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Party at Emilio's! Now at lake!

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/ MÍRA /

Míra cannot help her grin as she watches the man wander out further down the river shore, focusing on the needs of his steed before anything else. A wonderful companion indeed. She rather misses riding horses now; carriages had been the closest she's been to such an diversion during her time in the city.

She quietly takes a seat around the would-be firepit, clasping her hands together as she watches the old man's fishing line flicker back and forth, silvery thread dancing across the lake in search of something edible to reel in. Perhaps she should've brought along some tiny cakes to share with the others, if they are in fact planning to have a meal with their catch. Ah, but it is no matter; she could volunteer to skin and debone the fish for whatever dish it is they're planning.

She shares this information with the old man and the saree-clothed woman, and then continues: "I'm afraid I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Míra. I'd be happy to know your names as well, so that we might get to know each other in—"

A shout rings loud over the waters, followed by a startled yelp, a thundering splash! against the rocks. Míra turns her head just in time to see a woman nearly thrown into the air by a burst of water spiralling upwards. Oh, dear. Luckily enough, there had been no reason to worry; the woman emerges from the fountain with a fish held above her head. It is with equal parts fascination and concern that she watches girl and creature toil their way out of the water and onto dry land. Her motion to provide aid finally begins itself when the tired limbs she'd been watching finally give out, and the woman falls down.

Míra stands to her feet and moves forward, briskly and no-nonsense until she reaches the two combatants by the shore. "Do you need any help carrying your catch over there?" She leans over the woman splayed out on the ground, trying hard not to smile. Might be taken the wrong way, and she wouldn't want that at all. "Or will you need to take some time to recover for a bit? I'll stand guard over your fish either way."


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Fishies?  In that direction?

Cammy lies down on a patch of grass so Cassie can climb aboard and squints at Emilio and company.  Yeah, no.  Cammy is a tiger in the middle of a forest in the late afternoon.  If anyone is going to hunt cute woodland creatures, it's gonna be Cammy!  Problem is, there probably aren't deer this close to Emilio's house.  Then again, this is a remote location.  Whatever the case, it doesn't appear there are enough fishies to feed the whole caboodle - gang - mob - whatever this quantity of people is called.  Aaand there's a horse, of course.  Come to think of it, they could all share the horse, but...

Cammy glances back in the direction of Emelio's house.  It's more than a little wasteful to leave all that grub sitting out for the bears.  Why do they need fish again?  Did Igni consume all the food while Cammy was recovering from a malicious and deliberate attempt to poison her?

I don't think there are fish over there.  If there are, I don't think there are enough of them to go around.

After rising from the ground, Cammy begins to amble over to the group gathered at the edge of the lake.  During this journey, Cassie will find riding on her back is quite different from riding a horse.  For starters, Cammy is far fluffier and warmer than any horse.  Secondly, she's closer to the ground on account of her size.  Most striking, perhaps, is the way Cammy moves.  She is confident, quiet, and graceful.  While Cassie can feel her path through the forest - she selects the straightest route to the lake - she generates very little sound.

I can always get my paws on fresh fish from the aquarium at my night club, though, so I don't really need any of these fish.  I like sharks.  You don't get the same rush from killing and eating a tuna fish as you do from killing and eating a shark.  They don't flounder n' die; they fight to the finish.  And the flavor!  Yum!

She generates very little sound before she distractedly walks past the site of the campfire and into the lake.  She continues forward, as if everything is completely normal (even if she has spooked the living daylights out of Branches).  She passes Kimiko and proceeds to splash through the shallows.

Sooo I couldn't help but notice you're a pyromancer.  I'm also sort of a pyromancer!  Did you learn pyromancy because you like listening to the agonized wailing of burning foes or is it a convenience thing?  I don't judge.  For me, it's a little of Column A and a little of Column B.  Vampires burn clean, and they make the most entertaining noises when you set them aflame!  Woosh!  Haha!

Maintaining her black blade fails to improve Caeceila's mood.  She huddles over a ragged journal and logs her activities, scribbles back-of-the-envelope calculations and conceptual sketches with explanations and references in the margins, and crosses two dozen names off of a list smeared across a dog-eared, water-stained page.  She stands up and sprints around the perimeter of Emilio's homestead, retrieving Cammy's gear in the process, before returning to her seat to review status reports on her mobile device.  She stomachs this task for no more than ten minutes.  Then, she slumps forward onto the table in front of her and wishes with all her heart that a meteor will plummet from the sky and land on her in the next thirty seconds.  There is an audible thud as her head hits the table.  After those thirty seconds elapse, Caeceila stands up and completes a second lap and a third lap and a fourth lap and -

And midway through her tenth lap, Caeceila has a revelation.  She is alone in the woods.  All of the other celebrants have relocated to a scenic lake a couple of miles away.  Caeceila seizes this golden opportunity to fall to her knees on the spot and scream without a shred of restraint.  A flurry of blasphemies and general obscenities crashes through the heavens, dispersing flocks of birds up to a mile away.  In Undercommon, Terric, and broken Draconic, she curses the gods, immortal rulers, mortal rulers, nobles, merchants, skilled tradespeople, unskilled laborers, college graduates, elderly people, druids, geomancers, mermaids, several species of jellyfish, a host of marine biologists, two geneticists, one biomancer, her parents, the Terrenus Military, Ursa Madeum, Genesaris, those bloody separatists in Dougton, dogs (especially puppies), Dredge, the Legion, the Dead, the Cult of Power, House Monroe, Victory, and the Safeguard Act.  She screams and screams and screams until she practically passes out from oxygen deprivation.  Dirty from her time on the trail, sweaty from her exercise, and out of breath, she laughs at herself between gasps for air.  Then, she sits there silently until she is ready to pick herself up, dust herself off, and scream no more.

She decides to bring Cammy's pack to her.  She slings Cammy's pack over her left shoulder and hikes down the trail after.  She arrives just in time to watch Cammy wade through the shallows.  She places Cammy's pack at the foot of an old Sycamore tree, readjusts her hood, and retreats into the shadows of her traveling clothes.



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Venepot saw visions of powerful, terrible wizards swirling around him. "Zeddicus the tyrant. Marth the bloodthirsty. Nox the stonehearted. All were defeated by his handyet he saw them in his visions laughing that it was not magic that would defeat one of the great wizards of the generation, but old age. Venepot had seen enough, and forced himself to wake.

Picking himself up off the comfortable ground, he walked to Branches and re-took his staff and walked to the water.

"Impetu" he thought. The blast caused several fish to rise to the surface where he netted enough for several meals. "Certainly will be appreciated among the host and company that I can provide dinner" he thought to himself and enjoyed the knowledge of being able to provide something to the community. Walking back to his horse, he began bitching to the creature.

"I was capable of spectacular magic in my day, I defeated the greatest threats to the magical order of our generation, and at great cost to myself" he cried out, remembering clearly. "A dreadful cost. A man of my stature should lose his war on the field of battle, not against his mind!"

Branches replied by looking down from his rider and started to eat some hay. "Not much of a warhorse." Venepot thought and gave him a scratch on the ears, "but a good boy". 

He walked to where a small fire was about to get started and found a blind woman with a beautiful trophy fish. It was enough to feed the entire party with enough to spare, and Venepot felt a wave of sadness that once again, he was irrelevant. 

"I have plenty of fish to cook here as well if you would like some. Or if you believe you have enough, I can save them for myself for later." He looked around at the band of strangers who were also waiting for the meal and realized he had not actually introduced himself to any of them.

"My name is Venepot, and you probably figured out I am a traveling wizard. I am largely retired at this point, but can still preform at least some magic if you would like a hand with something. I will be honest and say that regardless, it's nice to be around company again."

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OOC: Just a warm-up written for myself. Gosh, I haven't written in a while;


The woods were lively that afternoon. Chirping, cawing, squeaking and hooting. Yet try as she might, the starving thing couldn't find the sources of the noise, and she so badly wanted to sink her teeth into a sparrow.

Vivia was never much of a hunter. She stuck to urban areas, with plenty of food to steal. Here, in the unfamiliar wilderness, she could barely sustain herself. Thank the Lord and her foremothers for giving her a powerful stomach, for she found many things in the woods quite digestible. Yet plants and bugs and a few rodents weren't enough to keep her hunger at bay for longer than a few hours. She found herself once again at a point of being so hungry she felt no hunger, just weakness and discomfort.

The elder devil stumbled trough the woods on all fours, dizzy and thinner than usual. Her Bag dangled from the tip of her tail, making noises hinting that it held more than a tiny burlap sack could possibly hold. She had eaten everything edible in it weeks prior and regretted it now. She regretted a lot, actually. The past two months were a series of regrettable events. Just a lot of running and hiding and more running. And very little thieving, which she regretted most of all.

It was the smell of food. The unmistakable blend of aromas unique to mortal attempts to make the function of eating more pleasant. Vivia's mood instantly improved. The malnourished devil carefully stalked between the trees on all fours, led by her nose until in-between two trunks she saw a clearing.

She surveyed it with darting eyes, spotting a massive tree at the opposite end, tables and chairs strewn about and - food! Wonderful food graced the tables! 

Vivia had to strain her whole body to stop herself from leaping out and running across the clearing to it. There was the scent of people-things, not present but fresh. It made her wary. She couldn't risk being seen and chased out. Not now, when a meal was finally before her. Oh, how her maw watered! No more bugs and dry plants for her!

Dropping lower to the ground, eyes fixed on the nearest table, she shrunk herself to a cat-like size and squeezed trough the trunks. In five quick hops she made it to the nearest table, and with another she leaped on top of it with a soft thud. And there it was! She stood among plates and bowls of wheatstuff and plantstuff and meatstuff. The elder devil could no longer control her hunger. She gaped her maws - unhinging her jaw, baring two rows of tightly packed, needle-like teeth - and chomped down on the food before her.


A vacuum cleaner couldn't have done a better job. Vivia stumbled off the third table, knocking off a couple bowls, and landed ungracefully on the ground with a "paff". She got up and stretched each hind leg before laying down again, resting her head on her crossed arms, eyes half-closed. The grass was soft and warm, her belly was filled and she felt ready for a well-deserved nap.

It was then that she realized that the tree right before her was no mere tree. The door and windows and a small chimney revealed it was a house. A house-tree! Vivia instantly raised her head. Houses were where people-things dwelt. They built them to hide things, store things and lock things. And it was Vivia who found them, took them and pilfered them. 

With the confident trot of a well-fed housecat Vivia approached the house. Just as she was a few metres away from the door she spotted something that made her eyes gleam with excitement - it was slightly ajar! With an excited swish of her silvery tail she bolted for the gap.

Whether it was something about the way she approached it, or if it simply sensed the creature's malicious intent, the magical tree seemed to know what the creature was about to do. It stretched its branches menacingly at first, casting an intimidating shadow, but the intruder kept up her march. Then it seemed to lean back whole, just as Vivia was about to enter. She reeled back, but what happened next caught her by surprise (simply because it'd been a few centuries since she last got assaulted by plantlife). The house-tree swung its branches forward and smacked the ground all around Vivia, caging her in. She tried to turn around and run, but just as she shrunk herself a size down and squeezed her head trough a gap, the tree snapped back. It swayed strongly to the left, and Vivia's hooves almost touched the ground again, when it swung with all its strength to the right.

The little thing flew trough the air in an upward arc - screeching - like a bird - in fact, managing to fly by a murder of passing crows who cawed in confusion as she passed them in the air. But, unlike a bird, she lost velocity after reaching the highest point of her arc and sharply plummeted downward. She - still screeching - flew trough the evergreens, collecting needles during her fall, being slapped by branches. 

And then there were no more trees and just as Vivia finally closed her mouth and squinted her eyes open, she hit a surface of water with a small, barely noticeable splash.

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Kiko waved her hand exhaustedly, “No need to stand guard, feel free to drag it the rest of the way up if you wish….If you would be so kind as to come back for me afterward and help me navigate my way back, it would be much appreciated.” 

The blind woman's previous guide was off gathering wood, so she couldn’t rope him into helping her again, she needed someone else to assist her. Her blue eyes stared blankly upwards at the sky as she spoke, no squint to their corners as they looked upward. She lay for a few moments, longer simply catching her breath from her most recent battle. She’d fought plenty of foes, some stronger than she - and she was nearly defeated by a fish! The prospect caused a giggle to well up inside her, she used a hand over her mouth to cover it. 

The water that drenched through her hair and clothes seeped from her into the earth beneath her, as a result, bits of grass, sand, and dirt stuck to her back and tucked themselves into her dripping hair. The sun beaming down provided warmth to her wet clothing and she let out a happy sigh. Such an unexpected adventure! She’d actually managed to catch a fish - though Kimiko still remained extremely confused as to what caused the water phenomenon in the first place. 

As she lay there, listening and looking up at the sky, an arc of color streaked its way across the sky before plummeting into the lake. She sat upright quickly, squinting at where she thought she saw it disappear. Was it another fish? Had one gotten launched that far into the air that it came down so long afterward? A slime crusted and scraped hand came up and scratched at her temple. No - it looked as if it was thrown. Birds flew in a rather steady pattern, this was no bird. 

Kimiko’s shoulders sloped upwards in a gentle motion to suggest a shrug before she stood herself the rest of the way up. While she waited for some help navigating her way towards the others, she took the time to unpin her hair and shake it out. Not even minding that her dirty hands added to the muck that stuck to the long black locks. It had been such a long time since she’d appeared as anything other than put together at a party, but she could even make ‘swamp thing’ look like it was intentional. Besides, it was nothing her brush and a change of clothes couldn’t fix in a matter of moments. 

Wounded pride over being nearly bested by a fish did win out to some degree and Kiko couldn’t help her curiosity. If it was at least as large as it felt or seemed, perhaps that would soothe her just a little.

“Just out of curiosity - “ Her strong stage voice projected up the bank, “How big is that thing anyway?”

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A spike of magic precipitated a spontaneous geyser.

Emilio jumped up an inch, nearly lost his footing when he landed because he landed *not quite right* and a brief but sharp pain shot through his right knee and hip. By the graces of the gods or the vagaries of chance no complications came of it - Emilio took and tossed a deep breath and turned his attention towards Kiko as the water from the geyser cascaded back to the lake's main body. Moments later Kiko was struggling her way back to dry land, hauling a fish with her and taking the fight by a hair.

Mira introduced herself just then, breaking the glass around Emilio's hmm'ing as he considered the very curious turn of events. "Emilio." He coughed the name into his closed fist, as if it had stuck in the throat and he didn't want to accidentally spit it at the young lady.

"Emilio." He tried again, much steadier but perhaps too soft this time. Mira was breaking out of the orbit to help Kiko which, now that he saw her setting an example, made perfect sense. With the two of them occupied in the act of actually bringing the fish in, Emilio cleared off a space and laid down a sheet where they could scale and clean the thing.

"You there." Emilio called out to Caeceila just as she began to retreat into herself at the gnarled base of a sycamore. "I remember you from when you were cleaning and inspecting your blade. That was very responsible. Are you very good with blades, and do you have smaller ones that you can use to work this fish?"

As he awaited a response, the aged mage Venepot escaped his own seclusion and joined the growing tangle of people forming an organized cluster of activity at the lake's edge. Soon there would be fire and food again, more people, more stories. Hopefully, more friends.

"You are very well met Venepot. I am Emilio. I too am a mage, and retired, but I do not travel. I have done much of that, and do a little now and then for work, but now I like to stay at home and see what kind of adventures I can coax into coming to me. This is my first time in a while - it has worked wonderfully." Emilio gestured to the people as if to show Venepot that this bounty of friendship, however fledgling, was well within his own grasp.

@The Alexandrian @Greenmntman

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On 10/31/2020 at 1:37 PM, Purple Eagle said:

"... nonetheless, Severin-san, ya can assist me if ya wish. I'd welcome the company, in fact."

'As would I, Daichi-san.' replied Severin. 'Let us get some firewood ready before Emilio's fish trap gets filled up and our guests get hungry.'

He gave a nod to Daichi before turning away from the immediate vicinity of lake and starting towards the wooded section of land just a short distance away in another direction, taking the man at face value when he said he didn't need any help finding his way around. In fact, Severin thought that it was he himself, with his injured arm, that would probably be the liability in this circumstance. Already focusing his mind on the task at hand, he began to take careful note of his surroundings so as to pick out what would make the best firewood amongst all the trees and branches in the woods around him.

His attention was drawn to a large fallen tree limb lying in a sunlit clearing not too far away from him. From the tree limb sprouted a number of smaller branches, some of which were pressed firmly into the ground by gravity and the rest suspended in the air. Inspecting it closer, Severin saw that the bark was already peeling and cracked in many places, with little flakes of it scattered on the ground around the tree limb. Eyeing his mark, Severin grabbed one of the outlying branches with his left hand; without the use of his right arm, he tried using one of his feet to snap it off further down its length, which would yield a piece of wood of fair size.

Only a tiny portion of the branch that he held in his left hand yielded and broke off. Severin grimaced and briefly shot an annoyed look at the fallen tree limb before him before looking for his companion.

'Eeehhh... Daichi-san. It seems it is I who is in need of your assistance: the branches on this dead tree limb are a bit more troublesome than I gave them credit for. Would you do me the favour of helping me in breaking off a few of them?' asked Severin.

@Purple Eagle

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“Igni,” Igni said to Mira, just before the water exploded under Kiko’s feet. Her concern was shortlived, however, as soon Kiko was wrestling a fish onto shore.

“All now we need is a fire,” Igni said, looking over at Severin and Daichi.

Several more people had arrived, but Igni found herself eyeing Mira, and stepped closer to her. “Your clothes. What is the term: fish out of water?” she said with a smile. “Why come to the country in such well-dressings?”

She looked about, overhearing everyone speaking, listening to screaming in the distance. Kiko was covered in mud. A tiger was charging into the water, talking about burning vampires for fun.

“I correct myself: it seems nothing is out of place here, least of all you.”

On 11/15/2020 at 4:25 AM, DarkHorse said:

“Just out of curiosity - “ Her strong stage voice projected up the bank, “How big is that thing anyway?”

“As long as your arm, and twice as thick. A big one for a lake, I think?” she said, looking to Emilio for confirmation.

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Daichi flashes Emilio a friendly but respectful smile, listening to the jolly old man's words, offer of fishing and his suggestion on what to search for. "Ya are very kind, Emilio-sama. Perhaps I shall join in fishing, when we return with some food." He responds, nodding his understanding of the instruction.

He stands back a bit to observe the happenings through his blindsight: Kimiko in the river, Igni preparing to handle the fire (oh, if only Cassie were here, she'd keep the fire going as long as necessary with her blue flames), the arrival of a couple of newcomers. That last thing leads to him bowing in greeting to said newcomers: the fun-seeking woman and the man on horseback.

And then it's time to do their jobs! Daichi follows closely behind Severin, scanning his surroundings very closely as they move, as he always does. It's a new place, after all, and his unique mode of compensating for his lack of sight does have its limitations.

It also has its uses, for there's a lot of sand on the ground. Sand which alerts him to the presence of a large fallen tree limb even before Severin advances upon his mark. Before he can open his mouth to offer help, he finds the other man already trying to heave the entire thing all by himself.

Sympathetically, he lets Severin finish his request for help in order not to interrupt, then nods in the affirmative. "Hai, that I can do, Severin-san." He responds as he makes some gestures over the beads on his wrist. A katana materializes in his hand, and he unsheathes it. "Cut, Kimiko-hime." He whispers as he begins slashing away at the branches, cleanly chopping up a number of branches and ensuring others can at least be broken off easily.

When he's done, he sheathes his blade and tucks it back in his inventory, which causes the spectacularly-crafted blade to disappear from view. That leaves dealing with any means they'll have to carry it back, but Daichi also has that covered: gesturing with both hands, he creates a simple sand-tray construct from the surrounding sand. "Help me load it, Severin-san." He says, wondering if the one-armed man would have any questions for him upon seeing all of this display.

"We should look out for more food. Berries, fruits or mushrooms, for instance." Daichi suggests, remembering that which Emilio had told him. "Do you see some anywhere?" He asks as he scans the area. Suddenly, he points in a direction. "How about there, I foresee some trees in that area."

Cassie nods with a grin, indicating that yes, there are indeed 'fishies' in that direction. She can see the weretiger squinting in the direction, seemingly judging whether or not to take off in that direction. She climbs upon Cammy's back and spends the time waiting for the weretiger to make her decision by starting to feast on the contents of her place. Mmm, that's some good grub right there! Add in some alcohol, maybe some 'substances' and give her anyone of either gender to spend the night with, and you have a truly fun party.

Alas, this seems to be the sort of 'family-friendly party' that's only fun due to the time spent getting to know other people. The old man who had the air of running things could perhaps potentially kill her fun by denying them the chance to obtain and consume some mind-altering substances... but all is not lost, for she has Cammy here. A totally fun and enthralling specimen she finds herself quite fascinated in, in a morbid sort of way.

She's jolted out of her thoughts and feasting by Cammy deciding there's no fish there, despite what she just said. Not enough of them to go round? It makes a bit of sense, considering that the weretiger already revealed that her stomach's basically a black hole. Thankfully, that pronouncement doesn't stop Cammy from heading towards the lake. Her rising motion warns Cassie, and so she makes sure to stop eating and keep the plates level before the journey begins.

It's at this point that she notices that she's finished the contents of her plate, and had started to feast on Cammy's. Oops! Hopefully, the weretiger isn't too upset!

Gallop, gallop, gallop. This werecat is quite fluffy to ride on, and feels deliciously warm to the touch. Her graceful movements make the ride even more of a delight, and the courier marvels at the little noise that Cammy makes.

Wait, a night club? "You have a night club? Can I come, I love night clubs!" Cassie is a party girl, a trait she used to share with her best friend Mirai, before he settled down with his then-girlfriend and now-wife, Zither. Though she finds the mention of sharks and rushes, she chooses to focus instead on the night club. That's sure to be much more fun than this place! Lots more booze flowing, for one. More than enough to dampen the pain of losing her father.

By the time they arrive at their destination, Cassie's decided that she'll visit Cammy's nightclub, come rain or shine, and consume copious amounts of alcohol until she needs her liver replaced with cybernetics, and then continue to do so! Then the weretiger starts splashing around, and Cassie's thankful that she had the foresight to dump the plate full of Cammy's food on the beach. What's left of it, anyway... she may or may not have sneaked a few bites during the trip. Her stomach isn't a black hole like Cammy's, but it's the human equivalent of one. That is to say, she eats a lot.

Cammy then sees fit to ask that macabre question of hers. The Afro-asian girl grimaces as she answers. "No, I was born with the power to generate and manipulate blue fire." Which does make her a pyromancer, though not by choice. Then she thinks about how she dreams of finding those responsible for her mother's death in the field of duty. In her dreams, she'd trap the culprits in a room, set the room on fire and enjoy their screams. A dream she can indulge because she knows the chances of finding the enemy soldiers are nil.

Shaking the thoughts off and refusing to admit that she gets at least some pleasure from burning people to death, even if she doesn't want to, she answers Cammy. "No, never." Her voice has a hard edge as she speaks.

Is that denial?

Anyway, on to other topics. "Don't you want to say hi to the others first, Cammy? Or maybe you want to catch all the fishies first, so we can all share?" She asks, inwardly wondering if the weretiger would be able to keep from munching on all the fishes before managing to bring one back to the party.

Just then, Kimiko reveals her catch, and wrestles it onto shore. "Look, Cammy!" The young lady points excitedly at the blind entertainer. "She caught a big one! That means there's bound to be more!" She expects her newest acquaintance to also be excited at the prospect of catching large, shark-sized fishes.Y

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It was not that she was a bad swimmer. It's just that being flung into a body of water at high speeds can disorient creatures even bigger than she presently was. 

Her perfect bob was soaked wet and dripping water into her eyes, making it hard to make out the shore. Flinging her arms and kicking her hooves she started swimming toward dry land, swallowing a bucket of lake water along the way there.

Just as Vivia thought she'd die the most boring way she could have imagined, her fingers latch onto something. In quick hops, with all her strength, she climbs up that something until she finds herself on an elevated surface. The devil shakes herself like a dog, tip to tail, getting rid of the heaviness that kept her bangs plastered to her eyes. She blinked and took a moment to survey the surroundings - rocks, trees - when the surface she stood on seemed to shift and move under her. A gust of hot hair blew into her back. She blinked. Slowly, slowly, she turned her head. And meet eyes with a, frankly, bewildered looking horse.

There is a moment of stillness as the two creatures simultaneously process the situation. It breaks when Vivia offers the equine a wide grin, filled with numerous, needle-like teeth.

The horse went wild. It started kicking and trashing as Vivia desperately tried to hold on onto the saddle. Her Bag slid off her tail and flew off into the bushes. She screeched like a banshee and let go off the saddle, but instead of being flung in the direction of her Bag she was sent in the opposite direction - once again finding herself briefly flying trough the air - until she was met with the resistance of another body, and realized that she has hit something... or someone.

OOC: Any volunteers for getting hit by flying, screaming she-devil?

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On 11/14/2020 at 6:54 PM, supernal said:

"You are very well met Venepot. I am Emilio. I too am a mage, and retired, but I do not travel. I have done much of that, and do a little now and then for work, but now I like to stay at home and see what kind of adventures I can coax into coming to me. This is my first time in a while - it has worked wonderfully." Emilio gestured to the people as if to show Venepot that this bounty of friendship, however fledgling, was well within his own grasp.


"Ah," Venepot said, thinking back to days long passed, "I understand the urge to settle down, in fact I even tried it once. I find I am quite terrible at settling. It is far more likely that I am buried at some point from not being able to admit I have lost a step or two, than actually admitting it."

Looking around at the gaggle of people gathered, he couldn't disagree though. 

"There is no doubt however, it has worked in your favor." He did have other important matters to address with a fellow wizard - even if he only considered himself a mage.

"That is not the only reason I have come toward this part of the world, there is something important we need to discuss .."

22 hours ago, 500bees said:

The horse goes wild. It starts kicking and trashing as Vivia desperately tries to hold on onto the saddle. Her Bag slides off her tail and flies off into the bushes.


Venepot heard splashing in the water, followed by Branches wildly thrashing about as some critter climbed all over the horse. Venepot starting walking towards his steed with his staff raised when he saw the creature flung off his mount and towards him.

22 hours ago, 500bees said:

Her Bag slides off her tail and flies off into the bushes. She screeches like a banshee and lets go off the saddle, but instead of being flung in the direction of her Bag she is sent in the opposite direction - once again finding herself briefly flying trough the air - until she is met with the resistance of another body, and realizes that she has hit someone.


"Segnit" he bellowed, as what looked like a devil came to a very abrupt stop. If he was being honest with himself he would have admitted that he only meant to slow the creature down, not cause a magical mid-air collision, but if he was being even more honest, he didn't really care if he over did it. "Nothing messes with my horse" he thought to himself.

Standing over the creature, he saw it looking confused like it didn't realize what happened. He kept his staff trained on the creature and decided some questions were in order.

"Who are you, why are you here, and why are you accosting my horse?"

@500bees @supernal



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