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Nehalen Canon Updates

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The previous update thread

As mentioned in the update thread I'm taking over executive management of the area until the board leader returns from AFV. Continue to leverage the AMAs as usual but send me PMs for canon updates

Make sure to read the canon guide

As before, thread is likely a placeholder until Aleksei posts one themselves

As before, timeline is based off of thread start date

As always and across the board, things may require modification or retconning so just don't be surprised if that's the case

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The Alterion board has been moved to the Archives. The parent board hasn't had any activity in approx. half a year and the BL isn't active; the subboard is in a similar state aside from one thread which doesn't really justify a board-level presence

Pending RP that took place in the Alterion area will still be processed and canonized at the Nehalen level as taking place prior to Alterion's "mysterious disappearance"

The mysterious disappearance can IC be attributed to Vortex flux (though this does not have to actually be the case, leaving room for multiple IC interpretations)

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Thread canonized: The harrowing

Location: Nehalen > Alterion > Kadia (for purposes of physical geography we will say this was near the La Guardia area of Nehalen)

On 10/27/2020 at 1:17 PM, Fierach said:


@-Lilium- @Tenkai Matsumoto @Maverick


In the aftermath of retreating back to the Imperator Bellum, the Order of Force Majeure would be overjoyed to learn that Master Knight Eredas survived his trip overboard, none happier (and also angrier) then Selene Belfreid. That decision he made would cause her to require hours, if not days, of soothing on his part.

The reprieve granted to the Kadians by repelling of the Chaos hordes was brief, as the Battle for Parime was only the first step in the lifting of the Harrowing. Convening surviving military leadership of the city's forces, the Force Majeure would rally a battlegroup under their command. As a token force remained to safeguard the city the rest would gather in their airships, and embark with the Force Majeure to lift the siege of the capital city.

The battle that followed was climactic.

Spearheading a drive into the rear of the enemy forces, the Force Majeure sought to deal a hammer-blow, an overwhelming decapitation strike targeting the Chaos leadership. It was an effort that succeeded thanks to the embattled defenders realizing that their salvation had come, that the tide of the war turned, and they sallied forth from the walls to meet them in a tremendous clash of arms.

At the very end of it all, James, Tenkai, Selene, Alexa, and the young Emperor Connor Melisende faced off against a ravenous Chaos Spawn of enormous magnitude, the result of a failed gambit by the Dark Acolyte at the helm of the enemy warp-tainted forces. Their combined efforts did not just merely banish the failed warlord back to the warp, but annihilated him, burning his twisted soul out of the ether for all time.

The cost of the war was high. As militaristic and proud as Kadia was, they were nearly broken under the strain of the Chaos invasion, cut off from the greater world for a great many years within the time-dilation effect of the Harrowing. The most evident example of it was in the throne itself, as young Connor had been a child mere weeks before, and now he was a fully grown young man, a war-worn king, lord of a nation he now had to rebuild and reform if they were to ever avoid events like this occurring ever again. It was their own hubris, and pride, and an almost arrogant past that led to this outcome, but thanks to the Force Majeure, they would have the chance to grow from it.

In the weeks after the lifting of the Harrowing, a great ceremony would be held in the capital. The dead would be mourned and remembered. The present was saved, and the future would be anticipated. Repaired and refurbished airships plied the now-clear skies, and underneath it all the Kadians honoured their saviors, who merely replied that it was their duty. The honours came nonetheless.



For the sacrifices made by the Order of Force Majeure, a obelisk of the blackest granite, inscribed with the name of every Custode, Guardian and Greatsword who perished to aid a nation they have never known. The Force Majeure Airship called the Imperator Bellum also gained renown as an elite vessel, in both its abilities and its crew.

For James Eredas, the Daemonslayer was gifted a master-crafted helmet gilded with splendorous wings. It was a regal artifact known as the Halo of Parime, a commanding-looking piece of wargear with a powerful shielding technology built in called a conversion field generator. Situated in the wings of the war helm, the conversion field was designed to bleed off the high velocity and energy of incoming projectiles, turning them instead into harmless flashes of light.

For Alexa Caelestia, a promotion for her service to the nation to the rank of Lady Inquisitor First Class with all perks and privileges that went with it. However she might have felt her greatest gain was an increase in her powers, born of experience in battle, and the gifting to her of an ornamental seal designed by Force Majeure artisans, filled with psycho-circuitry capable of more efficiently channeling her powers. Afterwards as well, before Lena Drachenberg left to resume her duties with the Force Majeure, the Guardian personally handed the Inquisitor a stylish hat emblazoned with the signature "I" of her ordos as a symbol of their friendship and experience together.

For Tenkai Matsumoto, he needed neither reward, nor acclaim. Content to let James take the brunt of publicity, he preferred to keep working as he always had, reserved and humble. When the weapon of the Blackened Knight was found in the ruined carcass of the Chaos airship, it was Tenkai who took responsibility for it. As daemon weapons often dissipated with the defeat of their owner, it was strange that it remained, and so he sealed the Khornate Hellblade under sutra and stasis for study and safety.

For Selene Belfreid, it was enough to have rescued her origin nation, and bring renown to her family's name. A clandestine trip afterwards to her homelands saw her reaffirmed by her path in life, and welcomed with much pride and joy, and that was a greater prize then any of the physical rewards that were thrust upon her. There would be many more battles and adventures to come for the the young Crystalline Arrow, Heroine of the Harrowing, but she would meet them head-on with vigorous sword arm, and renewed faith in herself, and in her chosen Daemonslayer.


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