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Rath Lux - Factions: The Garns

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Name: The Garns

Etymology: Named after the great wolves living on Rath Lux

Moniker: The Garns / A Garn

Heraldry: Black wolf's head with mouth open. Gang members have a symbol tattooed on their wrists


Founder: Rufus Barnett the "Black Wolf", often called "Old Wolf" by new members

Current Leader: Rufus Barnett


"Spiders" - specialists in collecting information, spies;

"Trolls" - muscle men, tribute collectors, bodyguards;

"Dogs" - pickpockets, scammers, drovers;

"Players" - planners, croupiers, brains of the organization


Location: A "less friendly corner" of Port Reach


— Allies: Nygrim Venti, trade partners.

— Enemies: The Martyneers, competition.


Agenda: Petty theft and fraud, collecting tribute from ships using "their part" of Port Reach, conducting numerous illegal activities in Port Reach, including the casino the "Wild Card" and the brothel the "Belladonna"


Recent Events: After several years of stagnation, an injection of fresh blood slowly lifts the gang off their knees.

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