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Rath Lux - Factions: Red River's Church

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Name: Red River's Church

Etymonology: Named after the supposed rivers of blood that flow beneath Rath Lux's marble'd surface.

Moniker: Null.

Heraldry: The image of a flowing river, colored red. Said to be drawn into the dirt by those afflicted by the hemocraze in times long past, in their own blood.


Founder: Unknown.

Leader: Unknown.

Members: Mythical sages, priests draped in red, hemocrazed madmen.


Location: Unknown.

RELATIONS - Unknown.

AGENDA - Unknown.

BACKGROUND - The Red River's Church is a legend. A mythical tale fomed from the maddened babblings of hemocrazed individuals whom often speak of a terrible river of blood, seemingly dripping upwards and onto the surface of the land, unseen by all, but also felt by all. Several stories told to scare children mention deranged red priests, each a flayed man covered in red clothing, screaming of impending doom right before slaughtering all they see and falling apart into a pool of steaming blood. Not all such tales are horrifying though, as it seems some legends depict the red priests as sages instead, wizened individuals of indescriminate gender that have led the Islanders on the correct path time and again. Nevertheless, it has been more than seven hundred years since the last time a person actually survived the hemocraze, so these legends may as well be simple, groundless myths.

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