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Hi there! I'm ZeeNathan. You can either call me Zee or Nathan. I'm new to the website and am looking for partner to roleplay with me. I have several ideas ready to go and, if you like it, we can costumized it together!

But..... Before we get into the plots, here are somethings I expected from my partner and what you can expect from me. It might be a bother, but please read this first so there won't be any problems in the future.

  • I'm in the early 20s. But I welcome those who are younger or older than me. No age limit. However, if you want to play romance genre with me, please be at least 16 yo. Just to be safe... 
  • I can give multiple replies in a day most of the time but I won't ask you to do the same. I know you will have things you are busy at. It's the same for me too. Give a reply for at least once a week. If you need to take a break for more that a week, give me a notice in advance. Don't just disappear so suddenly or I'll be super sad :(.
  • Don't give me a one sentence reply. Seriously, nothing is more annoying than seeing my partner's short reply after I wrecked my brain to write paragraphs while building the set. At least give me a paragraph each time you reply because that's what I always do even when I didn't know what to say.
  • I live in Southeast Asia. If your country is in the complete opposite of mine, which mean we have an almost 12 hour time difference, don't expect me to reply when you're awake.  We will often miss each other because I can't pull an all nighter. So if you don't want that, either you stay awake at night for my reply or just be patient.
  • I can play MxM or MxF and prefer to play Male. It also apply to romance. Yes, I can play MxM romance. If you want me to play Female, I'm still ok with that. Just don't expect it to be really good since I'm a male. 
  • I don't play FxF romance. As I said, you can ask me to play female but don't expect me to play FxF romance genre. It's just not my thing...
  • Lastly, I'm not a native English speaker. English is not the common language that is used in my country. So excuse me if I did a mistakes in english or if I misinterpreted your reply. 

Since now you know what I expected from my partner and what you can expect from me, if you met the requirement or if I met your requirement, then, you can continue reading. If there is something you don't like about my requirements, we can still talk about it. I'm an open-minded person. At least that's what most people around me said, not me.

Well, enough with that. Let's move on to the plots, shall we?

1. Not The Chosen One [Cross Dimension Adventure]

Genre: Medieval Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Mystery, Action, Romance (optional)


The two MC are just a normal citizen of a country on Earth. That was until one day, both of them got transported into another world out of their own will. The cloaked people that summoned them said that the MCs are the Chosen One who will free them from the hand of the Evil Warlock. 

But how can that be? This question remains in their head ever since the first time they arrived in this foreign world. Nothing is special from them. Even their powers, which the cloaked people said were granted to them, were so average that they were no different than the normal villagers in that world. Is this the power the heroes should have?

The more they spent their time in that world, the more they found that there was something being kept hidden away from them. Such as, why is there a smartphone in this world when the people in it clearly never knew technology? Who is the owner of the phone? Shouldn't they be the first two people who got summoned into this world?

Something was definitely fishy. And it's up to the MC to uncover the secret behind their summoning, seek justice for themselves, and return to their own world.

2. We Just Want To Play! [VR World]

Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, Adventure, Comedy, Slice of Life, Modern, Futuristic


Satisfy is the biggest and the most famous virtual reality game ever made in the entire world. More than half of human population played this game. Not only because of how real and flawless the game is, but also because of how vast the world inside it that made most people fall in love with this game.

Every places inside it offered a whole new adventure, experiences, and sceneries that won't even be found in the real world. Apart from the various classes one could pick and an unlimited amount of quests for the players, the world inside it was almost entirely the same as the real world. You could sleep, eat, have a house of your own, shopping, studying, or do anything you could normally do in the real world. It even being called as the Second World because of how realistic it is. 

The two MC were childhood friends who love to compete against each other, especially in game. They both have their own specialty in games and were quite good at it. When Satisfy was being launch for the first time, they already made a bet to see who is stronger by the end of the month. Thus, both of them started the game for the first time.

However, who would've thought that this friendly competition between them will accidentally led them to the dark secret of the game? Some dark organization planned to took over this Second World and use it to manipulates humans brainwaves for their own benefits. And as luck would have it, they unintentionally got mixed into this mess and was forced to run away both in VR and real world. Heck, they just wanted to play! How did things turn into a life or death situation like this?! It really made them want to cry....

3. Your Warmth [Cross species Romance]

Genre: Modern Fantasy, Dark Romance, Drama, Mafia, Action, Shadow Organization


The two MC (to make it easier, one is a he, while the other is a she. Can be change later.) are two people living in a completely different world. One of them is a leader of a big mafia group which consists of a species who have a deep grudges against human. While the other MC is a veteran secret agent working under the government.

The first MC, the leader of the mafia group, was once a normal boy who live a harmonious life with his family and his tribes people. Until one day, the human took away their village and killed them mercilessly. He saw his own parents murdered in front of his own eyes. The happy and warm little boy disappeared since then, replace by a cold and ruthless person who swore to avenge his family and rule over the human world. 

However, the oath he took that time started to waver when he met the second MC for the first time. He was dying at the time. Because of a failure in one of his plan, his group was almost annihilated. Just when he thought that this would be the end of his life, the second MC saved him. She just finished her mission and on her way back home when she met the first MC. Out of kindness, she took care of him until he fully healed. The first MC once again feel the warmth he thought he would never felt again.

Just when the both of them thought they would never cross path again, the second MC got a new mission to be a spy in the first MC's mafia group, working as his personal employee. How will things turn out after that? Only one way to find out.

4. Untitled [Sci-fi Military School Life]

Genre: Sci-fi, Slice of Life, School Life, Military, Futuristic, Action, Fantasy (optional), Romance (optional)


In this story, everyone has their own Gifts, such us a gift in instinct, strength, hypnotize, proficiency in various weapons, etc. There are some gifts that is only useful for every day life, or gifts that are so powerful it can turn the world upside down. People are being classified by their gifts. The more powerful and useful their gifts are, the more they would be respected by everyone. It serves as a hierarchy.

People with powerful gifts often goes into a military school to join the army after they graduated. It was everyone dream to be inside the military because people who join the army are guaranteed to have a bright future. You will also get various missions regarding intergalactic adventure, wondering in the galaxy, finding a new planet, discovering new species, and so on.

The two MC will meet at this school. What kind of life they would have or what problems they would face or if they would be friends or rival, all depends on us to think of later on.

Ps: I expect this to be a slow yet fun story, which mainly focus on life at school. We can think of the detail as we slowly write the story together.

There are still a lot of plots that I didn't put here since I don't want this to be too long. These plots is not fixed. Meaning, if there is something you don't like about it, we can still change it together. I also hope you can add some of your ideas into the plot so the story will feel like it belongs to both of us! 

Welp, I didn't realize its already this long... Woops. Well, if you're interested in one of the plot, reply to this post or PM me so we can discuss things further. See you later!


Ps: I don't know how to delete spoiler.... That's why there happened. If someone know how to do it, please tell me. So I can delete this spoiler.


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1 hour ago, Priestess said:

You can highlight the spoiler and backspace or click the line below the spoiler and double-backspace 


Already done that... But still didn't work. I use my phone so maybe that's why. I haven't tried deleting it with pc tho

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I myself would be interested in either the VR or Military Roleplay. Although I’m personally leaning more to the VR one, I could definitely do either depending on which one you’d prefer more. For sure PM me or whatever if you’d be interested.

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Sorry, lad hasn’t been on since September. All the threads went quiet a while ago. Just didn’t want you to get your hopes up or anything.

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