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Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

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Guest Tyros

Then he walked over to her with a sly smile, as she had seemingly awekened something within the baron. "Oh? But I like being one." With that said, two tendrils of blood erupted from the back of his neck and scooped up all the wine bottles present, while he himself took @Myrinda into his arms, much the same way as two days before, as if she were his newlywed bride.

"Time to find out if you're a virgin~." With her in his arms, he promptly kicked the door open and walked towards the restaurants royal suites with a massive grin on his face, uncaring of the horrified peasants and onlookers all around.

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She yelped at his sudden gesture of sweeping her off her feet. Her face shot up to look at his. Her mouth open in surprise, and her face steaming red. She couldn't even reply to what he said. She even tried to wiggle out of his arms for the moment to calm down, but his grip was too strong around her. When he kicked the door to the suites closed, she figured to treat this as another learning experience~

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Guest Tyros

And so began a night of "violent romping".

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Guest Tyros

Short Summary

Due to uncertain circumstances, the peasantry of Rath Lux rebells against its baron, storming his manor and setting events that are surely beyond their ken into motion. Two main groups form: one consisting of the baron and the witch, who flee the horde, fight off some undead, kill a troll, fall into a romantic relationship fueled equally by caffeine poisoning as it is by sociopathy and make their way into Port Reach, while the other consists of the cat spirit Shal, a myserious teacher named Mozart and the baron's son; Dray, whom traverse the dangerous territories of Rath Lux, talking their way out of combat several times and eventually reach the port just as well.

Full Summary

The Baron and The Witch

Having spent the majority of the past few months perfroming cruel ritualistic sacrifices and horrendous, inhumane experiments, Baron Tyros wakes with a feeling of intense melancholy. Standing in front of a mirror that once belonged to his wife, the man reocunts all the horrors he had commited, likening his once proud manor to a despoiled corpse, still useful to its own ravager.

Wandering the blackened halls, the baron recounts his warlike past.

Deciding that his dark goals have been accomplished, he frees the last prisoner he still had within his dungeon, a wolf-woman by the name of Millery, the consequences of which may or may not be felt in the near future.

At the height of his melancholic episode, the villagers of Heavenshire finally gather up in rebellion, finally rising up in arms against their silent government, seemingly lead by unseen hands.

The baron regroups with one of his employees, a witch from faraway lands by the name of Myrinda Ravenlash, a sociopathic but otherwise genius woman whose alchemical prowess had aided in much of the baron's work.

As they fight off the horde of rampaging peasantry, the manor itself comes alive, or unalive, with the souls of all of the barons victims, the monstrous undead assaulting both parties as the entire household is locked down, preventing escape.

Luckily, a hidden escape tunnel could be found in the manor's library and the duo escaped the burning building after the baron had confirmation of his sons survival.

They found themselves in a cave near Camp Garnstooth, where they killed a troll, hunted for food, ate and healed their wounds. Though the desperation of the situation did not break either of their minds, it still took a heavy toll on the two antisocial villains, causing them to develop a quickly growing, romantic bond, even if they were little more than curious business partners up to this point.

They made their way to Port Reach during the cover of night, coming very close to death as soon as they left their cavernous safe heaven as a Red River Priest walked dangerously near the pair. Highly caffeinated and running on fumes, the duo reached the port at the break of morning, relying on the goodwill of a particularily happy tavernkeeper grant them respite.

Poisoned by Wanderberry Extract due to the barons lack of forethought, the duo slept for two entire days before waking, an embarrassing mishap causing them to gather more attention than either of them wanted.

Collecting themselves, the baron and the witch walked hand in hand through the town, visiting a bank, then a smithy as Tyros required a new sword, before finally arriving at a restaurant for some lunch, as well as to meet up with the „blackest of roses among a field of gold“.

Once the preliminary talks were completed and a rudimentary plan set up, the blackest rose left and the two finished their dinner. The Atmosphere quickly headed up and the following night would be one full of, ahem, „violent romping“.

The Cat, The Mystery and The Artist

Torches lit up in Heavenshire! Although there was no sign of an attack, the people organized an uprising against Baron Tyros, storming his estate in the middle of the night. Had they discovered the truth about the nightmarish experiments carried out by the ruler of Rath Lux, or perhaps the mysterious Will of the Island, Heartweald, decided that it is time put an end to it? Whatever the reason, a furious crowd broke through the gardens to the interior of the property with a supposedly clear purpose. Kill the baron and destroy everything that is associated with him.

Dray, the son of the baron and the reason why he committed his crimes, was in a tower away from the main battle. His teacher Mozart, aware of the impending threat, prepared for them both to flee. Meanwhile, Shal the Cat Spirit, watching everything from afar and curious about the results of Tyros's experiments, set off to look for the child of the baron.

During their escape, Dray and Mozart ran into attackers disconnected from the main group. Thanks to the quick thinking and cleverness of the teacher, they managed to get out of this situation without bloodshed. Shal, having found the son of a baron, and Mozart, led them safely through the property, allowing them to escape into a nearby forest.

Confronted by the Cat Spirit, Dray and his teacher questioned the motives of the strange creature. However, due to the lack of other options, they decided to trust Shal, who promised them a safe journey to Port Reach, where the Baron's colleague and Shal's friend Frederika lived. The journey through the woods was peaceful until the group encountered bandits who were camping in the area. Once again, thanks only to Mozart's oratory skill, a fight was avoided.

A further route to Port Reach led through the beach, where Mozart would experience the mischievous nature of Shal. After a few hours of wandering, the group reached the city. The group met with Frederika, who after a short conversation with Shal took two refugees into her home, providing them with a safe heaven.

Shal, using the opportunity to separate itself from the group, decided to use their connection with nature to find out what fate met Baron Tyros. Having learned that he is alive, the Cat shared this information with Frederika and Mozart.

Each of the three had their plans to use this information. The cards were dealt and the dice were thrown. The great game is just beginning.


1. The peasants of Heavenshire have no idea what happened at the manor since nobody survived, even though the place is not swarming with all manner of undead. Perhaps someone may attempt to exorcise them?

2. For an unknown reason, the Beaut Posse has intensified their raids on caravans travelling from the capital to Camp Garnstooth. Rid the people of this Troll menace!

3. The Influx of people from the mainland has brought in a number of shady characters. Some even say that a certain group of roses is increasing recruitment efforts; villains should take note.

4. A dryad had been slain after an outsider knight sought to meet out his own, vigilante justice, causing the Vitas Cult to rouse the people into violent protests in an effort to further alienate the island. Find and detain these manipulators before the situation blows over!

5. Having noticed the mass of chaos that has suddenly destabilized the island, pirates from Outsiders Landing are attempting to breach the barrier mound with explosives. Either stop them or join the resulting raid.

6. Strange new hand granades known as "Flakefrags", induced with highly halluciogenic drugs, are being supplied to the criminal element of the Island. Find the source and make your choice.

7. With the lack of a rulling body, many of the Wyldmagi are attempting to assert themselves as the rightful rulers of the Island, sending their elemental servants to extort undue taxes for their "new" and "rightful" overlords. Destroy these spirits and return the stolen coin... or don't.

8. Rumors speak of strange patches of dandelion flowers that can nowadays be found scattered around the Island. The plants are clearly suffering and alien to the land, as much as it seems to be trying to cultivate them. Perhaps a druid might try to help these flowers prosper?

9. Recent events have caused many of the locals to begin an arming effort, causing the Emberite Foundry to require more of the dangerous ore than it ever has before, to the point of being willing to hire mercenaries to protect their workers as they delve into those bloodsoaked, hemorrhagic depths. Only the bravest or the most insane would take up this cause.

10. Without a clear reason, there has been a recent resurgence of the Hemocraze disease that plagues the Island, with several caravans and unfortunate travellers being devoured by red-eyed Garn within the confines of Southern Shalewood. Find the den of these monstrous wolves and slay them for the good of all!



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