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[Hells Gate] Like Magic, but Real (Closed)

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What a night.

Phoebe-as-Michelle entered Seraphim in the very early morning of an otherwise inauspicious Thursday.  Dawn had just broke and cast its yellow and orange net over the waking city of Last Chance at an hour that Phoebe was usually waking, not sleeping.  The fatigue in her green eyes was real.  The evenings festivities had spilled over - if the woman knew anything, it was that executives partied as hard as kitchen staff, just with more expensive vices.  She slipped in through the door, guiding it into silence, and sighed softly into the darkness as she recounted the night.

It had been standard fare for one of Michelle's standing- a celebratory dinner for the transition staff of the Mausoleum and St. Mercy's, now that the merger was public.  In addition, her invitation and acceptance to St. Mercy's board had been announced- the reward for which was a repetitive carousel of questions she answered both charmingly and diplomatically:

  1. Was she excited?  Yes, of course.  It's an honor to be counted among..
  2. Isn't the Healthcare Sector a departure for Argus?  Not particularly, but we are considering a refocus in consideration for what we can do for Lagrimosa.
  3. How do you find the time?  Motherhood is a calling; When you love your job..; Only with the support of my amazing team.

She could almost hear the cordial laugh bubbling up from her chest -- it was exhausting.

Even with her eyes adjusting to the darkness, Phoebe couldn't help but notice the blinking amber crystal on the far wall, which indicated she had a personal communication.  

"Seraphim, play my messages direct", she whispered, loathe to wake Aristotle as she stepped out of her silver, wide-wrap, stilettos and began discarding Michelle's baubles and trappings.  The accent earrings went first, cupped in her palm as she worked free the delicate clasp of a platinum necklace before depositing the whole affair into a small silver bowl on a polished entry table off to her right.  Aristotle's ring remained, its ruby and platinum band wrapped around her marriage finger.

<Acknowledged.  Playing first message.>  The building used their long-forged link project directly into Phoebe's thoughts. 

<Verified Caller, John Wilder...>


This should be fun.


About a week later Michelle, after a long and pedestrian private airship ride in which she picked up Adam Niall, the Founder of The Uriel Group, arrived in the Wastelands just outside of Hells Gate.  It was damn hot.  Already, the sun rose like a club and beat on the gathered souls just as hard.  Michelle chatted easily with Adam beneath a shade pavillion, still a beauty in fashion-forward tactical (as if there were such a thing), and gestured idly toward John's airship as it touched down.  The two were unmistakable, each effortless by nature, and chatting amiably.

"Are we a go with HECTOR and BARTON?" wondered the woman, idly casting a look across the wasteland toward three increasingly large armored warriors at the far edge of the research theatre.  The research theatre was one of Uriel's many test areas- a quarter mile of white 4x4 tile squares on which hundreds of thousands of sensors had been embedded, allowing Uriel's research to monitor action and response in real time.  It was pinned at its corners by large 60ft columns driven deep into the wasteland dirt and topped with several slowly rotating pieces of machinery, their purpose unable to be determined.  In addition, off to the side of Michelle and Adam was a very large screen on which the Uriel Group logo slowly spun.  Beyond that, a series of warehouses, and a landing strip, were visible in the distance.

"Of course," answered Adam, his smile effortlessly bright as he met Michelle's light gaze.  The woman was a masterpiece as far as he was concerned- an angel with money for wings and a vision of the future that made it easy to say yes to her.  Idly, he lifted one hand and stretched a buffed nail toward the second of the two armored warriors.  "BARTON, HECTOR, and.."  His finger slid back to the right, indicating the smallest.  "You remember TOTEM-ONE.  Still no code name.." remarked the man, manufacturing a teasing distress.

"How could I forget," she countered, "You really outdid yourself with that presentation."

Adam chuckled softly and slipped his hands into the pockets of his khakis, then nudged his chin toward the landed plane.  "We couldn't have done it without Argus.  Now, shall we?" he said, indicating the airship.

"I think so.  I'm mostly here to make the connection, so I'll defer to you for the discussions..?"  It was always good to establish the hierarchy before entering into executive meetings; it just made things easier.  A consortium of equals only went so far before someone had to be acknowledged the expert.

"I appreciate it.  Ladies first?" countered the man, smiling as he gestured toward the plane.  With a similar smile and nod, Michelle cleared the ever-present sand dust from her pants with the swipe of her hand and, joined by Adam, made her way toward the airship.  As she grew closer and John emerged, she cast a broad smile his way.  The man was a legend in both her occupations, having literally built something from nothing and then nurtured it to the technological giant it would soon be.  Her research him had been exhaustive and, feeling well prepared, she extended a well-manicured hand as he grew closer.

"John, I'm so glad you made it.  This is Adam Niall, the Founder of The Uriel Group."  The woman's gesture took in the charming, shaggy-haired CEO, who offered his own hand as greetings went on.  "How was the trip?  I heard there was rough air over Ignaz..." she went on.





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This is @danzilla3's reply.

John Wilder loved weapons.

Not that he needed any; his raw strength, lightning speed, and incredibly potent healing factor were all he needed to win most fights. While he often carried guns, blades, and other armaments into battle; but those were more to spice things up rather than an actual need of them. His fondness for such things led him to keep himself appraised of exciting new developments in the field of weapons technology. That was how The Uriel Group and their new weapons platforms had come to his attention. He had managed to acquire videos of their initial tests, and had been quite impressed. Beyond his personal interest, such a company would be a wonderful addition to New Everrun.

So he had made a call, and quickly the arrangements had been made for a personal demonstration of the technology in the Wasteland outside Hells Gate. Now John exited his airship, and was greeted by Michelle and the man he presumed to be the CEO of Uriel Group. Michelle was the kind of woman the governor would have probably made a pass at back before he'd settled down with his fiance and her children. His smile was therefore polite instead of predatory as he shook hands.

"A pleasure to meet you Niall. The trip was actually quite relaxing; I actually got a bit of shuteye."

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