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The Hat

Sir Hat the Trader

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First name: Hatus
Nicknames: Hat / The Trader
Alignment: True Neutral
Race: Villager
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: Traveling Salesman / Artificer

Voice: Gruff and Adenoidal, but has a cheerfulness most of the time
Eyes: an emerald green
Complexion: light brown, mostly around the facial area
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 145 pounds, is a generally light person
Build: is a medium build, has a somewhat tense posture
Hair: is bald
Tattoos/markings: has a scar on his lower back and multiple scars and burn marks on and around his hands 

Demeanor: always tries to greet people with a friendly face and enjoys chatting. always seems slightly tired
Hopes: Hat wishes to study and test the many aspects of the world and beyond. hopes to share his creations and research with everyone
Fears: with such knowledge comes a responsibility and Hat often fears the day those responsibilities catch up with him
Likes: mysteries and puzzles, exploring, new discoveries, talking or hanging out with others, star gazing
Dislikes: thieves that steal when they already have money, people who kill for no reason, orcs

The Ultra-Pack: a bag of holding with certain tweaks and improvements made by Hat. it is very durable, resistant to most acids, simple fire and even keeps things in it fresh!... most of the time

North Star: a peculiar gold necklace with a star hanging from it. the star seems to be made of quarts. an enchantment allows it to mostly protect Hat's mind from outside forces, illusions not included

Night Scouter Cloak: the blue cloak with a gold trim worn by Hat. other than being enchanted with similar durability like the Ultra-Pack, it can give the wearer a limited amount of 'blinks' which can be used to move short distances very quickly

Fire starter: a very dull dagger that cant cut very well, but can ignite the blade into flames. he uses it to light campfires
Dream Forger: a titanium warhammer with a silver star encrusted on the sides of its head. its grips are black leather strips and a small color shifting crystal at its end. the warhammer is capable of casting some magic which include: Starfall- a few motes of light appear in the air before crashing down. Hope- something pushes you to never give up, healing wounds slightly. Starlight- the light of the distant stars convenes into a flurry of glowing bolts which fire from the head of the hammer
Hat is a genius inventor and a quick thinker, though likes to take his time with certain things. he can be very athletic over short distances. and with his many years selling things, and well having friends, he can be a charismatic fellow
Hat pushes himself through grueling conditions to reach his goals, putting himself and sometimes others in danger all in the pursuit of science and understanding of magic and its seemingly limitless uses. he pulls long nights, overworking himself time to time.
Hat has an extensive knowledge on many subjects, and this has helped him with smithing tools and weapons, enchanting them, and creating other 'toys' to sell or use for himself
Hat has a few brothers and sisters, and had a mother and father who have passed of old age

Hat grew up not in Valucre, but in a world like it, except a bit smaller and not as advanced. the world was still filled with magic and wondrous creatures, and had its fair share of crooks as well. Hat would always look to the sky, gazing at the stars and the endless sky above him. it was calming in a way. he lived in the far, cold north with his parents in a village with no name. he ran through the village, delivering materials and crops to his fellow villagers. they had never worried about attack, until that day. a group of orcs had been seen nearby, ravaging the other settlements. the village knew they couldn't beat them, and they wouldn't last long out in the harsh tundra. Hat that night looked to the sky once more in desperation, tears in his eyes. few know what happened that night, the next evening the orcs were found gone, their gear and armor laid across the fluffy snow. Hat set out less than a week later, to travel the world and search for knowledge. many years later and after many travels and adventures through the world, Hat was experimenting with portals late in the night, when a tear in reality appeared! thankfully Hat contained it, and soon enough prepped gear to venture through. now in the land of Valucre, where will our sort of brave sort of hero travel to next?

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