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Yvan Hexfield

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Name: Yvan Hexfield

Nickname: Null

Age: 30

Title: Eletech Founder

Alignment: Neutral Good

Eye color: Royal Blue

Hair color: Greying Brown

Skin: Pale

Height: 147cm

Weight: 129kg

Build: Overweight

Specialties: Eletech, Emberite Usage, Marketing, Advertisement, Large-Scale Organization, Social Manipulation and Experimentation

Sub-specs: Elemental magic, psionics


Educated Foundation - Yvan preffers a logical standpoing and works hard to achieve it, even when faced with seemingly implausible phenomena.

Manipulator - Yvan will subconsciously aim to manipulate those around him, often for what is in his opinion, their benefit.

Autophobia - Yvan is incredibly self-centered, to the point where he considers himself a danger to others and will actively work to curb his own needs as a form of vain self-sacrifice.


Elementalist - Yvan has a natural understanding of the natural world, stemming from his connection to the elements, particularily the plane of fire. He does not tend to name spells other than those with very specific uses, but can manipulate elemental energies to suit his needs depending on the situation.

Flame/Heat Buffet - If forced to fight, Yvan will usually fling gouts of supreme heat or flame at an enemy. He preffers the former.

Mold Metal - Yvan can, by exerting himself, heat metallic substances to a point just prior to outright liquefication, which allows him to mold it in accordance to his will. This procedure is highly damaging to the substance used however and will leave the metal largely worthless if used without care.


Victorian Dressing - A steampunkish outfit not really fitting for his station as the founder of a company.

Eletech Tome - One of Yvan's first and most useful (in his mind) creations; an elemental, glowing, rune-bound, bluish leather codex that acts as both a diary and wizardly spell tome for the man. Others can read it, but only he tends to be able to make sense of it, ... most of the time. An infinite amount of pages can be added to the tome, though that requires the sacrifice of an appropriate amount of actual paper. This magical tome will fly around Yvan, feeding off of his latent magical potential to sustain both itself and the ever-growing knowledge contained within it.

Ave Elementia - A millitary airship, reconstructed to suit Yvan's runic design.

PERSONAL - "There are secrets hidden deep within this land. The elements here do not sing like elsewhere, but whisper in hushed tones, hoping not to anger something greater than themselves. I will find out what, one way, or the other."

Likes: Science, Philosophy, Eletech and Elemental Spirits.

Dislikes: Self-Hate, cowards and abuse.

HISTORY - Born to a moderately rich family that never entertained his more eccentric antics, Yvan left the home and sought out his own fortune in the world at a very young age. A magi-technical genius in his own, very specific right, Yvan founded his own company dedicated to the creation of machinery for which electricity would be replaced by carefully contructed runework. It started out as rough, stone-bound runes that took too much space and effort to make for too little gain, but he has vastly improved overtime. However, fate had other plans for Yvan, and the chaotic nature of the mainland has all but ruined his prosperous company, Eletech. Liquefying his remaining assets and gathering whatever resources he still could, Yvan bought a millitary airship and remodeled it to be an automatic machine dedicated to flight, working solely due to his own runic designs. He has used this airship, affectionately named the "Ave Elementia", to travel to Rath Lux, seemingly drawn here by the silent cries of the elemental spirits bound to the Island... and the vast power of the material known as Emberite.

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