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Skills, Attributes, and Abilities - Ruleset - Draft

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Magic is always a bit of a weird subject. I've been in multiple discussions about this (different sites and discords as well as with some heavy experienced DMs). The biggest thing in each discussion is simply, Magic is high susceptible to 'what' you do with it.

Illusion magic, known to most people in D&D groups (keyword being 'gamers'), as 'on paper useless in a fight'. With that said, it can be highly effective because it can disorient a foe. It all comes down to what is allowed and how it's implemented. In a fight magic can be highly effective, even something utility can have it's place for something as simple as distraction for a better opening or for a better positional advantage. Having the option to use magic, even a one day pop, is still something a character cannot normally do. 

If magic is sparse, having a one a day pop can be damn near a god send, where it's abundant, a one pop maybe isn't as critical. (One pop referring to a 'once a day' level of casting spells, meaning you can only cast one spell and that's all your capable of casting for your level.) Again, magic is very subjective. 

As @Akiris wonderfully put it, 

18 hours ago, Akiris said:

take illusory smells and textures and practically not exist because you can take your victims head off without them realizing it's bouncing on the floor.


The thing that's always funny to witness in systems that are detailed out as 'this is what it does' and where people interrupt it as 'this is only what it does' most people will take mostly combat orient spells, IE: Evocation/Destruction, Divine/Restoration, Abjuration/Protective, because it's clearly outlined what it does. Shoot destructive ball of flames, heal wounds, put up magical barrier to negate 'x' amount of damage. If you're mindset it set in stone as a gamer then your mind naturally goes for this set of thinking (not always but making an observation). This is why I enjoy the role play aspect because the options in combat or problem solving allow your options to be widespread. Fireball to light a brasier or to send out a obvious signal flare, set up a warding barrier on a piece of a weapon/shield so it could more effectively block. That get's into enchanting and that's a full different tree.


The best I've seen magic described is that it more understanding what you can do with it instead of just knowing spells. Spells or incantations, are commonly used routes to achieve the spell you want, otherwise your trying to wade through chaos to attempt how to manipulate magic. It was a weird scenario of, if you didn't have a defined spell such as fireball, how would you go about casting that effect? You'd have to use your grasp of understanding what you are manipulating to know how to even begin. I was put into a roleplay situation, quite a few times, where there were no defined spells, you simply had a few characters that could weave the flow of magic, be that magical leylines or learning how to manipulate the chaotic forces around or even knowing how to shape their own will power and sacrifice part of their own vitality (blood) to cast what they were focusing on. 

Sorry I geek out on this stuff. My favorite aspect is creation and enchanting so it's really something the mind get's into the small details. I'm looking forwards to seeing this system in it's progression and I'll be keeping an eye out for field testing and if there is something I spot that is 'meta-game breaking' and try to bring it to light if the system is to be truly balance. I've grown so tired of, as Alex put it so well, 

23 hours ago, The Alexandrian said:

Kiryu Kazumas

that it's tiring. I've done it many times before and been subjected to it time and time again in PVP (not here, I try to avoid fights both PVE and PVP because of past experience) however, 1) it's boring, 2) it's damaging to creativity to simply win because 'mah character's is a badass and I said it'. 

For my own mind, having a system, a guideline to keep things held back is something I'm very excited to see, something 'defined' instead of RAC (Random Ass Chance). It helps a person get more invested into a character when it's well defined and the limitations are known. Progression should be smooth, not very quick because normally that's not how most people function unless you are savant in a skill in which case congratulations. 

Either way I'm begging to ramble, I'll try to keep my eyes out for 'builds' or was to 'abuse' this system and bring them to your attention @The Alexandrian if I discover something. I have a mind that knows how to break things pretty easy and I'd hate to see something you put a lot of time and effort into be abused.

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