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Nehalen Hall of Recognition

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The Hall of Recognition allows for a character to gain canon levels of fame or infamy, and a title to be worshiped or feared. Even though the Hall of Recognition only records for characters and organizations groups in Renovatio, their level of fame or infamy may spread beyond just our borders!

Throughout this article I will be saying "character" but that will mean character or organization. I simply don't wish to type that all out everytime. 

A character cannot be both famous and infamous, but a player may have more than one character in the Hall of Recognition where some are raising their fame level and others their infamy. However, only one of your own characters can gain Recognition Points per thread, even if you have multiple of your own characters in the same thread. A group or organization cannot gain Recognition Points if your character already has. However, if you have a character that gains RP and another player gives their RP to the shared organization, that can work. Both players can give RP to the same organization even though they're in the same thread. 

In order to raise your level of fame/ infamy and to obtain a canon title, the character must earn Recognition Points through roleplaying. There are a couple ways to go about gaining these Recognition Points (RP). Keep in mind that all threads giving RP must be canonized. If the thread is not canonized, no points will be given because I'm not going to go searching through every thread. It's also up to the player to either specifically tell me "Hey Ataraxy, I gained RP from this canonized thread." I won't be canonizing every thread since that's actually more @Aleksei's job, which means I may not see it if you don't tell me specifically, or tell her to tell me lol

Anyways, here's how you can get some RP!

1. Accept a quest from the Renovatio Quest Board that gives RP. There will occasionally be an S level quest which will give a shit ton. Quest RP is given per character, so it doesn't matter how many people are involved; everyone gets the same amount! In general, the point allocation for quests looks like this:

  • S Class Quest: 100 RP
  • A Class Quest: 50 RP
  • B Class Quest: 40 RP
  • C Class Quest: 30 RP
  • D Class Quest: 20 RP

2. Ask for permission! If you want to do your own custom thread but want to add an RP reward for yourself and/ or others, you can do that! But make sure to ask @Aleksei and myself first, before the thread starts. Based on your summary of the thread/ interest check, we'll assign a quest level to it (even if it's not a quest type thread) and the RP awarded will be based on that level. If you want to know where your thread might land, refer to the Standardized Quest Rules. I interpret the units like "2+ pages" written in the Standardized Quest Rules to mean two fully completed pages; not having just barely reached the second page. Custom threads can be S level, but will very rarely be allowed even if the length requirement is satisfied due to the needed canon impact to equal the worth of 100 RP. 

3. Participate in a board event! Threads like Lilith Reiter's invasion of Nu Martyr will, in the future, provide large amounts of RP for characters involved. The more it effects canon, the more points you can request to be given in it.

4. Creating lore! Creating some lore for Renovatio won't give as much RP as actually roleplaying there, but it's certainly a method for those that prefer world building. We're always looking for people that want to create their own lore in Renovatio. This can mean creating a city, an island, bestiary lore, etc. The standard RP awarded for lore creation is 30. It can be increased or decreased depending on quality and quantity of text.

  • To give the Lore Creation RP to your character, the lore must be connected to them in some logical way. It cannot be something totally separate.
  • Lore must be accepted and canonized by @Aleksei

5. Obtaining a Renovation Artifact or Relic! Artifacts give a little more than twice as much as relics, but you net some delicious RP either way. The allocation system for Artifact/ Relic RP is quite simple!

  • Artifact: 100 RP
  • Relic: 40 RP


Okay, so now you have RP and you're ready to get famous! Or infamous! But I bet you're wondering how exactly you go about raising your level of infamy/ fame? Well look no further young padawan (autocorrect wanted to change that to panda lmao). 

All characters will begin with an Infamy/ Fame level of 0. 

To "level up" you will have to submit a certain amount of RP. Once you do, that "level up" will be recorded here, in the Hall of Recognition! Keep in mind that the cost is per level. If you spend 20 RP to increase your fame to level 1, you need another 50 to increase to level 2. 

Level 0 - The Beginner

  • Where each character begins. Here your character is neither infamous nor famous. They are just characters doing their thing. 

Level 1 - The Rumored

  • Here your character has a couple rumors of themselves floating around the city in which the canonized thread took place. 
  • Cost = 20 RP

Level 2 - The Whispered

  • Your character is no longer only in rumors, but is now a fact. Achievements whispered among those of the city in either admiration or fear.
  • Cost = 50 RP

Level 3 - The Folk Tale

  • People of the city now recognize your character as something real. They may or may not know what the character looks like (can't know about the real identity of an assassin!), but they know you exist. They know you're real. Your character is a local story that parents will tell their children before bed. Maybe to encourage them to became a great person in the future. Or to warn them not to misbehave. You're a folk tale. A story based on a real, living person.
  • Cost = 70 RP

Level 4 - The Provincially Recognized

  • Your character is beyond the city now. Their name or title has spread throughout an entire Province or Kingdom (of your realistic choice). More than a story or a whisper, an entire Province now recognizes your character. From Hero to Villain, or even a provincially renowned tailor or blacksmith. 
  • Cost = 120 RP

Level 5 - The International Legacy

  • Your character is now known through the entirety of Nehalen and the adjoining Kingdoms like Alterion, Seinaru Forven, Kalopsia, and Grad na Ang'eli. 
  • Cost = 200 RP

Level 6 - The Global Phenomenon

  • This level is a bit different since it involves your character becoming famous in other continents as well. You will be recognized as a Global Phenomenon if you can submit to me at least two canonized threads completed by your character in each Lagrimosa (@supernal) and Genesaris (@King). These canonized threads must have already been approved by the respective board leader and be of a level which is either A or above, such as an artifact quest or board event. 
  • No RP necessary!


Alright! Now your famous. Or infamous. But you still don't have that canon title I promised! 😠

Woah, okay, I give! I'll tell you how to get it 😄

It's actually fairly simply. Think of the RP you gained like money. You use that RP to gain a title! And just like that level of infamy or fame, you can upgrade your level with RP so that you get more and more reknown. Wanna know the best part? You can have multiple titles!

Keep in mind that the titles below are only examples. You are more than welcome to pitch to me your own titles and upgrades. I have no issues with adding them, so long as they are like, obscenities lol

*Also, remember that these titles are "official" in that it's what people whisper about your character. You don't have to have the Blacksmith title to be a Blacksmith. People just won't be whispering or telling stories about Blacksmith A canonically without the canon title. 

Common Titles

  • Examples: Blacksmith, Helper, Warrior, Chef, Thief, Murderer, Vigilante, Fighter, Good Samaritan, Swordsman, Magician, etc
  • Cost = 10 RP each

Advanced Titles

  • Examples: Expert Blacksmith, Expert Swordsman, Village Chief, Governor, Sage, Veteran Fighter, Savior, Freedom Fighter, etc
  • Cost = 30 RP

Master Titles

  • Examples: Master Blacksmith, Master Swordsman, Paladin, Master Sorcerer, Imperial Knight, King of Thieves, etc
  • Cost = 50 RP

Legendary Title

  • Examples: Legendary X or some other really cool title upgrade. lol
  • Cost = 70 RP

Mythical Title

  • Hero of Renovatio, Saint of Primera, Lord of Evil, Divine Sage, Daughter of the Creator, Mythical Swordsman, etc
  • Cost = 150 RP


FINALLY, LAST PIECE OF INFORMATION but also super important: Character Cards. Players will have to keep track of their points and threads on their own in the Character Card Post (refer to the post I made for Lilith down below). I will approve the RP gains and threads, but I won't actually be physically recording everything. As much as I'd love to do that, I can't guarantee I'll have the time to update it as fast or often as people would like, so I've decided to let people keep track of their own characters!


*Note: I will be accepting any thread that was canonized 2018 and after. Anything before that was too long ago and I can't be bothered. 

*Note 2: RP Costs might change after I get feedback on this system.

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Lilith Reiter



Common - Necromancer > Advanced - Lady of Death



Level 4 - The Provincially Recognized


Recognition Threads

dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same - 100 RP (Artifact Claim)

[GS] E'na - 50 RP (B Level Quest)

[GS] Gemini - 50 RP (B Level Quest)

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore - 30 RP (C Level Thread)

Kingdom of Ascension Lore Article - 30 RP (Lore Creation)

Garden of Nede Lore Article - 30 RP (Lore Creation)

Renovatio Today: Breaking News! - 40 RP (Two Articles | Two Class D Quests)


Total RP Remaining

150 RP - 20 RP (Level 1 Infamy) = 130 RP

130 RP - 50 RP (Level 2 Infamy) = 80 RP

80 RP - 70 RP (Level 3 Infamy) = 10 RP

10 RP - 10 RP (Common Title) = 0 RP

0 RP + 30 RP (Toto Thread) = 30 RP

30 RP - 30 RP (Advanced Title) = 0 RP

0 RP + 30 RP (Nede) + 30 RP (Ascension) = 60 RP

60 RP + 50 RP ([GS] Gemini) = 110 RP

110 RP + 40 RP (Article on Lilith) = 150 RP

150 RP - 120 RP (Level 4 Infamy) = 30 RP

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The Mistress Blackhead



Common - ''Best Girl" 



Level 4 - The Provisionally Acknowledged (Nu Marty)


Recognition Threads

[GS] Cialo = 50 RP

[GS] Pisces = 50 RP

[GS] Libra = 50 RP

[GS] Aquarius = 50 RP

[GS] Sagittarius = 50 RP

Assassins of Kings (Nede) = 40 RP

Aquarius Relic Thread = 40 RP

Sagittarius Relic Thread = 40 RP


Total RP Remaining

290- 20 RP (Level 1 Infamy) = 270 RP

270 RP - 50 RP (Level 2 Infamy) = 220 RP

220 RP - 70 RP (Level 3 Infamy) = 150 RP

150 RP - 120 RP (Level 4 Infamy) = 30 RP

30 RP -10 RP (Common Title) = 20 RP

20 RP + 40 (Aquarius Relic) = 60 RP

60 RP + 40 (Sagittarius Relic) = 100 RP 

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