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Guest Tyros

Rath Lux - Quests: Word And Law

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"You are right, Shal. But even he deserves an answer to his question. Plus, seems like that's not a good time to laugh." Her tone suddenly shifted to a very different one. It's clearly annoyed, almost angerful. Her glance is also glacial, looking at the knight in front of her with her deep red eyes, not even blinking, observing his every movement and breath. Being challenged this way in her own home, after the previous work she had done the night before for the baron, surely wasn't welcomed.

After a few seconds of agonizing stare to the man, she closes her eyes and exhales profoundly, before opening her eyes again and proceeding to talk.
"Alright, Rhean. I'll give you the answer to your question. You better open your ears wide, because i'm not gonna say it twice. You should grant the Dryads the privilege to rule their own land, letting them take matters on their own hands. People there want the island to be closed more than it would be worth, so just shut them off completely. They don't want outsiders? Allow them to decide who enters in their own territory. The hard part is to keep a trade deal with them about food, but you should offer as little goods as possible. The best would be to turn their taxes, which they are still gonna owe you, into food, so that we can still feed the rest of the island. I also heard that a Dryad was slain. We can exploit this, by telling the bandits at the eastern camp that the Dryads are looking for people to kill the crazy fool that did that. With the proper lie, we can have the bandits patrol the roads that go to the village, which would prove useful in two ways. First, it would make it harder for merchants to get to the village, starving the Dryads of useful products. Second, it would make it more difficult for the Dryads to have contacts outside. Not letting them have the possibility to have contacts outside is vital. That's because we are gonna make sure that the Pirates and the Criminals are gonna focus on that village. It's easy prey, after all. Farmers, outside the whole island. Only the Dryads to guard the place... What do you think it's going to happen when the new hallucinogenic bombs are gonna get thrown to them? Mix them with fire and they won't be able to do resist long. When they're gonna ask for help from the Baron, you could aid them and force them to accept any deal you want. That's almost two factions out of the game if you play your cards right."
She then continues, after a few seconds of pause.

"Next is the Trolls and the Wyldmagi. After reclaiming your throne and stopping their collecting taxes nonsense, you should make two deals with the Wyldmagi. First, you grant them discounts on the buildings in Heavenshire, as long as they prove that they stopped the Trolls from assaulting the merchants along with the surroundings, especially on the roads going from here to Heavenshire. The two factions have been enemies for a long time now, you're basically asking them to keep doing what they always did, offering them an additional reward. Now, the true deal, the second one. Every Wyldmagi can choose to have their tax cut off by around... I'd say 40% of the total, but that's negotiable. Why so? Because you're gonna ask them to share any magical discovery and experiment, with the barony. This is gonna have some serious consequences which you should mind. First, Heavenshire is most likely gonna become a nest for them, which is gonna be awesome for both parties, since the Loci are gonna reshape the whole mana flow, hopefully centering it under the city, which is in the middle of the island. Second, it gives them some power. That's alright, for the moment. They could prove to be a phenomenal defense, in case of need... or it could prove to be your downfall. But do you know what they say? 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' With time, you could be able to bring them on your side. Meanwhile, the trolls are gonna be dealt with, partially or completely. Once again, it's vital to keep them from allying with anyone, but they are not remarked to be smart, aren't they? The only difficult individual might be their leader."
She then sighs, marking another pause.

"The most important thing, though, is to keep the Pirates and the Criminals to ally on their own. Especially the Criminals. We cannot let them to grow any further, or they're gonna be a big problem in the future unless you find a way to make the Will of the Island deal with them. We have to make sure to replace the leader of the Criminals with someone that we can 'trust', or that at least can work as a puppet for us. Once the reputation of this individual is good enough and we have investigated enough to know who the leader behind the organization is, all we have to do is making the others lose trust in the leader. How? I could use this." She points to her pipe. "To normal people, that's addictive. Turn the leader of the gang into a drug addict and then starve him. Either he does something really stupid, or the members are gonna take him down themselves. The Pirates are innately exploitable. Feed them a prey to raid and they're gonna be happy for a while. To deal with them, you need a force to repel them, possibly the Wyldmagi, in the future."

"Speaking of losing trust, that's what most likely is gonna happen to the Farmers, after they get raided by the Pirates. Make them lose trust in the Dryads and you're gonna have a cheap workforce. Most likely affected by the Will of the Island, but even it can't not make people work to grow food. Otherwise, his toys are gonna die one by one. That's how you keep a child from doing what he wants."

"The Enclave... We could use." She interrupts herself. "Well, They could use some cheaper taxes as well. Having a deal with the Dryads is gonna be good, but sooner or later their food is gonna not be enough for the island. Ease the customs on food coming from the mainland, so that merchants can trade that easily. They get more money for themselves and we keep the people."

A few seconds of complete silence pass, while she shifts her glance back and fort the man and the cat.

"I'm not the one you should ask what laws to make, Rhean. I exploit laws, not make them. Go ask a lawyer or someone else. Now that what had to be said has been said, i'll see you both leave. I excuse your state, Rhean, but that doesn't mean you didn't ruin my morning. Also, i have better things to do." She then stands up from the chair, expecting the two to walk before her, heading to the door of the shop and leave, removing themselves from this situation that pissed her off more than she likes to. Or at least that's what you both catch from the tone of her voice.

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Guest Tyros

The baron did not immediatelyreply, merely sighed heavily before walking over to the fence. "Thank you for your time, Frederika." Rhean leaped off the fence, landing hard in the ground and making a dent into it.

"I'll think about your advice, friend." He yells out loudly before disappearing into the confused crowds below.

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Short summary: Several days have passed since the attack on the estate of Baron Tyros, the ruler of Rath Lux. When Rhean no longer needs to worry about his life, other doubts come to his head. To dispel them, he decides to visit his associate Frederika.


Full summary: After a passionate night with Myrinda, Tyros wakes up around noon. After the events of the last days, his head is full of many matters. Leaving the sleeping lover a letter, Rhean goes to the streets of Port Reach to meet another woman, Frederika, who he hopes will help him solve some of his problems.

In the streets, the baron notices that people ignore him, look away from him. A momentary thought of leaving the island crept into Tyros's head but was quickly rejected. 

Meanwhile, Frederika, unaware of the guest approaching her, relished the taste of Red Belladonna, a drug, knowing that thanks to her resistance to toxins she could not suffer the unpleasant consequences of addiction. 

Both people were watched by attentive blue eyes. When the meeting took place, Shal, the Cat Spirit associated with Frederika, decided to eavesdrop on the conversation, pretending to be an ordinary cat before Rhean.

During a conversation at Frederiki's flower shop, Tyros sensed the drug and was not happy about it. For the convenience of her guest, Black Rose moved the meeting to the roof of the building, where a nasty case of animal abuse occurred. 

In a discussion about his doubt, Rhean made the mistake of mocking Frederika. The Black Rose showed her thorns, in one fiery speech giving Tyros what she thought were the easiest solutions to his problems, after which she dismissed both the baron and poor Shal from her home.



1. The conversation of the three could have gotten into unwanted ears.

2. The fact of Baron Tyros's new appearance has reached public awareness.

3. A new drug, Red Belladonna, has arrived at Rath Lux.


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