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Orion Slatestout

Orion Slatestout Character Sheet.

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Hello and thank you for Reading this. This is the Character Sheet I have put together for my Dwarf. While i may be Inexperienced compared to the other migrants, I hope that I can bring something Interesting to the Roleplaying Table of Valucre. I hope my Char is up to Snuff, considering that, at the Start, he was either Considered a Joke, or an Autistic dark iron Dwarf. Aight, here goes.

First Name: Orion

Surname: Slatestout

Nickname: Orik

Location: Rath Lux

Alignment: Neutral good

Race: Dwarves

Marital Status: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 75 Years

Status: Newcomer in Town.

Job Class: Mental Therapy/Hunting/ Mining


Voice: Deep and resonant.

Eyes: Akin to Orbs of Lava.

Complexion: Coallike

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 125Kg, (In Full War plate and Gear) 75 without it

Build: Equal to that of a Workout-maniac

Hair: Bronze Strains of Hair, plaited into braids along his Skull, still leaving a Mane that does any Lion Justice.

Defining Features: A Beard that has been chiselled instead of cut.


Nature: Good Natured, Equipped with a Cheery disposition, extremely slow to Anger, would die for his Friends. Doesn´t have a Single lying Bone in his Body, and will point out the Truth wherever, whenever and even when it´s Obvious. (Example: If someone is said to walk on the Road to Redemption, he will Point out that Redemption isn´t a Physical matter, so you can´t take a Road to it. )

Hopes: he will find someone who loves Hugs as much as he does.


Becoming a Smith of sufficient Skill to Rival the Gods.

Fears: that he won´t be accepted by others, and that they Secretly Dislike him.

Likes: Hugs, Wine and Whiskey ,Animals and his work.

Dislikes: Leaf Lovers, Unnecessary Violence, Wasteful behaviour.

[Gear] A Full set of Gothic Armour, complete with a Surcoat. He also has real Brass Knuckles under his Gauntlets.

[Weapons] A Strap on Heater Shield with a Hook on the Inside for ease of Transport, an Arming Sword, a Dagger on his left lower Arm, And a Warhammer with a head the Size of his Skull. Not to mention a Bow with 36 Arrows. Rounding up the Arsenal is a Crossbow specifically for Grappling Hooks, with Ammo for ten Shots.


He can move most common Building Materials or Resources for crafting by Telekinesis

Has an Aura that calms any Creatures, big or small, Prey, or Hunters. He can choose when to use it.

Surrounding him, is an Aura comparable to that of a Campfire. It relaxes those around him, and seems to say: Relax. I won´t do any Harm to you.

“Ultimate Ability:” Hands of Fire.

This sets his Hands ablaze, allowing him to either throw Fireballs, or set his Hammer on Fire, for maximum Melee devastation.


Talented Jeweller and Miner. His Items are of Higher Quality, better Grinding Technique (In Case of Gems and the Likes), Higher Durability (Chain links don´t Snap as easily) and seem to have a better reaction to Magic.


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