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Rath Lux - Heartweald

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The Heartweald - "What do ya mean you can't feel it? It literally beats together with ye-... oh, I get it. You're an outsider, ain't cha? Oh well, stay 'ere long 'nuff, and you'll know what I mean."

There is a famous tale among the locals of the Island, the Rathians, as they have chosen to name themselves, one that claims that the very land they live on is alive. Now, any shaman or witch high on shrooms, any mage that uses the elemental spirits in their magics really, can tell you much the same. The land lives as every stone, every gust of wind, every fire and every bit of liquid water is alive, as it has an elemental spirit within it, most of them however, have souls that are either dormant or far too weak to interact with the world around them. These elemental spirits are, in fact, so soulless that they may as well be called undead, but that is not the point of this particular tale.

No, the tale of the mystical, primordial Heartweald is much deeper than that, deeper than even the rivers of blood spoken off in maddened tones by individuals infected by the hemocraze. Every local of the island, be they born on the island or an outsider that has lived upon it for long enough, can tell you that there is a sort-of feeling, a calling, inside of them. Like a child that does its best to scold them if they do bad things, often reacting in violent ways and rewards them with "luck", whenever they do something that makes it, and others, happy. Heroes of the Island tend to live unnaturally long lives, meet their soul mates as if they were created just for them and the like. Much the same way, evil doers are punished without fail, especially those that are considered to be "bullies". That said, just like any child can scold or be physical with an equal, that same child will bow down and cover in fear of those that have done things shocking to it. Evildoers whom pracice their arts to the extreme may find themselves being coereced instead of despised, appealed to instead of rejected outright. Albeit, as time has gone on, neither heroes nor villains are as celebrated as they were in times long gone by.

Weaker minds are also said to be influenced by the Heartweald, forming an unnoficial hive mind mentality with everything around them. Just as every tree in the forest has its place and job, as a host to mushrooms, just as the mushrooms live on their specific trees and feed the other lifeforms on the island, so to do people have their own place in society, seemingly tailored to their own mindset and, in the rarest of occassions, almost as if their place was forged for them long before they were born.

Naturally, people, beasts, monsters; all living creatures have those whom rebell against the preset paths laid out before them, which is why the Islanders have so many outcasts and exiles. This is also said to be the main reason behind the Rathian's communistic views on many of life's questions. After all, its much easier to be a member of the collective, when the alternative is a constant, childish feeling of utter guilt for "failing" to conform to "societal" demands.

All people have a place. All people have a purpose. A perfect world that cannot be judged or broken!

The viewpoint of an innocent, hopeful child. An intricate example of the Utopian Dream made flesh. That all said and done, there's no "concrete proof" that the Heartweald is even a thing. Perhaps, its due to the fact that nobody on the Island questions it and that it seems to run from outsiders, especially those who come to investigate its presence.

This has brought birth to a rather "atheistic" point of view that has ended up becoming popular on the island; as even the locals themselves preffer the "theory" of them just being better people than any "outsiders", which is how a society such as theirs could have even come to form, rather than it being the work of some invisible, childish, but learning, thing.

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