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VR Advanture.

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There was a distinct pause in between Daniel’s materializing and Nate’s response. So he caught Daniel as he was plinking away the final information on his profile. It wasn’t horribly detailed but Daniel cringed at the personal details. He hadn’t installed any VPN’s or Proxy Networks to hide his and Nates current position. This would most certainly come to bite him in the ass later. Daniel’s privacy was something he normally took pretty seriously. Whether he’d admit to it or not God’s know he’s done some unsavory things on the web that he would rather not have tracked back to him. It was expected though, he was a teenager after all. He was the “I’m not spending six hundred dollars for photoshop kind of pirate.

Hearing Nates voice Daniel responded “Oh, I’ve been here for about a minute or so. You were just so focused you didn’t notice.”. He didn’t look over at Nate while he spoke as he was to intent on finishing his character. He just went with a slightly more toned version of himself. Optimizing his physiology in various little ways here and there, increasing his facial symmetry ever so slightly. Just little things that always had bugged him about his appearance. 

“Well, it’s good that there are options later in the game, and that they have actual impacts upon our stats. Though I don’t think we’ll quite get far enough in our little competition for it to matter all that much till we start playing more casually.” He was thankful for the information that Nate had provided him with and gave him a thumbs up and a nod of his head. If there was one thing that Nate certainly could do it was memorize things. Overall Daniel was surprised and glad to see Nate mentally developing, even if he would eventually regress back to his normal state. 

He then would look up at the name tag that hovered above his head. ‘Prince Ken, it’s been a while since I’ve seen him refer to himself as Kenath. It suits him though.’ He thought smiling before hitting the bright green confirm button that lay in front of him. “See you on the other side.” He said with a wave as his body slowly disappeared, blowing into the abyss. Before reforming in the game world. He stretched his virtual body and punched a wall, recoiling in pain as it made impact. Though The damage was temporary and he healed from the incredibly minor wound in a couple of seconds. He took note that he could feel pain in this realm, so he shouldn’t be a complete idiot despite it not having any actual repercussions he was aware of. Daniel would then lean up against the wall in the spawn area, waiting for Nate to arrive.

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Nate took a few more minutes before he finally clicked the start button. Unlike Daniel who only copied his own appearance into his game character and just toned it a bit here and there, Nate made a completely different appearance for his game character. He didn't like his cute and small body to begin with, anyway. So the most distinct change Nate made was increasing his game character's height. He then proceeded by making it a bit more muscular to make himself look manly. Nate let his hair remained orange in color. But he changed its style to look messier. His cute and innocent face was also changed, replaced by a slightly fierce and sharp-looking face. In the end, his game character really looks like a prince from a story tale, just like his name. It looks quite manly, with a slightly muscular body that's not too bulky nor too skinny and a sharp and intelligent-looking face. The perfect image he wished to become. 

Nate was greatly pleased by how his character turns out. He was smiling smugly as his virtual body materialized itself in the spawn area. As soon as he was aware of his surroundings, Nate spotted Daniel leaning at the wall. His expression brightened instantly as he rushed towards him like a puppy's reaction when seeing their owner. "Sorry for the wait!" Nate said while smiling. He might've seen visually matured because of his game character's appearance. But his words and acts just now can't hide his usual childishness and innocent self. 

In fact, it didn't work well with his current appearance, making a lot of people who were at the spawn area at that time turned their heads towards him. Nate responded by glaring fiercely at every one of them. If he were in real life, this wouldn't make them scared at all. But the sharp-looking face of his game character helped him this time. Everyone who looked at him weirdly before instantly turned their gaze away. Nate felt proud at this sight. He once again looked at Daniel. The fierceness in his eyes disappeared without a trace. "So, where are we going to start first?" He asked while smiling playfully. 

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Daniel smiled upon seeing Nate. His first impression on his character was the distinct lack of resemblance to the Nate he had known throughout the entirety of his life. He would definitely have to get used to this, especially him being taller than Daniel. Overall Daniel thought Nate’s character fits his username. Like a prince straight out of a fairy tale book.

He stopped leaning against the wall and helped to close the gap between the two of them. ”It was no problem Nate. It’s best to take your time with these things, you don't want to regret it later.” He said with smiling eyes. He observed those in the spawn area as well, amused by their reactions to Nate but similarly intrigued. Despite nothing but stats mattering in this realm, they still seemed to react in the primal intimidation of size. ’I guess there are just some things we can't get over.’ he thought before doing the mental equivalent of a shrug

Daniel was pretty average looking, but his name was one of power. He had decided he wanted to pursue magic and swordsmanship. A sort of dual class. What better name for an aspiring magician would be that of a god of magic. It was a kind of mental experiment in an attempts to create a self fulfilling prophecy. Who knows, it might work and the worst case scenario is that nothing happens. So, no harm no foul. “We should get ourselves ready before we venture out on our first quest. Get weapons and potions with what little currency we have.” He spoke confidently and with eagerness as Daniel navigated his inventory withdrawing a map and spreading it in the open air like a hologram, a sense of amazement permeating him. This tech just continued to surprise him at every opportunity.

“See we‘re here.” Daniel said pointing at the two red blips on the map. “And, we need to be here.” He said pointing at a an area labeled market/bazar. “So we just need to take a couple of rights through the alley ways and we should be completely fine.” He continouded to speak with ardor and eagerness. Almost running while motioning for Nate to follow him as he ducked into a dimly lit alleyway, the whole scenery was pretty reminiscent of a fantasy medieval village. Just without any of the negative parts of life in the dark ages. This was the beginning of the end.

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