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The Great Exploder OOC

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This is the OOC Thread. Here, you're free to ask questions about the thread, clarify anything about someone else's posts, or ask for any specific plot beats or events if it suits you. This is where everything that is not in character goes, so put whatever you like here! I will also tag you in here from time to time, if you miss your turn to post, like so.

@ReachForStars @Silent Sword

To get things started, I think I can explain exactly what we can anticipate. The Great Exploder is a sensitive vehicle, carrying sensitive ammo, and as a result will stay on the roads at all times. Roads are rarely overburdened with too many obstacles, so hopefully between the four of you, the wagon can get there without exploding. To make this stretch for 2 pages, feel free to pick fights, or suggest unhelpful use of the Great Exploder as befits you!

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