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Houndy Poochykins

How to complain with your dragon

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Hi all.



This is Kally.

She's a dragon.

What I want in terms of plots, is pretty simple. 

I wanna screw up some bad guys.

Fodder a lot of them, who are of no consequence. 

I won't promise a length beyond... its not gonna be "YUUUGGEE" (it won't be big).

I won't promise quality beyond, I'll do my best. 



Ok lets talk plot. I wanna do something simple. A simple goal for us, or each side involved. Be that some people wanna slay her and some wanna protect her. 

She's hired to help some adventurers murder some bad guys to death. 

A dumb ass horse ran off and someone is willing to risk your life for it in the valley of "people die here"...

You know, good old fantasy stuff with no emotional set up. You just walk up to a farmer and he asks a total stranger to possibly die for him. received quest item!

Hit your girl up yo

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