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The series of events leading upon a dealing between the "Duck" and the manufacturers of droid-like allies has arrived. The tribulations of searching throughout the depths of Lacrimosa, posing throughout groups of pirateering fiends has concluded. The staging of assaults by the ravenous thieves of the hunting has arised, only to form that of a confederation in arms towards achieving what the beast desires. Yet, of what will the beast desire? The desire, that of it's own twisted liberation across the realm fruits into the dealings of this current barter, a barter sparked throughout the combination of both hostages and the abductive negotiation of the titan. The setting of the negotiations, a cavernous landscape beyond the woodlands of Lacrimosa's cityscapes and other forms of urbanized population. The ceiling of the cavern, shaped into that of a dragonic maw of sorts, would be jutted outwards upon the harshened barrage of bark around. The interior of the cavern, laced with teeth-like stalactites and stalagmites stapled around, would be cleansed of any formations of life. Only that of grizzly remains, diseased and drunken by the chemicals of the colossus, would be strewn around as though pouches of garbage. Flurries of dust flicker by across the scene, dormant and dirtied throughout the hollow.

The "Duck's" own peepers, putridly pointed across the depths of the darkened environment, would gaze awaitingly towards any signs of life or dealership to enter. The commands of the colossus, written throughout a goading letter of sorts, would detail the specifications to arrive upon the coordinates set by the behemoth. The coordinates in question, generally estimated by the beast's position in congruence towards different cities around, would be set towards the entryway of the cavern. Perched upon a nearby boulder's cornerstone, heaved through several volcanic processes that formed the domain of the staggy cave, the colossus would attempt to fuel it's attention whilst waiting upon any arrival of organisms. Yet, to have an accompanying hostage of sorts, Break would've been abducted into the grasps of the goliath's gargantuan-gauntlets. Though, the question of how the capture took came. The capture in a sense, was done through mostly scavaging around for any randomized merchants, until, nonchalantly taking notice of a beaten Break across the grounds of battling. Retrieving said robot, a relatively simplistic task, allowed the titan to begin taking a hide beneath the clutches of a cavern. The tinkership, a valuable and trying trait of the titanic terror, would've kept Break sustained from any mortal-wounds following his combat. Though, mortality wasn't the question of either the titan nor the robots in this equation, only that of waiting for bargains.

Lashing a lingering laugh of ozone throughout the hollows of the halls, the behemoth would tramp tritefully around it's rock of sorts. The boots, raised upwards with a fierce snapping of steel, would clash back onto the flooring below. Swept dust would be singed aside, stinging back into the crevices of pebbles, as though a founding of flinging mosquitoes. Buzzing, rushing, and running, the pebbles would clang into the silhouettes across the night of the internal hole. The hole, forming a ravine behind the ravager, would cast a massive and muddling resonance from each of the ravager's thunderous steps. Now, with the turning of an eye back towards Break, whom had been bounded against the frontier of the boulder, via a few steely-chains of sorts, would remain. The chains themselves, fetched by the blacksmithing of the beast, would relay something of craftsmanship to keep any potential fleeing from the surrounding location. Though, to counteract that of the roaming silence around, the titan would proceed to monologuely proclaim;

"So.. 'tis hast been mine prey of the automatic? Something of a mere assassin.. a foolish fiend of the steel, yet, it'll doth... shalln't it? Yes.. yes... say, mine cowering boy of the bouldering and brash, care to speak? Nay.. forth, only thy silence'll hath such fruits of fortune.. a crate to carry, that of a bargain's bunker... say, perchance thy associates'll arise?"


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