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Renovatio/Nehalen/Rath Lux - Quests: Hexfield's Arrival CLOSED

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Quest Summary: A self-proclaimed genius and former company owner, Yvan Hexfield has arrived on Rath Lux. He has found a good spot of land to base his new factory in, hoping to exploit local laws (or better to say; the lack thereof) as well as the power hidden behind the material called Emberite for personal profit and growth. He requires the aid of a skilled adventurer, or two, to help defend him and his newly-hired workforce, as they clear away the forested and unexplored landscape in order to create the foundations of future construction.

Adventurer's that are highly mobile as well as those learned in the healing/medical arts are preffered, up to a maximum of 3 people.

Payment: 10 bronze coins per hired person + varying amount of silver depending on the success of the operation itself.

PLAYERS: @Orion Slatestout,

Special Guests: @Ataraxy and @Aleksei

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