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Party at Emilio's! Now at noodle shop!

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(OOC: Alex, if you aren't okay with a slight time skip, I can fix that. Apologies in advance if this messes with the narrative.) 

When Cae resists Stormbreaker's grasp, she holds her down to prevent her from running rampant and getting free. The last thing she wants is Cae hurting herself. She successfully holds Cae down in her sudden tangent, listening to her as she went on and on about what she said. Lastly, as she finished and Cae was going to inject that liquid into her, Stormbreaker grabbed her arm firmly, taking it out of her hand using her free hand. 

"Firstly, you do realize that nothing is impossible to do, yes? You've got to find something that works that will retain your humanity forever. There's gotta be something out there that can do so. I'll be with you all the way, no need to worry about me. With my power by your side, there's nothing I cannot handle."  She immediately looked down at Cae after she said about innocent life. "Don't say it like that. Innocents aren't innocents anymore after they've gone crazy in my experience or are following a corrupt leader. That's my experience. I've seen death multiple times. I've killed people close to me just to survive after they tried to kill me. I've killed innocents plenty just cause they tried to attack me for apparent treason against the state. Ask yourself this, would you rather you got yourself because you failed to defend yourself from somebody you thought is innocent? The world is cruel, heartless, unforgiving and full of evil. The only way to fight evil is through what you think is right. However, it doesn't matter what evil you strike down, they'll always be something bigger than you can ever imagine just waiting to attack us and everything the people in the world stand for."

She stopped for a second holding the syringe in her right hand. "What is this may I ask?" Stormbreaker asked from under her helmet, a curious and concerned expression on her face as her helmet faded away, leaving her glaring at Cae. She didn't care if anybody saw her at this point. She didn't show these feelings more often. 

"Is this about how you can't sleep cause of your powers again? You've been taking drugs for this? Cae, I know you haven't had the heart to tell me but, you should have come to me first instead of hiding it. I am your sister after all?" 

When after that all is said, Stormbreaker prevents Cae from standing up by picking her up and holding her in her arms, not before putting this syringe away that Cae had beforehand. As she picked Cae up, she manifested her helmet back on, going to use the communications on her helmet, going to call Cammy via an encrypted line.

"Cammy, this is Stormbreaker. I'm taking Cae to my ship. If you want to meet up there at my ship before we go to the Noodle bar. Feel free. I'm up for suggestions." Stormbreaker who now put the call off, who now had Cae in her arms and probably would try and get out of her arms. She walked towards her ship, which frankly was a massive piece of technology known as a helicopter. Luckily she had it parked a fair distance away from the city due to its size. Stormbreaker was adamant about it having certain facilities. 

As she placed Cae down on a nearby bed inside a big enough room, Stormbreaker went to go fetch something, only to come back a few minutes later with a syringe similar to the one Cae was held beforehand. Stormbreaker gave it to Cae. 

"You know how to use it right?" 

Whatever it was inside this thing, it was not the same stuff Cae was trying to inject into herself before. At least it sort of looked like a light blue coloured liquid was inside. 

"It's not poison. It should help you with that little problem you've been having. Granted it's still a work in progress, it won't kill you, don't worry." Stormbreaker looked over at Cae before looking at the aircraft doors to get out. "Ah, yes, I'm going to get food. Stay there for now." 

@The Alexandrian

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Parties were certainly fun, as was karaoke, the liveliness that surrounded her was quiet entertaining. For once she was not the entertainment, and those around her served that purpose for her. So nice to be around friends that could entertain themselves - if not a little loudly at times. 

“If you would enjoy a ride on a faithful steed to the next town, I assure you, Branches has enough room for the both of us on his back." He bent down so he could whisper to Kimiko and gave her a wink as he did it. 

She could not see his wink, but she could feel the spry spirit beneath the winkles. An opportunity to travel with such a weathered old man? Kiko learned long ago, the best sort of adventures start off in the most unexpected ways! Besides, his memory didn’t seem all the greatest and he probably needed her more than she needed him. Though the party was quite at its peak, she wasn’t going to ignore opportunity. Often wandering wherever the wind happened to take her at the time, she felt its gust at her back, urging her on. 

“You know -“ She smiled brightly, “I think I will! Branches seems like he would make for a very good ride. Especially if you are leading the way!”

She stood, once again taking Venepot’s arm and gave a quick bow to the table and other party goers. 

“I must apologize for my hasty departure since we’ve just arrived.” She said smoothly, “But I think I am ready to adventure on, and this kind fellow has offered to guide me along the way! 

Emilio - a thousand thank you’s for this afternoon. It has been wonderful. I hope to cross paths again soon! Everyone else as well, so wonderful to meet you all. Perhaps we shall all see each other again!” 

The blind geisha gave a small wave and, together with the aged old wizard, walked from the noodle shop. As she left she was graced to hear the rather magically helped and wonderful voice of Emilio - closing out her time spent at his party. 


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