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The Crimson Tide, The Second Wind, The Second Seed's Zealous Ambitions [OOC]

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The Lore for Athentha: 

Hello all, I have decided to do some rps with other characters since the main rps are slowing down, due to circumstances beyond control. So, I want to focus on Vanilla and the battle to gain the third most powerful house in Athentha. 

What I need from you awesome, lovely people is players for the Cloverheart house, save for Claude, as I'll be playing him along with Malachite Valentina and the two seeds Vanilla and Platinum. 

So, in this rp, the Red Blood Moon Organization has dimished leaving Vanilla and Platinum without a purpose. So the second seed has decided to obtain the Cloverheart house and turn into her own organization. One better than the Red Blood Moon Organization. Platinum is just along for the ride. 

Being alerted to this reveal, Malachite Valentina has offered his services to help aid the young Claude in defending his house. 

Its pretty much an easy rp. You don't need to know much of the land since I'm flexible with creative ideas. Lore above for reading if you need info. Questions can be asked here. Though I have limited hotspotting and no internet, mobile data, I'll be slow to answer. Apologies. 

Lookimg for a 5 people. Posting order when rp starts, and 3 day wait before skipping turns. 


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