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Planes of Existence

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Planes of Existence

The Material Plane

The material plane, also known as the physical plane, refers to any world comprised of mortal elements; humans, plants, animals, and so forth. The world is subject to the laws of science and physics; however, exceptions are made with the use of magic or the intervention of divine beings, who can bend or break these laws. It is said that all physical planes are linked together via mystical portals or gateways. There are those gifted with the ability to walk between worlds at will; such people are known as Planeswalkers.

The Astral Plane

There are varying views of this well-known plane, but it is generally thought to be an overlapping pseudo-world between the living and the dead. Souls that are about to be born or souls that have left the body cross over and through the Astral Plane; however, it can also be accessed through magic and the human psyche such as by means of astral projection, dreams, and other methods. It is said that the existence of the astral plane serves also as a sort of link; it is why humans may be influenced by the stars and other alignments of various celestial bodies.

The Ethereal Planes

The various planes where the deceased go. One is said to be a sort of colorless but peaceful purgatory, where the dead are to await judgment, or if not judgment, merely a decision where they are to go after death, which leads to the two other ethereal planes. One is known as
, the
Realm of the Gods
, the
Eternal Garden
, and many other names where those with good, pure souls are rewarded with immortality and happiness. The other is named as
, the
, the
, and more where evil souls are sent. Some say there is at least one other where newly-born souls wait to experience life and where souls await reincarnation. Still others say there are no ethereal planes, and that they are simply a fairy tale meant to soothe the fear of death.

The Elemental Planes

The elemental planes are the worlds from which magic is drawn by spellcasters.These planes are generally named as
, and
. One can draw from a single plane or from more than one to create any number of element-based spells. Venturing into these planes is said to be impossible or at the least foolish, as these planes are absolutely made of nothing save the element they are named after and cannot support any human life. However, it is also said there are points where the planes intersect, forming strange worlds and strange creatures.

The Abyss

The Abyss is a plane of pure darkness, described to be a whirling vortex that shrieks and howls in endless fury. Its creation is said to be crafted by a powerful, mad god who wanted to create a world that was nothing but the incarnation of destruction. Ancient myths say that spellcasters have managed to reach into the Abyss and draw from its power, unleashing devastation upon many unsuspecting worlds.

Some claim that the Abyss inverts regularly, turning into a reversed whirlwind of light and creation and that this dual existence is where Necromancers get their power to undo and reverse death, although many dismiss such a theory as lunacy.

The Plane of Nachos

Everyone loves nachos, and this plane is made purely of nachos. The Element Nacho is comprised of the most delicious nachos ever created, bursting with overwhelming good taste (and for the evil spellcaster, overwhelming bad taste). It is said this plane is not real.

The Shimmering

This massive, seemingly endless plane is where all things destroyed and forgotten are sent. Things that were demolished in life are restored to their original form. Forgotten memories and ideas are given image and form. While there seems to be no actual life present, dreams that were only imagined and then dismissed have finally been created here. Sometimes, objects in the Shimmering vanish, suggesting that they finally have been created.

The Atonement

A nightmare plane where all physical and mental suffering are given living incarnations. Ranging from barren wastelands to seemingly divine cities, lush forests to cold mountains, this world is a purgatory of guilt and sin.

-The Atoner and the Punisher:
two men inextricably bound together until the end of Time. The Atoner is suspended on a cross, tortured endlessly by the Punisher, who himself is tortured by the guilt of the horrendous crimes committed by murderers, rapists, and all criminals from the petty to those warranted capital punishment.

-The Ophanim:
named after the many-eyed angelic being, the Ophanim is shaped like a wheel with unblinking, red eyes embedded all over. The broken body of a woman is woven between the spokes as the wheel turns endlessly atop a flight of alabaster stairs.

an old man condemned to complete an impossible task. Without rest he must roll a large sphere to the peak of a steep mountain. This sphere is many times larger than him, clear crystal encasing what appears to be the corpses of many humans and animals. The sphere is multifaceted with sharp edges cutting his hands as he attempts to roll it. Each time he makes some kind of progress, he loses his grip and it rolls back down to the base of the mountain.

-The Living Blades:
weapons of all kinds litter a desert, lying flat on the ground or protruding from the earth. Stained in eternally fresh blood, voices emit from them, speaking of the lives of men and women and even animals they have slain. All of the weapons are hot to the touch as though on fire, though the gray sky lacks even a sun.

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