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Fantasy kingdom involving taboo plot

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Plot: The ruling family of Dragonhouse are over thrown in a civil war and the only ones to be saved are mother and her teenager son with the help of loyal royal guards. They are taken to a secret hideout and then to an island where mom raises the son till he has come of age.

incest is common among the Dragonhouse but mom and son is never allowed. Incest only among siblings and cousins to keep the pure bloodline of dragon blood.

The dragon eggs hatch only when they are in the room where the dragon bloods mate with each other. Also for every new born dragon blood the dragon too hatches an egg.

Now in order for us to get back our kingdom and rule we need to extend our bloodline and it can happen only by mother and son marrying each other. They find it difficult at first but finally do it and you breed his babies.
The mother and son mate to preserve bloodline and then they fight and get back their kingdom.

Its the moment of truth where the mother has to tell her son how they need to do something in order to survive

The hideout will be an island that was a secret hideout of the family of dragonhouse. Its invisible to the commoners. Only when the dragonhouse blood invites the commoner they can come into the island.

They will be saved by the loyal body guards of the dragon house led by the female guard who is queen's guard and servant.

Other than the Queen and prince there will be 12 members all of them from the Queens entourage. 6 servants and 6 guards all of whom are female.

This invisible island will be used by the dragonhouse to breed and make an army to get back their kingdom.

Also there is one more concept of bloodlust. When ever the mother delivers the baby after a week they have this ceremony where the son who is dragon blood is made to breed with a commoner. The dragon bloods have a bloodlust in sex when they fuck the commoner they end up tearing their pussy and bleeding them. That blood from their pussy when applied to mother's pussy repairs her hymen and makes her like a Virgin again and when the blood touches his Dick it grows in size. What do you think of this concept?

the queen could have a lady love with her personal guard and head servant. She arranges the commoners for them. She is also foster mom for oliver.
This one we can have if you are into f x f

The son would know about his mother and the queen's guard having affair and he would enjoy them together in bed. The queen's guard could be a half blood so she could take his Dick without the pussy tearing. So the son fucks the foster mom when the mom cannot have sex during some phase of pregnancy. Also it is the queen's guard who makes the first night between the mother and son happen. She arranges everything.

When they escape he could be 13 and the mother and guard would feed him and train him in exercise that would arouse his sexuality and also train him to become a warrior. Maybe 15 years is considered age where the prince is potent to put a baby in his mother. Until then the guard slowly tries to put things in his head about how beautiful his mom is. The prince finds it weird but gradually starts to think of her as a woman instead of mom


The woman being bisexual is purely your choice. My character will be straight. 

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