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It is said that the MageStorms originate from the very border that separates Genesaris from the rest of the known world - the eastern mountain range where it is also said that the Three High Lords of Genesaris reside. It is commonly believed that when these three strike at each other or else unleash a great power for whatever reason, it releases a backlash, creating a MageStorm. This is why few actually venture near the mountains, because of fear of a strong MageStorm.

Effects of a MageStorm are random. Small MageStorms usually have no effect; larger ones however can imbue those struck by it with magick or internally mutate those already affiliated with sorcery. Most elementals were born from the MageStorms when the magick waves hit a source of an element, such as when a fire is struck by magick; a Fire Elemental may be born.

MageStorms may affect certain races or people of a certain kind; they may affect specific animals or creatures. This usually results in a different kind of magick or way of using magick that continues to grow and develop in the affected race. One example is the Altus Arcantians. While they cannot initially use magick, they can perform special rituals that will allow them to do so. A later MageStorm caused a certain percentage of Arcantian magick to mutate, breaking off into a new faction of spellcasters known as Bloodmages.

So far it is unknown whether MageStorms are an act of violent intent, an action meant to simply change things, are a joke by the Three Lords on the land they rule. A MageStorm has never, however, brought about something as simple as a massacre.


The Great Fire: in the great city of Northern Seltaria, a massive fire broke out. It spread fast, running down the streets and devouring buildings as it grew. Many died in the flames, trapped inside their houses and shops. No one knew how the fire began ? perhaps it was a bomb, a spell gone awry, or simple a small fire left untended. Whatever the cause, the number of casualties was staggering. When it seemed that the entire city would be burned to nothing more than smoldering embers, a powerful Magestorm rumbled over the city, banishing the fire. It went out like a match. Popular theory states that the High Lords of Genesaris saw the city?s plight and rescued them; others state that the Great Fire was a punishment for being unfaithful and arrogant.

The Arcantian Storm: the Arcantians believe that the High Lords are the demigods of Altus Arcantium, God of Mysteries and Secrets. A strong Magestorm washed over them when they were no more than a simple, beginning cult. The magic infused them with the power to cast spells using any of the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, and Dark).

The BloodMage Storm: Occuring soon after the Arcantian Storm, another magestorm infused the Arcantians with magic that allowed one to use his own blood as a weapon, to form supernatural armaments crafted of gore. The Arcantians thought this was punishment for being unfaithful, and cast the BloodMages out, who thought this was their gift for being faithful.

The Aurora MageStorm: once, during the night, a shocking stream of magic shook the heavens, and the entire night sky lit up with blazing white fire. It seemed to have no consequences or effects, either negative or positive in Genesaris. However, the sky still lights up with white over the city of Aelindra City (now a very rich capital). It is said that beautiful Magestorms are a sign of favor and good fortune.

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