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Do you have a Trader/Merchant/Craftsman or other character?

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A while ago (i think a year and some change) I put out a census asking for unique player character races, which I then used to create a big collection of different races people had created. I like to think it was a huge success with tonnes of you guys sending in your unique character races for others to see and use, and I hope that the page was consulted often, leading to more folks using similar races, and creating a sense of community.

Anyway, now we're back, and we're putting in new work! This time, however, I'm aiming to lead everybody towards more roleplay opportunities, for reasons I've made known more than once before. 

So, what's the plan?

I think that we can probably make merchants, shops, and craftsmen more functional on Valucre. Currently, there's not really much incentive to seek out a shopkeeper, or a blacksmith or anything like that because you can always just write out one yourself to suit your needs. I think the reason for this isn't based on unwillingness, but rather a lack of availability; it can be tricky to find these merchant PCs and NPCs. By putting this out, I aim to keep a list of every named merchant, tradesperson or anything in between. If they offer a unique or useful service, they can end up on the list for other folks to peruse and use at their leisure. This use can be active, as in they go looking for you and write out an exchange, or passive, where you can simply leave a general idea of how they might deal with customers. 

So, if you're reading this, you might already have a character that offers a service that doesn't get used. This interest check is for you! Write in some information regarding your character. If I get enough of them, I'll go ahead and compile them all into a single thread, where everyone can see your character, and seek them out for a service if they require. Board Leaders, Regents, or other makers: if you have NPC's, shops, and other characters in your boards, cities and kingdoms, this goes for you too! Drop whatever information you need to below in order to better advertise them.

The information I need in order to best catalogue your characters should be as follows. Try to follow it as closely as possible, or with whatever relevant information you have available.



PC/NPC Name: The name your character goes by, as well as their title if they have one, or monikers. For example: Shaaz the Rotten, Trinkies the Goblin, Hoarder Haazh, and so forth.

Personality: Is your character/NPC friendly or dour, hard to get along with, or welcome to new visitors? Are they always busy, or very slow? Do they lie? Will they haggle, barter or only deal in coin? Put that kind of information here. Personality does not refer to anything unrelated to their business practices. Nobody cares if they're angsty or edgy, provided they can make a sword or something. 

Service Provided: Whatever goods, services or crafts your PC/NPC provides. If this happens to be a very specific or unique service, feel free to detail it as well. For example: Blacksmith, Apothecary, Fortune Teller, Fur Trader.

Proficiency: Their ability as a craftsman, or the quality and rarity of their goods and services. I would use a ranking system ranging from B-SSS, B being 'below average', A being 'Average/Professional', S being 'Superior' and so on. The higher this grade is, the better their supplies and materials are, at the cost of more expensive services, or harder to acquire goods. For example, Shaaz is an A-Tier Blacksmith, and sells mostly professional-grade arms, Trinkies is a B-Tier Apothecary, selling cheaply produced potions, snake oils and general reagents. Haazh is an S-Tier collector, and hoards a variety of strange and rare items, trinkets, materials and so on. If you plan on posting a very talented character here, I would encourage avoiding calling them SS or SSS tier willy-nilly. Those ranks are probably best reserved for proveable talent that's been exhibited in a series of threads, or is otherwise canon. 

Shop Name: This is where the name of their shop would go, if it has a name, or exists at all. Shaaz doesn't have a shop name, but Trinkies trades out of her wagon, and Hoarder Haazh has Haazh's Hoard, a magical pocket dimension hidden inside of a kiosk he set up in the middle of a busy road.

Shop/Business Location: Your store likely is not mobile, save for a few exceptions. This is your opportunity to tell everyone where your shop is located, and where you can post the board your shop is located as well! You can also use this space to describe how the shop looks, how things are kept, what objects are on display, and whatever else you think is relevant. Shaaz's workshop is a hole in the earth, carved out by the rest of the Verm with very little on display besides stacks of well-made helmets and blades in the heart of Nesthome, Trinkie's wagon travels around Terrenus frequently stopping in most major cities and towns for a day or two at a time. 

List of Available Services/Works: Put whatever you like here, from what materials they have readily available, whatever equipment they can reliably make or what goods they have on sale. This can be as long or short as you like, and the more detail you include, the more useful it will be to aspiring writers and customers. 

Quests and Requirements: Higher Ranking craftsman often charge higher prices, but they also likely require some other recompense for their work. Being a talented smith means your work is constantly sought after, and likely there are other things you may want besides more gold. This is where you describe what kinds of quests or requirements your character may have in exchange for certain goods, unique equipment creation and things of that nature. Treat this like an artifact quest: they should be going out and doing work in exchange for a rare, custom reward. For example, Shaaz is more than happy to forge you a moonstone weapon, provided you plunder the Forbidden woods for an ancient fae site of power, a powerful sleeping fae, or even a moonstone meteor, and return with moonstone in tow. Moonstone-bladed weapons are heavy but strong, and their magical properties allow the weapons to be imbued with the strength of the moon in a number of ways. Haazh is, in fact, a powerful demon manipulating a mannequin, who often requires a trade in exchange for something from his horde. His prices are rarely worth the trade, but the lack of availability of his goods makes his deals often difficult to dispute.

If you provide all this information, then you've given basically everything I could possibly need to direct people towards your character and their services! Ideally, folks interested in your services will DM you asking about more information if they have questions, or will simply tag you in a thread if they choose to go shopping at your character's store.

Edit: Hey, if you feel like chatting about this, proposing your own ideas, asking questions, or anything that isn't a specific addition to the index, put it here! (Click the Link)

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My own example, to get things rolling.

Name: Wijit, the Kobold Engineer

Personality: A young, optimistic inventor with a burning curiosity and a keen lizard-brain. Always eager to make a sale, overcome a new problem, or come up with new ideas. Will trade for cool gadgets, or take coin in exchange for her services. Often offers a discount if folks appeal to her prideful nature.

Profession: S-Rank Inventor, Artificer, Engineer. Creates unique weapons and gadgets capable of numerous unique functions, often specially designed in response to a specific problem. Due to her lack of materials, these machines often backfire in some way, involve generous use of improvised technology, explosives or strange resources. Wijit very rarely builds conventional gear and equipment, unless forced to.

Shop: Wijit's Corner

Shop Location: Wijit and her clan live within the Infinite Magmaworks, a Kobold stronghold/city/workshop located North of Vdara Kingdom in Genesaris. Though it currently isn't easy to find your way to the stronghold, kobolds visiting Vdara in an attempt to buy or steal supplies often talk about the Magmaworks and are generally happy to provide directions. Furthermore, Wijit's address is stamped onto every invention she makes, on the bottom.


List of Available Services:

Precision Kobold Engineering: For a flat price of 100 gold, Wijit takes commissions and will produce new inventions in response to very specific problems. After creation, Wijit will add the designs for the commission to her catalogue of Kobold Inventions, so that others can purchase it for a slightly higher price. These inventions are often either a unique weapon, a unique piece of armor, or a small gadget.

Pockit Rockit: An incredibly unstable blown-glass ball about the size of a hen's egg, filled with either ground salamander dust or crushed firebugs. Upon tossing, explodes in all directions creating a short fiery explosion. Comes in a handy carton of 12, which looks identical to a carton eggs.

Quests and Requirements:

The Latent Patent: As a talented inventor, Wijit's designs are constantly in danger of being stolen by other people and even other kobolds! After producing a specific design for a client, Wijit refuses to part with it until the client takes the designs she drafted into Vdara in order to patent the design at the Merchant's Guild. Afterwards, Wijit gives the item over without issue.

Special Order: The Kobolds may have glass, copper, bronze, silver, and mithril, but they apparently don't have whatever you're asking for right now. At Wijit's request, you will need to journey down into the Magmaworks itself in order to find a vein of the specific ore you'll need to complete your order.  Afterwards, Wijit also offers a discount based on how much extra material she collects. 

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PC Name: Thurgood Albert Singlance

Personality: Straight shooter, to-the-point, not unfriendly, but is pretty damn blunt at times, and doesn't tolerate bullshit well.

Service Provided: Firearm sales, firearm fencing, road building, moonshine brandy

Proficiency: Firearms offered, B-A level; roads, A; moonshine brandy, B-A

Shop Name: The Mil Dot, currently with two locations.

Shop/Business Locations: One in Northwestern Lunaris (the only patch of forest among agricultural fields), and one in East Southeastern Port Kyros

List of Available Services/Works: Firearms from pistols to machine guns, knives, and survival supplies, with a "chop shop" for fencing them. Roads are made in layers from mostly local materials with fravel, sand, and usually flat rocks on top (though he's recently learned how to top his roads with an asphalt-aggregate mix) that has proven durable, reliable, fairly easy to maintain, and fairly expedient to lay. Moonshine brandy (by special order only) is just that; unaged distilled brandy, strength ranges from 70 to 92 proof (there's a bit more than simple distillation).

Quests and Requirements: Mainly cash/coin, for goods/service, except for fencing, obviously

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(Am consolidating Velindrel information into one post here we go: )

So I'll throw Velindrel in all of this.

Velindrel is a balcksmith/engineer/enchanter type hybrid thingy yeah hahah operating out of Casper.  The building I am trying to get approved is effectively called The Star Forge but I am not sure what the status on my proposal for that is right now so I'll just say "A large forge in Casper" for now.

So here we go:

Name: Velindrel

Trade: Blacksmith/Engineer/Enchanter

Personality:  Velindrel is generally a very helpful and friendly type.  *Coughs* even towards the villain types of this site.  Velly is a Casper businessman and can look away from a client's past if there is enough gold crowns involved.  (Or like other styles of payment) Rumors exist that black market trading happens in the forge to keep client's past away from the watchful eyes of the law.  All clients are welcome regardless of Hero or Villain archetype.

With Casper folks business first, no questions asked ever.  Come with your payments...Casper types love to haggle.   (Velindrel isnt necessarily a shop keeper but he know how to trade and haggle with the best of em) As a side note: Velindrel and his work crew can construct stuff in the forge within reason.  (including but not limited to stuff like vehicles/etc.  Airships require a shipyard is my understanding and the forge doesn't have a shipyard access.  BUT all standard land and aquatic vehicles can be constructed there.) 

Hope I did this correct to be the first to throw their names in this.  I know I have asked a few times what were the rules on player owned shops/etc.  so this helps me a lot.  by the way so I'll be the first to throw my trade into the mix  Once I have a shop running official like I'll amend more information to this.  Hustlers gotta hustle yo.


Notable threads:

Construction of The Star Forge:

Apprenticeship in the original building before it became The Star Forge:  (Co-op thread between Velindrel and Waking_Warrior)

Those two threads are all part of The Star Forge chronology.  There is a newer thread I am working on which will tie into these events.

Oh and yeah Ill move it over too bro give me one moment after I post this all up.

There you guys go any further needed information I can also add.


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Name: Raveena Barolome-Senaria, Empress of Khaiperion

Personality: Welcoming and attentive. Deals with coin, public service acts and occasionally tavern "tea". Coin can be exchanged into local currency and discussed on a case by case basis. If you don't have coin, you can expect to run an errand or two for the Empress. And if nothing else there's always tavern "tea"--rumors--that float around from local and abroad. Rumors should be based on actual happenings throughout Valucre.

Service Provided:

  • Healing: Specializes in mental and emotional trauma; Herbal remedies for hexes and superficial wounds in the form of tea.
  • Smithing: Specializes in repairing mundane and spelled weapons and light armor

Proficiency:  S Level

Shop Names: The Sadira Amar, Tea and Tavern; The Crucible

Shop Location: The Rising West, Genesarisg3V15zS.jpg

By day, the Sadira Amar is a quaint tea house, serving weary travelers who need repairs to their weapons while recovering with a light meal and tea. The workshop is underground adjoining the cellar—endearingly named The Crucible after her late husband's old shop, with the Sadira Amar on top as the main floor, and an inn as the second story.

By night, the tea house is rearranged to accommodate the rowdier tavern crowds. Meals, drinking, gambling and entertainment keeps the staff busy. Patrons pick up orders for custom weaponry soul-forged by the Queen herself, or prepare for their next adventure while getting a feel for the local life.

Above all else, no one goes without a warm meal and a full cup.

List of Available Services:

  • Level I Therapy  - Treatment of mundane illnesses - Headaches, nightmares, illnesses
  • Level II Therapy - Treatment of hexes and curses - non life-threatening
  • Level III Therapy -  Treatment of hexes and curses - life-threatening
  • Level IV Therapy - Therapy sessions to explore trauma (great for character development)


  • Level I Smithing - Jewelry and trinkets, magic and mundane > Materials TBD
  • Level II Smithing – Personal tools and weapons, low magic > Materials TBD
  • Level III Smithing - Blueprint Building* > moderate magic > Materials TBD
  • Level IV Smithing - Artifact Repair > high magic > Materials TBD

List of Available Resources:

A List of Teas


Black Dragon - To its name--this tea requires a great deal of patience and skill to brew. A successful brew will yield a layer of durable black dragon scales for a single day.

Origin: Weland, Lagrimosa

Flavor Profile: Complex flavors of malt and sweetness.

Magic Yield: High


Palace Autumnal - A local brew that originates in Khaiperion. A seasonal favorite, this tea is known to warm the body on cool days, and occasionally sprout seasonally turned leaves for a day. By the stroke of midnight, the leaves will have fallen out, and the hair is returned to normal.

Origin: Bhokuli region, Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris

Flavor Profile: Rich almond, pine nut, honeysuckle and melon notes can be detected. This lovely tea finishes with hay and floral notes.

Magic Yield: Moderate to Low


Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls - The finest and youngest leaves form the basis of this tea. Taking the youth of these leaves and buds will help mend bruises and scrapes. Tea bags can be bought to make a pultice.

Origin: Zevasria region, Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris

Flavor Profile: Subtly sweet and highly fragrant. Full-bodied and creamy.

Magic Yield: Moderate


Empress Green - Typically sold locally, this superior grade of tea is considered unusual and therefore highly sought. Carefully tended leaves when steeped properly will create an exceptional tea that will mend shallow cuts and gashes.

Origin: Zevasria region, Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris

Flavor Profile: The leaves offer a heightened, sweet aroma. It is more naturally sweet than vegetal in flavor. Steeped, the taste is nuanced, offering some light grassy notes along with just a hint of astringency.

Magic Yield: Moderate


Seraph's Kiss - Another seasonal favorite, this white tea has a light, flowery basis. A bountiful crown of flowers and small fruits blossom to life on one's head when sipping this delightfully refreshing tea.

Origin: Weland, Lagrimosa

Flavor Profile: A sweet mix of strawberry and tangy citrus, backed by notes of rose and white tea leaves.

Magic Yield: Low


Exotic Beauty - A dark and delicious Oolong that is often presented as a gift to young girls who are coming of age, as well as gifts to those who are professing their feelings. This tea has been known to enhance natural beauty with healthier hair and glowing skin.

Origin: Joran City, The Rising West, Genesaris

Flavor Profile: Peach compote sweetened with brown sugar or molasses, with a similar dark edge in the finish.

Magic Yield: Moderate


Honeybush - Traditional Velhatien Honeybush, a sweetness deeper than it’s Rooibos cousin, plus a few extra notes of wood and pepper. This tenacious plant is infamous for its ability to tolerate harsh temperatures, this tea allows the taster to be flame and heat retardant.

Origin: Velhatien Desert, Genesaris

Flavor: Sweet notes of honey, and with a fuller body than Rooibos. With notes of wood and pepper.

Magic Yield: Moderate


King's Choice - Moonshine Blend - An elite of blend of teas that would find many admirers in the halls of Parliament. Stiffer and brisker than Genesar-native tea owning to the absence of light white tea. The Moonshine blend has been known to persuade many a tea lover to renounce their customary teabag blend.

Origin:  Zevasria region, Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris

Flavor Profile: A stiff cup with electric astringency and weighty notes of tobacco and caramel.

Magic Yield: None


Queen's Choice - Le Soleil Blend - The first tea harvested with Khaiperion's new soil, this blend is a lighter counterpart to the King's choice. Light, sweet, citrusy and floral, this tea is sure to lift anyone's spirits.

Origin: Zevasria region, Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris

Flavor Profile: Sweet, citrusy flavors of Santado pineapple, mango and orange with notes of rose petal, marigold, safflower and orange blossoms.

Magic Yield: None

Note - All Tea effects  last through the duration of the stay in the Sadira Amar until healed or the severity is lessened. When had outside of the Sadira Amar, effects last the duration of the thread until healed, or the severity is lessened.

Quest and Requirements:

  • Tea Therapy: This requires a preexisting condition or circumstances. These are treated more as ways to advance some character development than a quest and as much detail as possible about the affliction should be made presentable.
  • Smithing: These require a separate quest that fall under Khaiperion's Quest Guidelines:

Level I and II : Class B (Medium): 1+ players. 2+ page.

Level III and IV: Class C (Hard) 2+ player. 1+ Storyteller (optional). 3+ pages.

*blueprints are exclusively identified as a Khaiperion Treasure-level quest reward.

  • Like all rewards, they are chosen at random and are often blueprints of magitech, not excluding new kinds of airships and artifacts. You can choose to keep or discard your blueprint.
  • If you wish to build your blueprint, notify me ahead of time so that we can discuss materials and iron out requirements. There are no additional rewards for completing a blueprint quest, as the reward is the item being built.
  • You must provide "proof of purchase" that I awarded you a blueprint.
  • Hoping to score more blueprints to be traded in? Pop on over to the Quest Center

This art belongs to me. Do not steal it or claim it as your own or I will smite you!

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