresses, looking up to an old memory of her for inspiration and ending up with Gotic Lolita style dresses. Frederika's life was finally happy and she was able to be herself, a kind girl that tries her best to help other. The kind woman though was quite ill, and when the illness caught up to her, Frederika tried her best to find any cure. The only way to achieve so was for her to pay the doctors of the capital, which were far above her wealth level, especially for a risky operation such as this. She started working herself to the bone to gather enough money for the operation, tending to the woman the same way she did to her.. but to no avail. Being both outsiders from the town they were in, the other people didn't lift a finger for either, no matter how much Frederika begged them. She started resenting the villagers, making her realize that she could only trust very few things, mainly herself and money. The kind woman died of the same illness a couple months later, leaving Frederika alone once again. Descending into sadness and loneliness, she only had her flowers to keep her company. Deciding to leave the town where she was, to escape the memories of the kind woman and the now sickening villagers, she took the shop along, using her race's magic. She then started to travel around the world, increasing her knowledge about plants from all around, while looking for a new place to stay. Along her journey she delved deeper into desperation, only thinking about amassing wealth and knowledge to not let any dear one suffer like the previous ones did. She started accepting less and less ethical jobs, only minding about the rewards, until one day she broke down. She knew full well that she had no one left around her, but she still couldn't explain why she felt good while getting richer and more knowledgeable. Years later it hit her naturally, like it was always written deep inside her. She came to hate everyone she thought weak and useless. From that day onwards, she begun to torture victims for fun, finding new entertaining ways to do so, but still retaining her goals as first priority. After years and years of travel, she stopped in a place, where she found the baron quite interesting, other than a good business partner. She now resides in Port Reach, working under Rhean "Tyros" Ryszard -the baron- in exchange for tax exemption and other kind of rewards. Kidnapping people for Tyros to experiment upon, she still likes to toy with them, weakening the targets before taking them away. Due to all the lost blood of the victims, the people think she works as a hitman, earning her the nickname of "Executor".


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