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Breaking the third wall

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For any who are interested in an experiment in writing: Experienced writers please!

Number for people needed: 2 (excluding myself)

I’ve had this idea about breaking the third and fourth wall within an RP. Allow me to explain: 

This would mean the characters are acknowledging that they themselves are in a RP, as well as addressing the “audience” directly. 


I’m not sure how this will look, but I want to try and cross those barriers as a piece of the plot essentially (not just the characters turning and “addressing the audience”.)

I am thinking a rather phantom of the opera type vibe. Where breaking the fourth wall would be a conversation between mentor and writer within the RP. In which the character themself interact and are influenced by the “mentor.” 

This is purely for intellectual challenge and won’t be part of any cannon. I just want to see if we can make it work! 

If it sounds confusing - that’s because this is still only half baked. But if you are experienced and interested in a writing challenge. Let me know! 

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YOU CAN 100% COUNT ME IN. I've actually been wanting to do something like this, but it gets boring fast if you're in on it on your own. 

I'll be contestant #1 for one of the 2 spots.

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