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The Disciples

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What are they?

The Disciples are a highly active, socially integrated extension of The Gaian Church headed and organized by Peacekeeper Michael Commager.


What is their mission?

The Disciples’ mission is to eradicate both the unnatural and improperly used magic, as well as to initiate social programs oriented toward bettering areas affected by recent catastrophes ridden on the world. Their emphasis lies in using Gaian Clergy resources to create solutions for magical and social issues in the Terran Cities and, eventually, all of Valucre, leaving behind the good will of Gaia.


Who are the Disciples?

Loosely headed by PK Commager, the Disciples are a unified force with no specific hierarchy. Their members thus far are:

Shethid Fakhir @Zashiii
Li’El Avinoach @danzilla3
Marigold Ravenspire @Djinn&Juice
Yshmael @L E V I A T H A N
Nocturna @The North Wind


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The Disciples' Thread History

Gaia's Hand

Driven by a mysterious dream, Gaian Priest Michael Commager left Aspyn heading toward Last Chance. When he got there, he freed prisoners Li’El Avinoach and Shethid Fakhir. After that, the three headed on horseback for Marigold Ravenspire’s Imperium. Finding the man and the place in a state of disrepair, Michael Commager conducted analysis on both and found a plausible solution for the desolation. After a positive test result confirming Michael’s and Marigold’s hopes, Commager officially enlists the three under Gaia and they head off for Aspyn to be anointed.

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