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Want some cyberpunk? Come to The City of New Everrun!

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Yes you!

Are you new to Valucre and looking for a place to make your mark? Or perhaps your an old hand looking to start a new adventure, but want to branch out from the more fantasy oriented areas on the site? Maybe you're just irritated that Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed for the second goddamned time, and now you have to wait until November to play a game that they told us was going to be out in fucking April! I swear to god, if they delay this damn game into next year I'm going to fly to Poland and break my foot off in Adam Kicinski's-


We're getting off the subject.

My belabored point is that we could all use a bit more sci-fi in our lives; and more cyberpunk in particular. To that end, I present to you the City of New Everrun!

Area 09 - Sci fi City on Behance

Art by Shkumbin Ferizi

A newly christened metropolis on the western edge of Eridanus; a sleepy little village raised from its own ashes. Imagined as a place where all people can be truly free, citizens are encouraged to live their lives as they see fit. So long as it does not victimize others or disrupt social order, any goal can be pursued. 

Corporations ranging from biotech firms to Private Military Companies have come to take advantage of New Everrun's lax regulations. As long as they pay their taxes and don't harm the community, these corporations can essentially do as they please. Entertainment is similarly varied. Whether its drugs, sex, gambling, or any other vice; it can be found in New Everrun.

A more detailed rundown of the city can be found here: 

So maybe right now you're wondering how you can make your mark on New Everrun. Well in the above thread I'll be listing the first batch of missions that players can undertake for various rewards and lore impact. But that's not all! If you have an idea for a corporation, or want to set up a PMC, or maybe open up a casino or brothel, you can do that too! The sky is the limit here!

Hope to see you in New Everrun!

@Csl @thorspuddingcup @supernal

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24 minutes ago, Michael Bloodfang said:

Well this is interesting. I always wanted a cyberpunk parkcore free runner parkouring and doing dangerous jobs for a living 👀

We are happy to cater to your ideas!

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2 hours ago, Michael Bloodfang said:

Okay, so what now? Is there like a roleplay going on or we make our own? 

If you're looking for a quest to get your toes wet, there are numerous available missions on the second post of this page. Just message me which one you want, and we'll go from there!

But if you want to do something all your own, just run it past me and we'll get you set up.

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So, I read the article but I can't seem to place it if whether or not my guy could be of use in any of those. My character, as of yet, he/she hasn't been made yet. But I know the main premise. I want this character to be a freerunner, meaning, he/she will be running on rooftops, doing parkour stuff and doing illegal, dangerous, whatever job that brings the money on the table. I'm also planning on giving he/she a more than meets the eye appeal. But I can't think what kind of mission would be fitting for a character such as that. Could you help? 

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