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The Fight of Valucre: Benaires Versus Ami Mizuno Of DCN

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Today is the DAY!!!!!

Ben will put his powers against his Ace and Guardian and BEST Friend/Future Fiance, Lady Ami Mizuno!!

Here are the rules;

This is SPAR; No death will be honored in this fight. The First person who passes OUT Loses!!!

Fight will begin in posting order, along with Preps and Pre-emptive attacks, but MUST be honored by BOTH parties.



Everyone is quite busy, so I will REQUEST the Following people to check in with us from time to time:






Posting order is counted from beginning; both parties will read and make adjustments accordingly as Both parties ARE on facebook Messenger as well as on Valucre messaging system.

Time limit:

If no posts goes in after seven DAYS, then the posts will be EXTENDED for five MORE days, since both parties are quite busy.


Power Limits:

Since BOTH Parties hail from the same Clan, the power levels will be adjusted, according to the Ancestral Pattern and their innate abilities. There is NO God-modding. The Standard rules of T1 will apply to this fight, as the Dice System is not recognized as of yet by both parties.



The Fight will take place on the Outskirts of the Geostratum Of Antiquity, since the Outskirts is a basic NEUTRAL Zone for DAICHONS. No power bonuses are given out, as the fighting base will be fair.


Temperature: About 78 degrees, Winds South by Southwest at about 15 MPH; Sunny, with light clouds from time to time.


First post is recognized and will be given a BONUS POINT!!!


More details coming soon!!!



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