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[New Everrun] The Coeus Building

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As if to contrast the garish, edged, world outside its doors, the Coeus building was comprised entirely of pure white curves, glass, chrome, and an imported pale wood from the distant forests of Orisia, which resisted rot and damage.  Its expansive glass entrance opened up into a lobby large enough to fit several houses, both end to end and atop of one another, and in the distant ribbed rafters, visitors could spy numerous exotic birds who were allowed to fly freely about the building.  Small disc-shaped robots roamed about the floor, scrubbing and cleaning, in order to maintain Coeus' perpetually immaculate shine.

To one side, a small series of pools sat at the base of a lush plant wall, which extended up several stories and guided visitors to a small glass desk at which a single receptionist sat to greet guests, near a lunch area where a dozen perfect, white, circular tables sat and waited for occupants.  Those who had already been authorized for the building could instead take the second guided path toward a wide, gently sloping, staircase made of light wood, which curved toward a series of muted archs and unobtrusive gateways that supplemented the security and monitoring capabilities for the building and provided entry to the work areas.

A wireless network, COEUS-PUBLIC, was made available for guests.

Beyond the gates, the steady hum of business droned on like the engine of creation. 

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